OXCGN’s NBA Jam iPhone 4 Review

OXCGN’s iPhone 4 NBA Jam Review

We brought the peanut butter &… EA definitely brought the JAM!

by : GrathiusXR

©2011 Arthur Kotsopoulos

It’s been a long time coming but NBA Jam for your iPhone is finally here!

Now I know I’m only 20 years old but I have had the privilege of experiencing NBA Jam Tournament edition on a good old fashioned arcade machine courtesy of my TAFE here in North Sydney.

I can safely say that many hours both during and outside of class time were spent in the gaming dungeon slamming away the competition.

When I heard that NBA Jam was being released for consoles with updated graphics and using the current roster of NBA athletes, I was very excited.

And better yet now that it’s been released for the iPhone 4, anytime and anywhere I can sit down and get my boomshakala happening while negotiating the urban sprawl we call Sydney on the various modes of public transport.

Coupled with the iPhone 4’s brilliant Retina Display, NBA Jam looks simply stunning, especially for a handheld mobile title. Character models take on a pseudo-3d look that’s absolutely great.

Whilst their heads are a 2D digitalised photograph of the respective athlete, the rest of the body looks very lifelike. The court reflects character models as well as the titantron that runs across the top half of the stadium and the basket sways accordingly to a player netting the ball or executing a slam dunk.

Every thing about NBA Jam screams quality.

Much like Dead Space, NBA Jam plays flawlessly and features a slew of unlockables and offers the user hours of pure unadulterated fun.

The ability to unlock cheats within the game such as unlimited turbo, 1 shot fire mode and the all time classic Big Head Mode ensures that you will always have something new to try to aim for.

As well as the 30 NBA teams to choose from there is the ability to unlock legends of the sport plus some well hidden characters the likes of Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, George Bush and more. NBA Jam sits at a sensible price of $AU5.99 and comes in at mere 262MB if you’re interested in downloading it.

Whilst you may think that $AU5.99 price tag is a bit steep, reflect on the fact that when you actually play the game, and that 20 minute break you just took has now gone for 40 minutes, you certainly won’t be complaining about its cost.

Why? Because it’s extremely engaging, and the list of features within the game just keeps growing.

You also have the ability to import any song from your iTunes library on your iPhone to use within the game and there is nothing more EPIC than listening to some heavy metal whilst slam dunking the ball with Tim Kitzrow (The original voice of NBA Jam) blurting great classics such as ” He’s heating up ” & ” Boomshakalaka! “.

Continuously slam dunking the ball will result in you breaking the glass backboard, while ‘getting on fire’ will cause the basket nets to literally burn.

NBA Jam is a title that any sport enthusiast, gamer and iPhone user should have loaded in their game library.

For those who aren’t familiar with the iPhone’s screen and touch controls, upon choosing the Play Now option you will be taken to Jam Camp which shows you how to shoot, slam dunk, steal, jump and pass the ball which in turns brings you up to speed with how to play the game.

It’s after this initial helpful guide that the game goes full throttle, and you start to relive those glory days of when NBA Jam was first released.

• NBA iPhone 4 screenshot slideshow

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Again much like the Dead Space iPhone iteration, NBA Jam features a swipe and tap control gesture which, after the first 5 minutes, becomes extremely easy to master.   For those who don’t like this scheme, you can choose the option of D-Pad gesture, which is just the above mentioned controls in a D-Pad format on the bottom right hand side of the screen.

The D-Pad controls still work extremely well, but I would suggest sticking to the swipe-scheme-system, as it’s much easier and less frustrating for those who aren’t very good at the game style.

Playing on anything higher than the Rookie difficulty sees the game start to become extremely  frustrating indeed.

That is until you become a Pro at the game of course.   Then you will be pulling off fake pump shots, alley-oops, stealing the ball from your opponents every second and pulling off shots from half way.

NBA Jam for the iPhone 4 is available right now from iTunes and is worth every dollar that it costs.

There is a slew of unlockables, simply endless hours of fun, not to forget the Big Head Mode that will certainly have people staring at you whilst you play on the train.

OXCGN’s Golden Award


©2011 Arthur Kotsopoulos


• NBA iPhone 4 Screenshot galery

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