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OXCGN’s Forza 3 Career Guide #2 – Achievement Walk-Through

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OXCGN’s Forza 3 Career Guide #2 – Achievement Walk-Through

By XboxOZ360

©2009 Grant Smythe – Oxcgn

Initial Achievements:

Here is OXCGN’s Top-Forza 3-Tips (our 1st Guide is here) on a quick way to build up your first 110 Gamer Points with just 12 easy achievements, while also increasing your Experience Points (XP) and also gaining you some well earned Credits, and while doing all this, winning some cars to help you move forward in the game.

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NB: I’d like to get one of my biggest bug-bears out of the way now about Forza 3.

The decision to remove the visual “penalty points” display for going off the track, or cutting corners etc is the worst thing Turn 10 could have done.

This display in Forza 3 really helped many keep an eye on their racing, and knowing just how far they could clip corners without loosing points or disqualifying the lap time.

As it stands now, you have no visual guide to let you knoow this while in a race, or while practicing to get the best times you can.

Update: Using rewind or going off the track will uncertify your laptime and you have no chance to get to the top of a leaderboard with an uncertified laptime. Even the fastest uncertified lap time will show up on the leaderboard under the slowest certified time. (thanks to “Snowboarder1417” for the info update).

That being said, there are a few more niggles, but let’s get on with the show shall we, so let’s just get one with it, and if you get a chance, check out my Forza 2 Slide show, I haven’t had a chance to do any Liveries in Forza 3 – yet. Perhaps there’s something in there that might inspire you?

Or check out my quick “Slide”-show here.

Oh, and another really nagging and frustrating item that NEEDS fixing in the very first Update please Turn 10.

The Lap section split times need to be returned and also made highly visible in Forza 3 (using the original Green+ and Red –), and the penalties need to be returned.

Currently it is almost impossible to check your times on laps, there is no split between sections, and the white lettering being 1) so fine and 2) in pure white, is often lost in the sky or background settings.

I hope that you’re listening Turn 10, it is a great game, but you seriously buggered up there guys-n-gals.

There, now  that that’s out of the way and I feel much better, well sort of, so let’s get on with this set of OXCGN’s Forza 3 Career Tips #2.

Click to Download PDF

Click to Download PDF

We will be dealing with the Forza 3 Achievements Listing here, and offering tips on how to get them, and get the best from them in the process. Again, offering you more than just a simple list like all the other sites do.

Being a racer, and wanting any and all info possible when playing a game like this, I look for this sort of stuff, and in most cases it is not out there.

Which is why we offer it to you right here – right now.

Here’s the first 12 easily achieved 110 GP’s using 12 different achievements. – off you go ppl.

• Welcome to Forza Motorsport

Complete the very first race in the game which is easy enough to do – dahhh

15 GP

• Bottomed Out

Jump five feet. You’ll get this in the very first test race with the Audi R8 when you fly over a section of the Spanish track used in the opening race.

This race is completed with the awesome Audi R8 (red of course) and the race helps the AI determine your driving capabilities and will suggest a level of difficulty for you, which you can override of course.

Once completed, you will be placed in the bottom “F Class” vehicles and will have to work your way up the ranks, beginning in the first series of events “Testing”.

5 GP

• Director

Complete your first Forza Motorsport movie is an easy set of points.

Simply save the race you have done by bringing up the “Movie” icon on the menu in replay mode, save as a Movie, and bingo, you get your achievement points.

10 GP

• Painter

Create a paint job or vinyl group. Dead easy, simply change the colour and ad 1 group of vinyl graphics like a logo to the car, and that’s it, all done, points are yours.

You can then choose to upload this into Forza net for others to see, or simply save it to your hdd.

10 GP

• Shutterbug

s44Take a photo of your car. Either from the game you’ve just played, or from the livery editor.

You can then choose to upload it to Forzamotorsport.net, and in doing so, it will also gain you further points as mentioned below.

10 GP

• Curator

Upload a photo or movie to Forzamotorsport.net. Choose to upload a replay as mentioned previously, or photo to Forzamotorsport net, and the points are all yours. Couldn’t be simpler.

10 GP

• Lapper

s34Complete a Time Trial. Well this speaks for its self. Go into the Time Trials leaderboards or Hot Laps in Free Race Mode, set a race lap time, and the points are yours.

You do not have to even beat the record time shown, so long as you do complete the lap and then save.

10 GP

• Grease Monkey

Create a car tuning file for your car.

You will be asked to use Auto Upgrade as you move up in classes, do so.

