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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Kicks Ass and Chews Bubblegum: OXCGN Preview

PREVIEW_Far cry 3 blood dragon

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Kicks Ass and Chews Bubblegum: OXCGN Preview

If it bleeds, you can definitely kill it

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2013 Arthur Kotsopoulos

far cry 3 blood dragon box art oxcgnWhat do you get when a development team decide to stay in on a Saturday night, get drunk and watch a dozen 80’s and 90’s B-Grade action flicks? Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Or, at least that’s how I’m hoping the idea was formulated by the geniuses at Ubisoft Montreal.

What started out as an April Fools joke (hich everyone believed it to be) quickly turned into something real when days after the 1st of April screenshots were being leaked online.

Fast forward to now and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has finally been unveiled with a launch trailer encapsulating the era of VHS in the 90’s. From corny commercial to animation, it reminds me of Heavy Metal.

Blood Dragon includes a seizure-inducing array of neon colours, laser weapons, the T-1000’s shotgun from Terminator 2, Robocop’s Auto-9 pistol and an array of other weapons.

It also includes cyborg soldiers in a post-apocalyptic future, cyber commandos and as the title suggests, Blood Dragons that do indeed shoot lasers out of their eyes.

You’re probably sitting there thinking to yourself: “Come on, you’re s—ting me?!” But, trust me: I am definitely NOT cooking up a story and throwing any of you into the meat grinder.

The opening cinematic and first playable section of Blood Dragon includes roughly half a dozen references to certain Arnold Schwarzenegger movies with the most obvious being a chopper ride with your bro, Spider, introducing both characters followed by the use of the mini-gun shooting anything that walks below you to the tunes of Long *** Sally.

far cry 3 blood dragon screenshots oxcgn #4From here the game then thrusts you into a linear fifteen minute mission where you’ll learn the basics of the game. Because it’s a standalone title and doesn’t require Far Cry 3 to play you’ll start with all the skills that you end up with at the end of Far Cry 3.

This tutorial will see you walk, run, jump and sneak and once you impale three enemies in a row you’ll not want to stick around any longer so that you can just right in to the heart of Blood Dragon.

Who are you? I’m the party pooper.

far cry 3 blood dragon screenshots oxcgn #3The main antagonist of Blood Dragon is Sloan, Sgt. Rex Power Colt’s former commanding officer who has gone AWOL, and out of his mind (doesn’t this just sound like an 80s action movie?).

When you first meet him, he does a few things that’ll make your blood boil and essentially have you calling out to the TV “Sloan, you son of a b**ch!” However, he now knows you’re onto him and you’ll be a thorn in his backside until [I hope] you eventually take him out.

After being captured he leaves you for dead in a cave populated by Blood Dragons. This section familiarizes yourself with these ugly motherf***ers and how to use them to your advantage using hearts pilfered from fallen enemies.

Crouching is the only way to sneak past these creatures without alerting them to your presence. When you’ve successfully escaped, you come up to your first garrison (known as outposts in Far Cry 3) and you’ll get the chance to see how you can use the Blood Dragons in battle.

far cry 3 blood dragon screenshots oxcgn #6Throwing a heart down to where some cyborg soldiers are, the Dragons will start attacking and due to the barrier stopping them from entering, they’ll resort to firing their lasers.

What ensues are explosions, carnage, and three Blood Dragons annihilating everything in their path.

While they do dish out a world of hurt, putting them down isn’t a walk in the park.

What killed the dinosaurs may have been a giant meteor, but Blood Dragons won’t die unless they’re introduced to a hail of bullets. If you hear something vicious growling and running towards you, then that’s the sign that you blew your cover.

Everything you know and love about Far Cry 3 is still intact. It’s using the same engine and mechanics, albeit in a new stand-alone story and color palate.

Oh, and Michael Biehn is perfect as Rex Power Colt.

far cry 3 blood dragon screenshots oxcgn #5The main problem I have with Blood Dragon is that those who didn’t grow up in the 80s or 90s or never got the chance to watch VHS movies and most of the classics won’t exactly appreciate what Blood Dragon has to offer.

I feel certain references will be completely lost on them and their level of enjoyment won’t be the same as that of myself or others that grew up in that era.

You are a f***ing choir boy compared to me! A CHOIR BOY!

far cry 3 blood dragon screenshots oxcgn #2Blood Dragon is looking to be roughly 6-8 hours with the island said to be the same size as the South map from Far Cry 3.

You’ll have more than a couple of acres to traverse during your play time as Rex Power Colt, who is a total badass. After killing enemies Rex will usually signify his superiority by flipping the bird essentially saying” “F**k you, a**hole!” without exactly saying anything at all.

He’s the type of character that’ll use an enemy as a human shield, then take that his knife and kill him with it, then quite possibly break the next cyborg’s neck.

This is the type of protagonist you’ll love in a game that’s just over the top (that’s not a reference to Stallone’s Over the Top) and fun, which is exactly what Ubisoft Montreal set out to do with Blood Dragon.

Take an already existing engine and franchise and just do something crazy with it for themselves and us gamers. I enjoy my games such as Bioshock Infinite and Halo 4, but it’s always good to kick back, whip out a mini gun, and just mow down enemies in an 80’s interpretation of the future

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is out May 1st and will cost you $14.99USD. For the amount of nostalgia and action it’s looking to give you, I say that is definitely a great price point.

©2013 Arthur Kotsopoulos
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