OXCGN Finds Square Enix’s New Game – Well – A Mystery


OXCGN Finds Square Enix’s New Game – Well – A Mystery

What is this Mystery Game all about ?

by XboxOZ360;

©2009 Grant Smythe:- EIC

With Square Enix moving its ship to Nth America as well as Japan, it’s little wonder that new titles will now start appearing.

One such title has just had its Official Site launched but with very little information being available for it.

• Square Enix’s New Game – Mystery

The latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine did state that an announcement was forthcoming, and would no doubt be in the next issue. But other than it being set in a futuristic world (what Square Enix games hasn’t be set in that fashion) and that it involves some disruption to the city below. Other than that, nothing is known yet. The small promotional site clip follows gunplay as it riffles its way through the downtown streets, with a series of explosions going off in buildings through the streets, alarms sounding and general mayhem following close behind.

The site shows one of the late great John F Kennedy‘s sayings slowly written up on the screen, followed by a few scenes of gunplay in the streets of the city. See video for what it actually looks and sounds like.

“The world is very different now, for man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life”.

John F Kennedy

Ideally if Square-Enix keep up to their normal standards, the game will look great. Plus their new found tactics of using Western Teams to developer Western games, could prove to make it a viable combination. But hopefully they have learnt a few lessons and decide NOT to drag out the production well into the 22nd century.

Apparently Square has applied a new Trademark name: Front Mission Evolved. This title has made the rounds of some Japanese mags which has it as some sort of RPG/RTS combination, as well as the recent mention in OXM (see above) and also on Kotaku.  Ideally we will hear more of Front Mission Evolved in the following few weeks, if not before. It will definitely be up there on the big screen in June at E3 on BOTH the Keynotes for Microsoft and Sony Playstation. As to which one comes up first is anyones guess.

Which is just fine by us, as we love games, not which platform they appear on.

So do the readers of OXCGN have any clues on this? If so, help OXCGN tell others and send us an email or make a comment below; you will be credited for the find naturally. Remember, OXCGN is about Community and sharing.

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