But then go into Upgrades, choose Upgrade Shop, buy some simple upgrade item that keeps you in the class your car is currently in.

You can then tune the car via small suspension changes, like simply adjusting tyre pressure, (which I highly recommend anyhow), hit save, and bingo, the points are yours.

10 GP

• Interior

Win a race using cockpit view.

Now as mentioned before, this is the ONLY way to seriously race in any game. If you’re serious about getting the best ‘experience’ in this game, then this IS the DVP ( Drivers View Point) that you need to be using, and getting used to straight away.

Honestly, who in their right mind drives a car while floating on a magic carpet 6-12 foot in the air above their ride? – no one . .

You’re not there to look at the scenery, or to check out how “neat” or “kool” your car looks (wow, look at my paint design, makes me go much faster – NOT), or worse still, cheat by seeing the turns ahead.

You’re there to race in the Simulation mode. So do so and gain the points, you might just like it.

5 GP

• Weekday Event

Complete your first weekday event in Season Play mode.

As we begin our Seasons Career, we have races based on both Weekly and monthly events, depending on the number of races in each list of events. These are listed in our previous OXCGN Forza 3 Career Guide #1 which is available in PDF format for a hands on item to sit on your coffee table while playing the game. See, we think of everything.

Complete the very first “Weekday” event and the points are all yours.

10 GP

• Weekend

Complete your first weekend race in Season Play mode.

As mentioned, your Seasons throughout the year are broken into groups, these groups are spread across weekdays, and also on “special Weekend Events” which you can choose to race in, or may be part of a season. It just depends on the event you are in at the time.

This is simply following on from the “Weekday” events, so once you complete your first weekend event, these points are yours.

10 GP

• Drifter

Earn over 1,000 points in a single drift section.

Yet another really simple set of points to be gained in the first few races, especially with the smaller slipperier cars in the lower ranks.

No, you don’t need the biggest, most fanciest, and most elaborate “drifter machine’ to gain this. Simply get a little “crossed up” coming out of a long, wide corner, and you’ll get this as easy as falling off a log, without the need of getting wet in the process.

5 GP

OZ’s Tip:

These 105 points can be gained within the first 20-30 mins of the game, taking into account for time spent in the livery editor, and going through some of the lower class events in just the Testing section.

So get cracking, rank up those points, and in the mean time, you will have gained a few extra points by working your way into the first “Season” and most likely the first “Driver Level” and “Car Levels”


Complete each yearly race season to gain further points.

These are easily achieved once you start working your way through the game, beginning at the lower Class Levels, (yes, way down in the “F” Class . .just bite the bullet and get it over with). And also by doing each main event that is placed in your Season’s Mode Calender.

You have other events that will be offered as side events. These are given to you to “fill in time” between seasons, get you more XP’s and also build up your skill levels.

You can race these while awaiting the next “season” to begin. Doing these will gain you more Credits, Driver Level GP’s and Car Level GP’s, but it will not gain you any Season progression, however they will help you to also add valuable XP’s to your profile.

So give them a go, and it will open up the gameplay even further than what is on offer. Get stuck into the Seasons Mode, work your way through them, and get the rewards as you move forward. You can save yourself heaps of Credits by simply getting one or two cars that you have become comfortable with, have the Auto-Upgraded/downgraded set the optimised setting to suit each class, and work then simply our way through the classes with that one car.

Instead of buying cars simply to have them in your garage, which gains you zero GP’s or XP’s outside the Connoisseur GP Achievement award (owning at least one car from every manufacturer), you will need all your credits to get the McLaren. As the starting price for one of those little beauties is a cool 1/4 mill credits or more. And forget the street one, that’s over 1.4mil credits.

So get yourself moving, have plenty of fun playing the game, and I’ll be showing you a few cars that will help you get through all the different classes very soon. But for now, just get into the game and become familiar with it.

• Year 1

s27Complete the first year of Season Play.

50 GP

• Year 2

Complete the second year of Season Play.

50 GP

• Year 3

Complete the third year of Season Play.

50 GP

• Year 4

Complete the fourth year of Season Play.

50 GP

• Year 5

Complete the fifth year of Season Play.

50 GP

• Year 6

Complete the sixth year of Season Play.

50 GP

Car Levels:

These are based on the various levels of proficiency in certain cars as you work your way up the various classes of vehicles.

You will be starting at the bottom of the barrel in “F Class” and as you get better driving skills, and win more races with a car, try staying with one model during the “Testing” series of events, and you’ll gain the first few “Car Levels” easily enough.

