OXCGN’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter Preview: EA Australia’s PC LAN Night

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

EA Australia’s PC LAN Night

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

EA Australia put on a thematic PC LAN night highlighting their upcoming shooter Medal of Honor: Warfighter and generously invited OXCGN along.  The promised fun, coupled with beer and pizza, is something we don’t ever resist!

Set up in a secluded room in their Sydney offices decorated with a ghillie suit, ammo boxes, helmet and various countries’ flags (sort of like a militaristic Olympic stadium), EA_Jiggsy (EA Australia Community Co-Ordinator) and Pidgeo (EA Australia’s Social Media & Community Lead for EA Asia Pacific, Japan & South Africa) kicked off the night by showcasing a multiplayer walkthrough video that was at this year’s E3.

The multiplayer code we got our hands on was the same as the E3 I was at, however EA Australia put this together for Australians who may have missed out and I’d jump at any chance to play the game again anyway.

After accidentally sitting on the PC that was connected to the projector, I had the pleasure of dusting off my rusty PC skills enough to show everyone how it was done. (Ed: My God, the rampaging ego!)

Pidgeo (knowing my console gaming roots) asked if I wanted to opt for using a 360 controller in case things might get too hot for me to handle, but I reassured him that I wouldn’t make a fool out of myself and that I could hold my own.

Throughout the whole night the my Fireteam was always victorious with myself and my partner always coming out as the best of the best.  (Ed: He’s still carrying on…any more of this and I’m cutting it!)

Warfighter doesn’t have a tough learning curve so it was generally easy to familiarise myself with the control scheme and get to some shooting; all I needed was to focus and make sure I wasn’t running in guns blazing all the time.  That’s a sure way to end up dead.

Arthur’s custom BIG EGO Class

I familiarised myself with the Tank class, the SFODD Demolitions, who carries an AA12 shotgun, whose class ability is the tank stance. Tank stance allows the player to take extra damage lasting longer on the battlefield, but sacrifices mobility in the process.

When playing game types such as Sector Control this definitely comes in handy.

The USOG Spec Ops class I felt, however, was best suited towards my playing style. It’s faster since you carry less equipment and carry a Mp7, which while only having very limited ammo, can see heat signatures through walls for a limited time.

This is perfect for when you come around a corner where your men are being slaughtered and you need a tactical advantage to let your fireteam mate know where to flank the enemy.

Fireteam I feel makes this multiplayer what it is.  Awesome.

There are two teams of 6 with 3 Fireteams of 2 in both sides.  Throughout the game you have the ability to see exactly where your fireteam buddy is at any given moment. He is highlighted by a green outline that will continually glow.

If you’re killed you have the ability to spawn on your fireteam buddy when they are not in any sort of immediate danger, meaning you’ll always get right back into the heat of things without delay.

The first game of the night to kick things off, ended up with me running up to an enemy crouched behind a crate and blasting him in the face with the AA12 shotgun, but what followed was a chain reaction of “ohhs” and “ahhs”.  (Ed: Your own I assume?  Will this madness ever end?)

The second game ended in even better fashion.

Taking what I’ve learnt from many console shooters, I equipped my pistol and followed a guy around for a few seconds until sure of my shot, then unleashed a flurry of bullets into his torso.  It was pure magic.

It was in that moment that made me sit back and realise how much I had missed gaming on the PC in a LAN venue.  It was awesome to be hanging out with a large groups of male and female gamers in the same room, having a drink eating some pizza, and having a good laugh.

Regardless of if you were good or bad didn’t matter; what mattered was having fun with a game of this high calibre and spending time at a get together with so many people under the one roof  at a well organised event.

Most gaming these days is done over PSN/Xbox Live from people’s own homes, so the night that EA Australia put together was an awesome experience. The music was pumping in the background, the trash talk was flying and the joy was flowing through the room.

EA have a number of perfect games for PC LAN coming up for release over the next 12 months. From Need to Speed to FIFA, I’m definitely looking forward to kicking some serious butt again whilst in the company of some great people.

They could have just held a select hands-on for the media, but EA Australia promoted Medal of Honor: Warfighter with a wider gaming community event that rekindled my love of real social gaming, LAN style.  (Ed: I think they all let you win, personally)

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

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    1. If you are saying that he did so well was ‘fictional’ then maybe- I’d have to ask EA, but he did attend the event.


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