Titanfall Shows Us How A Collector’s Edition Is Done


Titanfall Shows Us How A Collector’s Edition Is Done

Worthy of its scale!

by Jayden Perry

©2013 Jayden Perry

titanfall-collectors-editionThis morning Respawn Entertainment made two major announcements in regards to their highly anticipated title, Titanfall. The first was the game’s release date, launching on the 13th March 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. The second, and more exciting announcement, was that of the game’s Collector’s Edition.

Titanfall – The Collectors Edition

This edition of Titanfall is huge. The package comes with the game on the platform of your choosing, then includes three simple items, each more impressive than the last.

Exclusive “Schematic Poster”

Titanfall-screenshot-2The first of the items included is a full size Schematic Poster of the “Atlas Class Titan” from the game. The poster is quite detailed and will look very impressive on any fan’s wall.

Hardcover Art Book

Any beautiful game is bound to have a stunning set of concept and production art from the game’s development. Included in the collector’s edition is a 190 page hardcover art book for the game. Inside it contains rare and unseen concept and development art from Respawn Entertainment. The cover art for the book is also a special variant, exclusive to the Collector’s Edition.

Titan Statue

Titanfall_E3_014If an art book and a poster don’t sell you on this package, the final item surely will. Arguably one of the most impressive video game statues I’ve ever seen, Titanfall’s Collector’s Edition features an 18 inch (45 centimetre) titan figurine and diorama. This hand produced model not only features both a Titan and Pilot, it also showcases the scale of the machines, a core mechanic in the game. The model has over three hundred individual pieces and LED lighting effects to make it that little bit more impressive. Not only that, but this extremely limited figure is also numbered for the collector in us all.

2014-titanfall-game-1600x1200Titanfall is an incredibly ambitious and impressive title which is matched with the contents of it’s Collector’s Edition. I am very excited for this package to arrive on my doorstep in March 2014, almost as excited as I am to play the full game. OXCGN was lucky enough to play the game during this year’s EB Expo, and our impressions for the title can be found here. The Collector’s Edition is currently available for order from Titanfall’s Official Store and EB Games Australia (from the 30th October). Prepare to drop soldiers!


©2013 Jayden Perry

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Jayden Perry

Writes words about games & esports at @RespawnNinja & @Tertangala. Communication & Media student @ UoW. @_JaydenPerry

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