The last few, Level 4 – 5 need the faster cars to complete. So the practice comes in handy in the initial phase of the game. Remember the old racers moto “practice makes perfect, and perfection requires practice”.

My suggestion is for you to get to know every track, every corner and how each car behaves on each track. WHich is one of the reasons I recommend staying with a few cars typfar es/models at the beginning.

You become mush more comfortable, your skill-set increases, you gain more confidence, and most importantly, you win more races, and have less accidents, which ultimately cost you valuable credits.

• Car Level 1

Achieve Car Level 1 in Season Play mode.

5 GP

• Car Level 2

Achieve Car Level 2 in Season Play mode.

5 GP

• Car Level 3

Achieve Car Level 3 in Season Play mode.

5 GP

• Car Level 4

Achieve Car Level 4 in Season Play mode.

5 GP

• Car Level 5

Achieve Car Level 5 in Season Play mode.

5 GP

Driver Levels:

These are the levels that determine your driving skills as you work your way through the game. These will increase with your experience points (XP) as you work your way up the ladder. You have two ways of doing this.

Download the Events List Indicator

Download Guide #1 PDF

One is to work your way through the entire Career Seasons, one at a time, which is fine. Or, do the first few seasons to open up several car types and win a few cars, then once you have cars through into higher XP, slip into the “Events List”, (see pdf available in Guide #1) and see which classes your car will fit into, then race those events in full, gain the XP’s, and you will rise accordingly.

The Auto-Upgrade function will let you know if the car needs upgrading or downgrading to fit into the class, click OK and the car will be optimised for that class.

The first 10 levels give you 5GP’s, then the corresponding number of GP’s per Level ie; Level 20 = 20GP’s etc. So you’ll gain more GP’s per level once you get past Level 10.

• Driver Level 1

Reach Driver Level 1 in Season Play mode.

10 GP

• Driver Level 2

Reach Driver Level 2 in Season Play mode.

10 GP

• Driver Level 3

Reach Driver Level 3 in Season Play mode.

10 GP

• Driver Level 4

Reach Driver Level 4 in Season Play mode.

10 GP

• Driver Level 5

Reach Driver Level 5 in Season Play mode.

10 GP

• Driver Level 6

Reach Driver Level 6 in Season Play mode.

10 GP

• Driver Level 7

Reach Driver Level 7 in Season Play mode.

10 GP


• Driver Level 8

Reach Driver Level 8 in Season Play mode.

10 GP

• Driver Level 9

Reach Driver Level 9 in Season Play mode.

10 GP

• Driver Level 10

Reach Driver Level 10 in Season Play mode.

10 GP

• Driver Level 15

Reach Driver Level 15 in Season Play mode.

15 GP

• Driver Level 20

Reach Driver Level 20 in Season Play mode.

20 GP

• Driver Level 25

Reach Driver Level 25 in Season Play mode.

25 GP

• Driver Level 30

Reach Driver Level 30 in Season Play mode.

30 GP

• Driver Level 35

Reach Driver Level 35 in Season Play mode.

35 GP

• Driver Level 40

Reach Driver Level 40 in Season Play mode.

40 GP

• Driver Level 45

Reach Driver Level 45 in Season Play mode.

45 GP

• Driver Level 50

Reach Driver Level 50 in Season Play mode.

50 GP

General Achievements:

Here are the rest of the achievements gained through completing the game.

Thankfully Turn 10 have opted to cut down the number of online achievements substantially, making obtaining maximum Gamer Points much more accessible for the casual and non-XboxLive racer.

Only a few require online races or activities in order to be won, and in some cases, some gamers might simply forfeit them, as for them, online racing is not where their heart lay.

• Connoisseur

Own (at least) one car from every manufacturer. Buy the cheaper cars, as these are not the cars that will be awarded to you as you work your way through the career mode of the game, saving you valuable credits, rather than doubling up on super cars from the early stages.

This will help get the cars you need, but to gain ALL, you will need to buy the McLaren, and the starting price for one of those “R” Class vehicles is still substantially high. And forget the normal one, as that’s in excess of 1.4mil credits for that one car. While the “R” Class cars are only a few hundred thousand credits.

Again, stay with the smaller cars in each manufacturers listing, and save those credit for the “big boys toys” that will be awarded to you as you work your way through the “Driver Levels”

50 GP

• Buyer

Buy something using the storefront. Hey, that’s simple enough.

