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Win DmC: Devil May Cry Game and Shirt Packs!


Win DmC Game and Shirt Packs!

Devil May Cry, but you won’t, thanks to Capcom

by David Hilton

© 2013 David Hilton

dmc wallpaper 4I can still remember playing the original Devil May Cry on the Playstation 2 way back when it released in 2001.

The action-hack n’ slash Capcom spin-off of Resident Evil had attitude, fluid combat, and great atmospheric locations.

Though a Devil May Cry HD catch-up pack was recently released on 360 and PS3, with 5 games already made, the 6th became, as is the current trend, a reboot of sorts called DmC (Devil May Cry).

It takes place in an alternate universe, with a alternate (dark-haired) Dante, who can use angel mode or devil mode to combat the seemingly sentient Limbo City.

There looks to be the same attitude, fluid combat and great atmospheric locations as those before it and a good cure for shooter-itis, if you are needing a change of gameplay style (I know I am).

The game goes on sale next week for 360/ PS3/ PC.

Here’s how you win:

Devil in the details….

DMC PRIZEOXCGN, courtesy of Capcom, have 2 prize packs for our loyal readers to win.

Each comes with an Xbox 360 copy of the game, and an awesome DmC T-Shirt.

You actually can have 2 chances to win as well!

Win here on site!

  • The first way to win is to comment below with an alternate (since we are into alternate realities) name for the initials D M C.

See what interesting title you can come up with besides Devil May Cry.  Please note that comments are moderated before publication, so if you don’t see it right away it still will likely be there later.

The winner will be selected on January 31st.

Win on our Facebook Page!

  • The second way to win is to share our Facebook page’s post about the competition on your Facebook page (make sure you ‘like‘ us as we have more comps on the way!).  Then comment under our Facebook post with “DMC for me”

It’s that easy.

This will be a random draw of the names that share the competition at the end of January.

Good luck!

Please note: this competition is only open to residents of Australia who are aged 15 and up.

We must be able to message you!


PLEASE NOTE: This competition is now CLOSED.  However, we may have another competition on so check out the competition tab at the top of the site.

© 2013 David Hilton
About dkpatriarch (617 Articles)
Co-owner and EIC of oxcgn.com

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  3. tracy wedding // 30/01/2013 at 12:07 PM // Reply

    Dogs May Crap


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    Diabolical Men Croon


  5. Julian Cartledge // 30/01/2013 at 1:09 AM // Reply

    Demonic Merriment Creation!


  6. DUDE My Coffee


  7. Robert Moso // 29/01/2013 at 10:58 PM // Reply

    Dante’s Mightiest Challenge!


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    Dangerously Mysterious Character


  9. mandachic // 29/01/2013 at 8:36 PM // Reply

    Deep Meaningful Conversation


  10. Doesn’t Matter Mum!


  11. Dangerous Mutant Creatures!!




  13. Marie Pohnetalova // 28/01/2013 at 12:44 PM // Reply

    Dusty! Morning Coffee?


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    Do Me Carefully


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