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OXCGN’s Plantronics RIG Review

RIG Review HeaderOXCGN’s Plantronics RIG Review

All In One Gaming + Mobile Headset

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2013 Arthur Kotsopoulos

rig-black-boomIn today’s world, you can use headsets for your gaming consoles to enjoy the brutal sounds of Borderlands 2, whilst chatting away to your friends in a party from the comfort of your lounge and you can be on a bus, enjoying the sights of the city whilst speaking to your friend via a bluetooth ear piece.

What you couldn’t do up until now, was use a gaming headset to speak to your party and listen to the footsteps behind you AND yap away on your mobile on a very important phone call.

Plantronics a brand better known for their mobile device peripherals, have released a new product that goes by the name of the RIG.

The RIG is specifically designed to combine your gaming and mobile phone, through the use of a mixer that will allow you to seamlessly answer a phone call whilst still having the ability to listen to what’s happening in the game.


rig-black-mixerThe RIG when compared to say, the Turtle Beach PX5 isn’t a power house in sound, and it isn’t meant to be.

What it delivers, is crisp audio with crystal clear voice quality when taking calls and the ability to switch between 3 preset Equalizers.

Upon my first test with the headphones, not 5 minutes after all the cables had been hooked up I received a phone call and I was ecstatic. I rarely make phone calls so this was a perfect opportunity.

I switched from the audio in GTAV via the mixer to my mobile phone and the audio shifted from my right headphone to my left. I could still hear the GTAV audio but only enough so I knew what was happening.

In my left headphone I could hear the person on the other line with crystal clear quality.

It was impressive to say the least because via the mixer I could increase the volume of the call whilst lowering that of the game, or vice versa. I had total control over how I could hear the other person and the transition is seamless.

My only problem with the RIG’s is that of course they don’t excel with providing a loud enough audio experience. For those long trains rides to and from work, these headphones won’t block out the noise around you of people chatting and the train scrapping across the train tracks.

It’s best you stick to your regular in or over the ear headphones that block out that excess noise because the RIG whilst worthy outside the home don’t fair well in noisy environments.


rig-black-systemNow with a pair of over the ear headphones, you require a comfortable and light weight option as to not grow tired and sore after wearing them too long.

The RIG is extremely light and comfortable.

For hours on end you could be wearing the headphones and forget that you’re even wearing them. You feel no fatigue on the ears like you do with many other headphones, and that is a great thing.

When taking them onto the road for a field test, they don’t add to much bulk and seem like a pair of normal over the ear headphones. People won’t look at you differently and you can easily wear your hoodie, if it’s large enough over them.

What’s going to frustrate a lot of people, and I know it frustrated me is the amount of cables involved to get the RIG to work at home.

I’m used to wireless headphones so to go back to the world of wires was just daunting. If you’ve got a clean set up where you plan on gaming you’ll find no problem with the RIG.

If however, your cable management isn’t the best then the RIG will be a constant struggle to enjoy. You’ll be happy to know that all the required cab;es come inside the packaging so you won’t have to go out of your way to buy what you need.

With a booklet and some simple set up instructions you can be using these in no time. Just be wary of the amount of cables required for it to function 100%.

There will be instances where your phone will be connected to the RIG, and I implore you to please remove the headphones before standing up to go somewhere. One slight bump of the mixer and your phone will tumble with it.


rig-mixer-phoneThe RIG is a versatile pair of headphones that can not only be used in the comfort of your home but out in public. They’re durable enough to wear on the train and they don’t make you stand out like a sore thumb.

Their light weight nature allows you to wear them for hours on end and never have strained ears and the interchangeable boom mic lets you go from a stationary to mobile within seconds.

Whilst audio quality is amazing they as I previously stated will not be replacing your regular headphones on your travel to and from work. In noisy environments it’s hard to hear the person on the other side of the call or your music for that matter.

Even with music app equalizers boosting the sound of music it still isn’t enough.

For $130 though, the Plantronics RIG is a great choice if you wish to combine your gaming and mobile experience in one in the comfort of your own home.


©2013 Arthur Kotsopoulos
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