10 GP

• Sniper

Win an auction by outbidding someone. “Snipping” in an auction is basically winning the bid in the last few seconds of the auction by beating the previous bidder JUST before the auction closes.

Tip: Have your bid ready to go, ideally have two (2) bids ready to go one after each other in separate windows/tabs.

Gauge how much the bids are rising in per bid, match that and add enough credits to each of your bids to counteract any opposition, then, hover over the “Submit” button.

Wait until the last 45-30 seconds of the auction, click the submit button on number one (#1) and submit your bid, then flick to the second page/tab, hit Submit on number two (#2) submit that to the auction as well, and it ‘should’ be yours, as you have effectively “snipped” the previous bidder out of his/her attempt to grab the item.

The second submit will only be accepted if the first one was already “snipped” by another bidder doing the same thing. If the first one nabs the auction, then your second bid is not accepted, and you loose nothing in the process.

I’ve won many an eBay or real world auction in this fashion, so my tip is to use it here as well.

10 GP

• Auctioneer

Sell a car in the Auction House. just sell one of your pride-n-joys, and these points are all yours, if you can bear to part with them of course hehehe.

Make two of them so you can still have the original, lock the design and offer the second up for auction. Then have a friend buy the item from the auction house from you, and bingo, the points are yours.

Return the favour for your friend, and you both get the GP’s.

10 GP

• Drift Lap

Earn over 100,000 points in a single lap.

Somewhat harder to achieve than the earlier 1,000 points award. Once you have found a good car that is easily handled, yet still has the ability to drift under control situations, choose a track you find easy to manage in drifts, then keep the drifting going as you rank up the points.

Benchmark High Speed Ring is a good one for this. If it’s good enough for Ken Block to do his Gymkhana’s on, it’s good enough for you to do your drifting achievements on.

Once they (the drifts) begin, they are compounded, which raises the points rapidly enough. But you will have to have some level of skill to manage this, and that skill comes with lots of practice naturally.

5 GP

• Demon

Travel in excess of 200 mph. The car for this is of course the Veyron, which can easily top the 200mph mark.

However, it can be achieved by some other great cars in Forza 3 if the gearing is changed and raced on the longer tracks like Le Mans full circuit, or alternatively, on the bigger Speedway tracks like Sedona Test Track.

But these do take some getting used to, as high speed vehicles on Speedway tracks do have to be geared in the right fashion in order to stay “on-line” and not be between gears for the major turns, so that the cars ‘pull’ themselves around and out of the corners, not slid towards the outer walls, and ultimate destruction.

Best bet is to simply wait until you are given the Veryon to get this one, unless you know some things about tuning and gear ratios.

5 GP

• Entrepreneur

Sell a Tuning Setup, Livery Design, or Vinyl Group from your storefront.

Again, this is simple enough, and usually gained alongside the Auction Achievement when winning or selling goods via the auction-house at Forzamotorsport.Net.

You can set up a trade-off with someone on your friends list and have them do the same in return.

10 GP““

• World Traveler

Race at every track location in the world.

Yes, that means racing the two bigger tracks, Le Mans and Nurburgring, as well as the hell-raiser track, Almalfi Coast Track, which will have you seeing the wall more times than traveling in a straight line.

Use small cars for Amalfi where possible in ANY class for maneuverability. So just forget all the high horsepower muscle cars, or Supercars you want to go prancing around in.

Be a ‘smart racer’ and grab the smaller ones, build them up to suit the class, and use them on this track. You have been warned, so take heed.

You do NOT have to win these events, simply finishing them is all that is required.

25 GP

• Solid Gold

Achieve a gold trophy in every single race in the Event List in Season Play mode.

Well, this ones a hard one to explain . . oh yeah, it speaks for its self really. Winning Gold can be gained either through the Career Seasons Mode or through the “Events Listing” by winning ALL the events, races etc.

Yes, you will need to WIN ALL 720 races in every one of the 220 events in order to gain this high level achievement.This one requires some dedication, and of course patience, there’s no short cut or work around for this one. Just settle down with lots of coffee/tea/V and break out the twisties, and get going.

So get cracking . . . stop reading this, and let’s get into it, what are you waiting for? . . . an invitation?

80 GP`

Click to Download PDF

Click to Download PDF

This concludes the Forza 3 Achievement listings and Tips, more to follow very shortly on how to navigate through the maze of menues, showing where to go, and what to do when you get there.

Keep your eyes peeled also for a Menue Guide Walkthrough, giving you a detailed layout of where to go, what to use, and how to get there.

