GHOST Recon: Future Solider – Do Cinematics Serve or Hinder

The GHOSTs return all ‘Ghosty-like’

by XboxOZ360

©2010 Grant Smythe:
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Well I’m not really 100% sure or even sold on the whole pre-game cinematic video releases many publishers go for these days, as I believe it sets really high and unrealistic expectations on the actual finished product when it does ship, or when a demo or actual in-game-play screens are finally released.

The latest brand new vid from Ubisoft showing their next iteration of the famed GHOST Recon team, GHOST Recon Future Solider is an exact example of such cinematics. Halo 3 was also another, as was several other major AAA title games.

While they are stunning, and show what we ‘might’ possibly expect to experience in the game, there’s no real way to give the same experience as what is being shown via a movie that has been made expressly to promote the game.

• GHOST Recon: Future Solider Teaser Cinematic

This video doesn’t exist

The movie or cinematic looks brilliant. Using stealth and the fables ‘cloaking’ system, the team can get in and deal with an underground unit, while the others take out a ground patrol, and a well placed long distant sniper takes ‘the target’ out.

All very well orchestrated and executed, no pun intended, but is it really fair on gamers, especially these days, when many of the younger “Y’ and even the ‘Current’ Gen gamers expect to get what they see, and what they see, to be what they get, as that is the technology they have grown up in.

Excuse my for being cynical, while I love the game, and was even one of the first to comment on the new Ghost Recon website recently, that’s just HOW keen I am on the game, I’m afraid that that “movies” like this are the things that can push the levels of high expectations just too far for even the best development houses to match.

The situation worked really well with Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed Lineage. Mainly due to the fact we had seen a great deal of the game, via in-game videos, in-game screenshots and art work prior to the actual Mini-Movies being released. You can check Assassins Creed 2 Lineage Movies out here if you happen to have been living under a rock for the last year heheh, but be warned, they are LARGE files, and in HD, (36 mins of movie) so take some time to load and thus watch.

Grab your copy early for the GHOST Beta

I’m looking forward to the game, and did predict and expect it to hit shelves in 2010, so Autumn is about right in my book. However, do game Pre-release and announcement movies really do the franchise justice, do they place unreal expectations on the game?

Of course, having Splinter Cell Convictions herald the way for us to play the multiplayer side of the game early via a Beta Testing Key/invitation is a great move, and one many companies are now using to road-test their work, then tweak it before final release.

©2010 Grant Smythe

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One thought on “GHOST Recon: Future Solider – Do Cinematics Serve or Hinder”

  1. I agree completely mate, as you said, that video is actually really cool and it would be good to release after footage of the game and in-game trailers have been released.

    Even if we have the understanding to know it can’t be like that, there’s still a sub-conscious thing going on that kinda raises our expectations,


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