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The Day I Became A Sniper: Sydney’s Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Event

Event_sniper ghost warrior 2

The Day I Became A Sniper: Sydney’s Sniper: Ghost Warior 2 Event

Get your bolt action rifle ready

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

sniper ghost warrior 2 box artEarly last week QV Software held a special launch event for their upcoming title, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, down in Surry Hills for the gaming media and community.

The night was filled with plenty of food in the shape of mini pies, mini burgers and mini vegetarian tacos.

All through out the night stations were set up where people could sit down and get down and gritty with the art of being a sniper, and whilst such a gaming style doesn’t suit me I can definitely see which crowd this will please.

Interests aside, I donned my [virtual] ghillie suit and dove in.

Ghillies in the mist

sniper ghost warrior 2 screenshots oxcgn #3Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 factors in realistic physics in the form of bullet drop, wind, and distance, which makes for some very difficult moments when trying to line up that perfect shot.

From the level that we had access to, it seemed that certain sections where players had to face up to half a doze enemies at once have been crafted to cater to the fact that the player is a trained sniper.

It’s definitely been developed to cater to a sniper’s need of staying afar, but if you do get the odd enemy that wants to come up close and personal, then you can always rely on your trusty pistol to do the trick.

When you’ve lined up a perfect shot whilst holding down the left trigger to hold your breath, the game will follow the bullet Wanted or Sniper Elite V2-style directly to the point of impact on the enemy. It’s always a sight to behold when the enemy goes flying backwards from the point of impact.

sniper ghost warrior 2 screenshots oxcgn #2While it is a nice feature, it could get old especially if the game has a lengthy campaign. You can only smile in appreciation so many times before you just want to eliminate your foes and move on to the next area.

To break up the night which was filled with gaming and drinking, QV Software put on a nifty interactive game where a man in a ghillie suit would walk around and place a red dot on unsuspecting targets who were willing to have a large target stick on their back.

If you were given a red sticker it meant you were fatally wounded and out of the running to win a special prize pack. The target with a yellow sticker meant they were only hit with a flesh wound and at the end of the night declared the winner.

It was a good change up from the usual door prize raffle or ticket draw many other launch events have and one that was a very big game of chance… much like the life of a sniper.  And no, I didn’t survive.

sniper ghost warrior 2 screenshots oxcgn #1We’d like to thank QV Software for inviting OXCGN down for the night, getting to live out my sniper fantasies (as both victim and sniper)!).  Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is out now here in Australia, so make sure you’ve got your best ghillie suit ready.

Our review will be out soon.

©2013 Arthur Kotsopoulos
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