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Why Call of Duty: Black Ops is Better Than Modern Warfare 3

Why Call of Duty: Black Ops is Better Than Modern Warfare 3

Multiplayer doesn't always get better...

by: aksobey
©2012 Kent Sobey
I know that the title of this article will probably incite some sort of negative response from a lot of people but I refuse to take it back. Black Ops was a resounding success for Activision no matter how you look at the sales, but a lot of the Modern Warfare 2 fans were not so sure about it. When Modern Warfare 3 came out the multiplayer offering was widely accepted as nothing short of amazing. Well I’m here to discuss why Black Ops actually had a better multiplayer component.

Stop and listen!

The first point I want to make is that this is just a comparison of the multiplayer modes and not the game as a whole because MW3 would win hands down if we included the single player.

It was damn near flawless so I’m not going to include that. (Ed: Some would argue with that…)

When I first started playing MW3 online I was struck by how similar it is to MW2 in its look and feel. It’s almost identical.

Then it occurred to me that Infinity Ward was making a sequel to their previous installment in the franchise and not the last one I had purchased.

I know this may seem like a really stupid point but I think it’s important to remember. To the consumer MW3 is a sequel to Black Ops and not MW2 in terms of the order in which we played them.

What does this really mean? Well to me it means that they can’t remove features that Blacks Ops added which we all started to love – like the dive for example.

A small thing that shouldn’t really make that much difference but I was really annoyed when I first tried to dive and just ended up lying down rather rapidly. Why would you remove that, I need to get away from a chopper!

Despite being a little irritated by that, I could move on because let’s face it; it’s not the end of the world. But then, while I was running on a seemingly clear path, I got stuck on nothing. You would think that the fighting men of the world would be able to hop over a small ledge of 1 foot or a little gravel on the ground, but alas, they can’t.

Among other things…

To put it bluntly, the multiplayer maps in MW3 are rubbish.  (Ed.: I love Seatown!!!)

There’s too much clutter and not enough symmetry. Not only that, but they encourage campers with a hideout in every corner and have pieces of nothing that I seem to get stuck on regularly.

The Black Ops maps were far from perfect, I’ll admit but I would pick them over these any day.

If you want to run and gun you better be amazing at the game because there will be someone hiding behind a door somewhere ready to end your MOAB streak with a shot gun prepped.

There’s nothing wrong with stopping and guarding a room for a few minutes but when you lay prone with your sight zoomed on the door and can get away with it 35 times there’s something wrong with the map.

There should always be a way to deal with that like a grenade through a window, or a back entrance but they didn’t seem to think about that much at all.

I must stop here and add that although I find many things about Modern Warfare 3 very annoying, I still love it and think there have been some amazing innovations that have come with it.

I just feel that they have lost all the good stuff that came with Black Ops to make way for the ‘new’ good stuff. Why not just have it all?

Another Example of something that’s been lost is the wager matches.

I know that they rely on a currency system in Black Ops but they could have kept them in without having that monetary system. Why not use your experience as currency? Surely they could have thought of something clever to keep them in?

And finally, what is with the spawn points in MW3?

On many occasions I have spawned and been dead within a few seconds. THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN! The maps and spawn point should not allow for it. I am fully aware that sometimes it’s damn near impossible to make this dream a reality but come Black Ops did it a whole lot better than MW3 does.

I can think of several occasions that I have died and then spawned with my gun aiming at someone’s head. I didn’t even have to move to get a kill, just pull the right trigger. Now, I love getting kills but this is just ridiculous.

I can also think of an occasion that a stealth bomber has killed me twice. Yup, that’s right. It killed me on one end of the map and I spawned on the other end only to have it kill me again. I don’t think I have to tell you how annoyed I was by that.

I’ll add one more thing before I move on to the conclusion. This is admittedly a pet peeve of mine and probably just a matter of personal preference too.

Quick scoping should not have been put back in the game. There, I said it. I know that it exists in Black Ops but it’s not nearly as easy to do and frankly was only added because people moaned that it wasn’t there to begin with.

I don’t understand why people play in this way. It’s not a shotgun, you shouldn’t be running around that much with it and yes, it is cheating, even if Infinity Ward says it’s ok. And no, it’s not that hard to do; if it was then everyone wouldn’t be able to do it would they?

To sum it all up…

My conclusion from all of this and the many other things I haven’t mentioned is that Black Ops is a better game and I much preferred playing it online.

