10 thoughts on “Forza 3 World First – V8 Supercars Details – OXCGN Update”

  1. xboxoz360,

    Would you be able to send me footage of the game play. also what gamer tag on live as i would like to add you if thats the alright


    1. I’ll have footage up soon, just working on it this evening, that’s my gamertag (xboxOZ360) but not much of an XboxLIVE player, more a single player type of guy. But you’re welcome to add me if you wish. If you want to check some of my Forza 2 rides out, slip over to my Flickr account.


  2. bran please do a google search on the internets and then comment on the “so these super duper hiper mega realistic screenshots, without no pixelization or “tearing” are just an example of how ridiculous the Consoles/Graphic W@rZ became..” and watch the in game footage then you will see that the screen shoots are taken from gameplay



  3. Forza 3 is definitely going to be awsome, but I must say something about those screenshots.. There’s no way that X-Box, no matter how much I love it, will feature those graphics, at that resolution, or with that level of anti-alising, or whatever.

    I just don’t understand the ridiculous point of showing of a graphic level that will not correspond to reality, thus “cheating” on their customers (who, in most part, unfortunatly, do not understand or reclaim the right to see a more closer sample of the product).

    To me it’s all a matter of gameplay and variety, which Forza as always been good at delivering – so these super duper hiper mega realistic screenshots, without no pixelization or “tearing” are just an example of how ridiculous the Consoles/Graphic W@rZ became..

    Either way, I’m sure it will be, as usual, a superb game and the adition of those V8 is just great! =)


    1. I’m not trying to put you in a bad spot mate, but trust me, those images ARE of he game, I actually saw first hand those exactsame shots and playback on screen, and in fact, the images on the website, do not do the actual game justice. If you wish, I can send you , via yousendit.com (due to their huge file size and proper resolution, they are only medium resolution in order to appear on the web and on screen.

      Gameplay is brilliant, and here’s an example.

      Today, the 5 drivers from V8 Supercars sat down and played the game, 2 of them for the very firsttime. The laps they drove were raced perfectly, braking at the correct breke-markers, accecleration points, and corners taken at peak acceleration.

      Then we were handed the CyberKart seats, strapped in, and the cars handled, ran and played very siumilar. COnsidering we doing it for a hobby, and these guys do it for a living. My ‘personal’ experience on the gameplay honestly felt ‘exhilarating’, and as I’ve said, I’ve over 500 hours in Forza 2, and this game does NOT play or feel like the previous game, which by the way, is an “EXCELLENT” game.

      When you SEE the visuals for yourself, you’ll agree with notonly me, but everyone in thatroom today. The screens and play looked afr better than the code palyed at E3, which while still great, did have some issues with it, even I could see that, and have said so in the past.

      I usually do not say this often, but it’s something that I have full faith in, the game WILL be the game visuals you are viewing in the article.

      In 2 days, I will have more pics and a vid showing the v8 guys playing the game so you will be able to see for your self that the gameplay is as I’m saying, excellent.


      1. There is no need to send me those images, but I would really like to thank you for asking and giving yourself the trouble to be able to send them. That’s was cool of you.

        I guess I just lost my faith in gaming propaganda after so many E3 videos that are “worked” for the sake of commercial visual appeal.. maybe – I guess – being professionally connected to advertising makes me a bit more cynical about the media, and the web specifically.

        Either way, as I said previously, it will be an awsome produc..aham…I mean game. =)

        And I’ll make sure I will follow it’s news from here – It is definitly a cool site!

        Best regards


        1. Thanks alot Bran for continuing on here at OXCGN. We are gamers first and foremost, and would rather be slow in getting news up and having it correct and relevant, than being first with rubbish for the sake of being first.

          I’m sure you’ll agree when you do get your hands on Forza 3 that the wait has been worth it, and certain other games we won’t mention here are not the king of the mountain when it comes to console racing games. We will have the vids and some “brilliant’ images of yesterdays event up later today once we watermark and reduce over 200 of them and work on 1 hour of video of the event.

          I’m sure you’d understand the effort that it takes to do such things.


  4. if you have played forza 2 and tuned and upgraded say… i dont know a pontiac then you are driving a v8

    the point is holden vs ford would be better battling it out on an auusie track like bathurst hence the reason why there is no point


  5. Yes there is a point, the point is YOU can drive the v8s, where as you cant outside of the game unless your a pro driver.


  6. All, im all for v8 super cars in forza this is cool but what is the point. taking a quote from above

    V8 Supercars Mark Skaife had this to say about the game:

    “I’m extremely imprssd with the polish of Forza Motorsport 3 and excited about the exposure it will bring to our great sport internationally. Aussie Holden and Ford fans can now battle head-to-head everyday of the week, and get up-close and personal with the power and precision of V8 Supercars”

    there is no point as the biggest ang great holden v ford happens at bathurst every year.

    enough said😦


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