OXCGN Statement Regarding Arthur Kotsopoulos

OXCGN Statement

by David Hilton (EIC)

After reviewing the situation surrounding the media’s reporting of Arthur Kotsopoulos, I have decided to state the following.

– Arthur has been a valuable volunteer contributor to OXCGN and has conducted himself with professionalism in his responsibilities on the site.  We know of no case of him misrepresenting the site or being irresponsible with his twitter or Facebook use when representing OXCGN.

OXCGN was brought into the limelight when it was reported in the original article and subsequent multiple media reports.

– OXCGN chooses not to monitor its volunteer’s personal social media accounts and was not aware of the comments made on his personal social media accounts as these are not representative of OXCGN.  Those who have accused us of looking the other way are not correct.

– Comments made on his personal social media accounts are regrettable and not appropriate for the wide audience of gamers from around the world that trust OXCGN. While comments of this sort have never been published on OXCGN, in accordance with this any links to Arthur’s twitter feed have been or will be removed from the site.

– Arthur recognises his comments were inappropriate, believing statements made on social media to have been visible only to those he is ‘friends’ with and were the result of him ‘venting’.  His statement is below.

He has stated his desire for this personal mistake not to reflect on OXCGN, their partners or fellow contributors.

– After consulting a variety of people in marketing, publishing, and writing for this site and making certain arrangements with him, I have decided to cancel Arthur’s suspension.  In the future all staff will operate under a Social Media Policy to be agreed upon to increase the awareness of the risks involved.

Arthur’s Statement

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

The way we are seen in the public and publisher eye can affect what relationships we have in the future moving forward.

I know that various individuals in the Australian gaming industry have given me their support and I am thankful that am involved with such an amazing and loving community.

However there may be a few that don’t know me personally and from this have a negative view of myself and also the OXCGN site.

I’d just like to say that these personal comments of mine were never intended to offend or hurt any individual or group.

They were on my personal pages and were me venting out frustration from my day-to-day job. They may have been a little vulgar and demeaning and so I apologise again if anyone has decided to take them the wrong way.

Again I’d just like to thank the massive support various individuals have given me in the Australian gaming community and industry.

It goes to show how close and caring for each other we’ve all become after so many years of various events, etc.

I honestly can’t say that I’ve ever been involved in another community where I’ve had the pleasure to meet, work, drink and game with such an amazing group of men and women.

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