OXCGN’s Lost Planet 3 Review

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OXCGN’s Lost Planet 3 Review

Get your ass to E.D.N 3

by Robert Addison

©2013 Robert Addison

Lost-Planet-3-box-art(ED: We welcome another new contributor to the fold, Robert Addison, who brings us a review on Lost Planet 3.)

Welcome to E.D.N 3.

It’s cold, everything wants you dead, and you have a kick ass mech.

You play as Jim Payton, your everyday bloke on a mining mission to the uninhabited icy planet of E.D.N 3 by the promise of adventure and more importantly, a butt load of cash to support your wife and son back on earth.

After crash landing on your first day, you are rescued by your fellow miners and whisked away to the cosy confines of home base, run by mega company NEVEC. The first thing you notice about Lost Planet 3 is its horribly rendered cut scenes.

This is only highlighted by the fact that Lost Planet 3‘s voice acting is so spot on.

The characters, sometimes looking like lizards in certain scenes, are immediately likable despite a few horrible accents. The scenes with Jim watching video messages from his wife back on earth are particularly pleasant without being over dramatized. The story itself, set 50 years before the original game, is nothing you haven’t heard before.

LP3 Screen 2Big company visits planet and mines the “thermal energy” within to solve the power crisis back on earth. Inhabitants get pissed off, and head butting ensues with the locals. But the way it is told is immediately engaging and although sometimes predictable, never loses your interest.

Lost Planet 3 is visually, a mixed bag

The open areas with mining equipment and vicious storms approaching from the distance is sometimes a beautiful sight. But is often over shadowed by repetitive icy caves of white, in which you will encounter most of the pesky Akrid intent on biting your face.

That’s if they don’t get stuck on the environment first.

Although not a game breaker, It still happened a little more often then I’d like. At times the enemies will stand there eager to soak up your storm of bullets.

Other times, they block your path and become invincible. The zip-line also offers its fair share of awkward moments. In previous games, the zip-line was a nifty way to traverse the environment at will. Now it is only used on ledges indicated by a green cross-hair.

Once fired, the zip-line flings our hero into the air for a tasty piece of awkward animation. You will be using the zip-line a lot as you traverse this deceptively open world of E.D.N 3. Fast travel is available to get you from A to B once you have visited said areas.

lost-planet-3-8The overall world is a giant maze of icy caverns and corridors, leaving you very little interest to explore its nooks and crannies. Home base isn’t much to look at either. Although I did manage to crack a smile here and there when a NPC would say “I’m not just standing here doing nothing all the time” which we all know is a lie.

Blasting the akrid & occasional human is a standard but competent fair.

Lost-Planet-3You are equipped with your usual assortment of weapons like shotguns, assault rifles and the occasional alien weapons thrown in for good measure. Like the Valkyrie, a crossbow that shoots 3 exploding bolts to ruin someone’s day.

Combat on foot boils down to dodging most of the enemy attacks and shooting their glowing weak points when they are not looking. While others take just a few good shots to go down, some of the bigger enemies do give you the opportunity to throw grenades in their mouths for the ultimate “BOOYAH” moment.

But by far the funnest way of dispatching foes is in your giant rig.

The rig removes the VS suits of the old games and replaces them with one huge but bad ass mech. Flailing your rigs arms around to dispatch smaller enemies is a power trip, while drilling the sweet spots of bigger foes with your drill arm and spraying victorious goo all over your windshield is definitely something you won’t forget in a hurry.

Along with the rocking country music and a picture of your wife on the dash, staring at you adoringly, the rig is a place of safety.

Lost-Planet-3 (1)Giving you protection against the harsh elements and providing support for you on foot like ammunition, and a handy radar that highlights attacking enemies behind you as long as you stay within its range. It’s not all awesome in the mech though, with the bigger creatures turning battles into massive quick time events.

But when the goo flies you tend to over look that a little.

The ‘goo’ is actually very important as it is thermal energy. In the previous games thermal energy was used to keep you alive and warm from the elements. Now it is the currency of choice back at home base to purchase shiny new upgrades and weapons to keep you alive.

Not that staying alive is that difficult.

Jim is a machine, able to take quite a bit of abuse before breaking a sweat. I was able to close enemy spawn points while surrounded and hardly felt like I was in imminent danger at all. Although this could be due to the fact Jim has an awesome beard.

Multiplayer in Lost Planet 3 is surprisingly fun and well worth a look, losing a lot of the modes that fans remember like fugitive and vs annihilator.

Lost Planet 3 leaves you with a few standard modes like death match and team death match with the best mode being a survival mode that first pits you and your team against waves of enemies before turning the remainder of you against each other.

Lost Planet 3 isn’t a terrible game, It just doesn’t hit the mark it aims for.

Story and great characters isn’t enough to ignore the standard combat and repetitive environments.

You wont feel disappointed when its over.

You just wont remember it.


©2013 Robert Addison

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