I’m not saying I’m going to go backwards and keep playing it because I do enjoy MW3 too, I just think that it’s missing a lot of the good stuff that should really be there.

I think Treyarch and Infinity Ward should probably work together a little more when making Call of Duty games. They are both owned by Activision, they both make great games and they both have amazing ideas. Now let’s see if we can get all of the amazing ideas into one game please.

©2012 Kent Sobey


17 Comments on Why Call of Duty: Black Ops is Better Than Modern Warfare 3

  1. nothing beats blackops i really missed the game and hope to see the second version blackops2

    actually i wasting my money&time with mw3 and after one week only i hate the game and throw it in a trash what an ugly game!!!!


  2. I actually have to agree with that Black Ops is better than Modern Warfare 3, even though I’m not a big fan of Black Ops.


  3. I liked black ops it added alot of new features and inproved on a lot of the promblems which the previous call of duty had. MW3 is great it just doesn’t add anything new to the series but the multiplayer is fast paced and fun. Shame the single player is a disapointment


  4. I agree


  5. MW3 was garbage pretty much all around.
    black ops was fun for a bit, but got old in a week.
    MW3 was boring day 2.
    Black ops had good maps at least, but mw3 has the worst maps every created.
    MW3 story is a bit better then black ops. but its not like its so amazing that MW3 was worth $60. spec op was kinda fun though.
    unfortunately black ops zombies sucked compared to WaW,

    both games were pretty bad… honestly the only COD worth mentioning is COD4, which had a good single player and perfect multiplayer.


  6. Okay i’ll give it to mw3 maps sucks i think blk ops has the best maps but thats it to me mw3 is better hands down. But i liked some of your opinions like the spawning and who cares about diving ? hands down mw3 is better.


  7. ForgetMenot // 27/02/2012 at 3:26 AM // Reply

    One thing that I think Black Ops offered that MW3 didn’t offer was the create a class 2.0, which was fun, but not entirely necessary. However, MW3, I believe, outdid itself when they added levels to the guns. It allows you to know when your gun will get this attachment or that camo and tells you once you have reached the final level. The way I play is I use a gun I like until i master it and move on to another one, so I have experience with all the weapons, something i didn’t have the patience for in Black Ops.


  8. if you get killed by a guy, or anyone on your team, 35 times in a row by a guy laying by a door, you shouldn’t be playing call of duty. black ops is a horrible game, treyarch makes horrible games, world at war, and black ops are the worst of all the mw series. truly the ugliest games of all the cod’s.


  9. Stopped reading here.

    game as a whole because MW3 would win hands down if we included the single player.

    Black Ops’ campaign was far better. In terms of story anyway.


  10. 4tehlolz // 26/02/2012 at 8:20 PM // Reply

    not to mention the callsigns and the theater mode


  11. Maybe IW and Treyarch should come together and release a CoD maybe every two years. That way, way more planning is put into it. Plus the games would be more loved since it’s part of both companies. Could you imagine a CoD with intense single player, nothing like it multiplayer with a Zombie mode and Special Ops! Now I would pay $100 every two years for that. Instead of releasing a game every year trying to drag money out of people


  12. I’d like to know why no comments get posted despite being appropriate for moderation. I posted a comment earlier totally agreeing with the writer without profanity and the comment didnt get posted. Feel free to e-mail me to let me know why.


    • dkpatriarch // 27/02/2012 at 9:51 AM // Reply

      Hi Derrick,

      I can assure you that comments do get moderated, but not always right away as we have different time zones and can be busy at different times. I apologise for any delay.


  13. amguitarman // 26/02/2012 at 4:32 PM // Reply

    Glad I’m not the only one that thinks quickscoping is a cheap tactic. I don’t care how much “skill” it requires, no game should have exploits like that.


  14. Spot on. finally someone came out and said it. I been the thinking all the points you said. Black Ops was all in general a better, the only thing MW3 has good is Survival Mode.
    Good article.


  15. Not going to lie. I stopped after “…MW3 would win hands down if we included the single player. It was damn near flawless so I’m not going to include that. “


  16. I really was disappointed they took away the customizable gamer cards too. I loved creating and viewing unique picture creations by the community. Black Ops walks all over MW3 in terms of online IMO. This coming from a guy who has always preferred IW COD’s over Treyarchs. I think Treyarch hit the nail on the head with Black Ops.


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