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Rocco’s Top 5 Most Anticipated Games For E3 2014

E3 2014

E3 2014 is fast approaching and with so many games that’ll be at the show, it’s hard to really choose what you want to find out about the most. One of our writers, Rocco Rinaldo, has chosen his 5 games he is most excited for at this years E3.

Alien Isolation/PS3, PS4, X360, XboxOne, Windows:

The first Alien film is still as powerful today as it was when it was released in 1979. From the extensive sets that were built not rendered, to the terrifying puppets and prosthetics there is something about the tone and execution of this film that keeps it terrifying. I hope this game lives up to the legacy, I hope there is that pervading sense of dread, a feeling of being stalked and I hope above all it is a difficult game. I don’t want dodgy AI and a bumbling Alien, I want to face the universe’s most capable killer and I don’t necessarily want to win.

Holy S*&t thats a 9ft Alien.

Holy S*&t thats a 9ft Alien.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair/PSV:

I am a huge fan of Japanese games coming west, whether it is the superb Virtue’s Last Reward, the equally great Danganronpa or the terrifying and amazing Catherine, there is just something so bizarre and exciting about these quirky puzzle games that makes me want to play more and more of them. I am glad to see the second installment in this franchise is coming west and I hope that more Vita owners will look to these types of games as an escape from the tide of AAA adaptations and HD remakes that are pushed out for the system. These games not only challenge players but they tell stories more engaging and thought provoking than most AAA titles, players just need to take the leap and give them a try.

A nice tropical murder mystery.

A nice tropical murder mystery.

Persona 5/PS3:

I bought a Vita to play Persona 4 Golden after it had received so many glowing recommendations, the news that another entry in the series was on it’s way so soon and as a PS3 exclusive really made me happy. We don’t know much about this game yet and with 2 other Persona games set to come out this year developer Atlus should have a strong showing at E3.



Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number/PS3, PS4, PSV, MacOSX, Windows, Linux:

There is a part of me that wishes Hotline Miami was the prequel to the film Drive, I know there is no official connection between the film, which was adapted from James Sallis’ 2005 novel and the game but the developers did cite it as an influence. So continuing with that tenuous link I like to think of it as a fanfic prequel of sorts so as a fan of the film and the game, I am especially excited to see how the sequel Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is going to turn out.

I think they are going to keep the neon colour scheme..

I think they are going to keep the neon colour scheme..

Final Fantasy XV/PS4, XboxOne:

The single most exciting moment of Sony’s Press Conference at last year’s E3 was the reveal of Final Fantasy XV. Trailers for this game first appeared at E3 in 2006, it was meant to be a PS3 exclusive, now it is meant to be out this generation, it might not actually come out until the PS5 but I don’t care. I am so hungry for more information about this game that I will even watch a 30 second teaser trailer frame by frame. Maybe I’m a little too invested in this game, maybe I am a little too excited but I don’t care, I want to play this game, I want to see what they did in the 8+ years since those first trailers and above all I want this game to be great. I want Square Enix to show us what they can achieve and a reaffirm why they have dominated the RPG space for decades.

So Many Furrowed HD Brows...

So Many Furrowed HD Brows…


E3 is coming so get excited, here are the 5 games I am most psyched about.

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