©2009 Grant Smythe – Oxcgn

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7 Comments on OXCGN’s Forza 3 Career Guide #2 – Achievement Walk-Through

  1. Acidcore666 // 26/01/2011 at 12:30 AM // Reply

    Yea im still around, then again u probably have no idea who i am.

    What i was going to say, do we look like a dumb rednecks trying to drift a circle track seriously, any drifter in his right mind is gonna jump on Fujimi Kaido, and atleast use a AE-86 or 370z.
    Wanna talk about getting your gymkhanna on, how about meet me on TDU with your fastest car and ill lap the island in 1 drift.


  2. maniacpillow // 24/11/2009 at 11:04 PM // Reply

    thanks for the guide,anyone found that having just recently finished forza 2, cant really get into forza 3 with the sort of enthusiasm thats required for one of these games get bored to quickly.

    i think you have a very good point about the online play, ive found that people will race you over and over again if they are winning but as soon as they get beat they leave the lobby, they wont race unless they can have their best car, so when youve just started the game its near impossible to win a race with a stock level car.

    just cant give it the time that forza 2 took, want to i just cant face all those races again.

    just started it yesterday, did a drag race online the best car that ive seen for that is the datsun 510, i was in a buggatti veyron, the guy gave me a 500 feet head start still beat me. seriously fast car.


    • Youcan also get through the game using the Event List if you like, without going through the Seasons.

      You won’t get some of the benefits you get in the seasons, such as more vehicle sponsor discounts etc but you will work your way through the levels, incl both Driver Experience and Vehicle levels, of which there are only 5 (per vehicle – but you one get 5 Vehicle level Achievements overall)

      I can see myself spending many hours with this game, prob more than I have done in Forza 2 (in excess of 500 hrs) and anyone that has said they have ‘finished’ the game and has only had it a relatively short period, is pulling your leg big time. It’s a game that to truly finish, will require a serious amount of time to do.

      The AI in the game is heaps better than previous games, and it wants to win at every possibility when on the highest setting. Set it at that, and go through the game, and you will find yourself hitting restart a great deal, as they can be relentless in some races, and it’s up to your driving skills, not how big your car is.

      WHen matched with the same cars in class events, then you really do have to “race” . . Give the game the time it deserves, and it will reward you with hours of fun. Try not using the rewind or cutting corners, and race in a gentleman’s manner, and you’ll enjoy the game. I think I’ve posted a few race replays on Forzamotorsports.net if you want to check them out, and you can race other ppl’s ghosts to from Forzamotorsport.net by downloading their ghosts and racing them.

      That way you learn better drivers race lines, braking points etc.


  3. snowboarder1417 // 15/11/2009 at 10:49 AM // Reply

    Sorry, but your info is horribly wrong in places. Using rewind or going of the track will uncertify your laptime and you have no chance to get to the top of a leaderboard with an uncertified laptime. Even the fastest uncertified lap time will show up on the leaderboard under the slowest certified time.

    For the “Lapper” achievement, you actually have to go to the Time Trial leaderboards and select a race from there, that is the only way. Reading through it looked like it was written by a 6th grader.


    • Thanks for the update, will amend asap, again, these things require many helping out, so thanks again.

      Plus you will have to understand, different locations spell differently in the English language, and often phrase things differently. Our Editor is down very sick at the moment, so we are all trying our hardest to do the best we can, so be patient with us in that regard please.


  4. Great stuff! I much prefer seeing stuff like this on Australian sites rather than those American-based ones. Very well in-depth and I’ll be sure to return to this page when I go for some of the latter Achievements after completing more race-based Achievements.


    • Thanks mate, you’re more than welcome to keep coming back – naturally.

      My next one will be detailing the menue layout, as well as discussing working with just a few cars to get through most of the “Class Races” in Seasons Mode.

      You do NOT need all new cars for every class. Personally I’ve found the Audi M4 one of the best equipt cars that can range from “B Class” right through to to top of the “S Class” – and especially at the Drags and Speedway events.

      It just takes a little modding, and you can change back and forth using the Auto Upgrade, and it will remember your settings from the previous time it was in that class.

      That and a few more will be detailed in further Guides. Please let me know if you have any problems with the downloadable PDF of the guide as well. I want to make it as easy as possible for armchair racers to enjoy the game, without having to go to the PC all the time to check settings on some site.

      Feel free to share the site around of course, and if you have any feedback or Forza 3 Tips, then let us know, and we could incorporate them in further Guides if viable.


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