Thousands of Fans Outraged About Metroid’s Direction They’re Petitioning to Get Them Cancelled

Nintendo, in it’s E3 2015 Direct, showed off two Metroid games after having not released a title in the series since Metroid: Other M for the Wii in 2010. It should have been a glorious, beautiful return to form – bringing a fan favourite franchise back from the dead to give new life to Samus’s adventures through pirate infested space – but instead it was met with a petition to cancel the games.Do I agree with this reaction? Not necessarily, but I can definitely see where it’s coming from. What was once an isolating, terrifying and thought-provoking quest into deep space has been strapped on to a multiplayer shoot-em-up, and a 3v3 space soccer simulator. Of course, we’ve seen but a few seconds of each game, and it isn’t fair to completely write them off without first at least playing them – but let’s think about them for a second.

First, Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a first person, multiplayer shooter coming exclusively for the 3DS. I’ve never understood multiplayer games on handhelds, since if I am going to get together to play games with my friends there will be a TV and console nearby, but even ignoring my own tendencies, the system simply isn’t made to play these types of games. One analogue stick isn’t enough to control a FPS properly, and though the ‘New 3DS’ does include a surprisingly sensitive nub above the ABYX buttons, it simply doesn’t afford the kind of control a second stick could.

Secondly, Metroid Prime: Blast Ball is a ‘3v3 Sci-Fi Sports Battle’ game where you shoot large balls into goals before your opponent can – essentially, it’s soccer for space marines. While my first reaction was that this was incorrectly targeting the eSports movement, I have since changed my mind about that – surely Nintendo knows that the 3DS system isn’t likely to be picked up by the eSports community. eSports require precise controls, usually given by mouse and keyboard or finely tuned controllers, that I don’t believe the 3DS can deliver.

In watching the trailer again, it seems apparent the main issue is the shift in audience. Nintendo is no longer aiming Metroid games at ‘hardcore’ gamers who want to be challenged, and left to their own devices in a dark and hostile world, but is making games for kids. Making games more accessible doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but when it dilutes a brand to the point where it isn’t recognisable, until the name pops up on the trailer, it isn’t good.


Nintendo could easily continue on with these games, ignoring their most hardcore fans, and change the Metroid universe into something far more kid friendly. It’s equally possible Nintendo could pull the games, or more likely re-brand them, and begin work on a more traditional Metroid title to heal the relationship with customers who have given them decades of time and money.

It’s difficult to say what the future of Metroid is: even with the announcement of a new game it is still in as much doubt as weeks before. Nintendo hasn’t made themselves any friends with this announcement, but I look forward to seeing what it’s response is.

Nintendo Officially Announces New Content Update for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

This morning, a few days before E3 officially starts, Nintendo revealed via their Twitch stream updates to their existing Super Smash Bros. games for both Wii U and 3DS, including new fighters, costumes, levels and modes.

The updates include the previously announced DLC character, Lucas, but also two new characters that enter the arena, Ryu from the Street Fighter series as well as Roy from the Fire Emblem series.

These two characters don’t come as any surprise to Smash Bros. fans, as Nintendo has a pre-existing partnership with Capcom (with Mega-Man being in the line up of fighters at launch) and Fire Emblem being published by Nintendo, as well as Roy previously appearing in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Also included in the update are new costume DLC for Mii fighters based on Sega’s Virtua Fighter, Capcom’s MegaMan series, Namco Bandai’s Tekken and Nintendo’s own Splatoon.

A slew of new Amiibo’s were also announced, including Mii Fighters, R.O.B., Duck Hunt, Mr. Game & Watch and Falco. Mr. Game & Watch is flat, and his poses can be swapped out. These new Amiibo’s based on existing fighters will be available in September.


One new stage was also shown, the Dreamland stage based on the Kirby series, however it’s designed to look as it did on the N64 version of Super Smash Bros. Miiverse posts and a Miiverse stage will also be made available, and will be a free download.

Another new feature added to Smash Bros. for Wii U is the ability to upload your saved fights to YouTube, allowing access to your battles via computer, tablet, mobile phone or TV without the need of a video capture device.

All of these updates are being made available today, however several users are reporting difficulty accessing the Nintendo eShop due to heavy traffic.

Monster Hunter Journal: Things Are Getting Dark and Serious Here

Hello readers, its been a while!

There’s a reason for that, I’ve been busy building my rank in the Guild Hall with other hunters. Meeting other hunters has been great and playing in teams makes the hunting experience so much better.

There’s nothing like knowing you’ve got a Chargeblade and Hunting Horn ready to back you up against an angry Rathian.

And you’ll need them! Guild quests are harder than the usual hunt quests that you’re given. The monsters dished out in Guild quests are strong enough to take on more than one player at a time.

I’ve spent some of the past few weeks fighting some on my own, which is terrifying, frustrating and satisfying if you manage it by yourself. However, having Guild companions makes it go so much smoother and faster. There’s nothing more discouraging than failing a mission 6 times in a row. Its also pretty expensive, each quests costs money and potions.

Oh, and your Palico friends aren’t allowed to join you if you set out with other hunters. Which makes sense, or we’d be causing the biggest ruckus if we had 6 or 8 Palicos hopping alongside us. Speaking of Palicoes, having your two feline companions along on solo quests has great advantages. (Except the cat puns). For one, if you set a group of first stringers in your Palico queue, you can organise them so their skills can complement your active Palicoes and provide them with extra buffs.

Ok, let me get technical. You can set up to 5 or 6 first stringers of Felyne companions on your Palico hiring board, second stringers can be used on resource gathering quests which they can do alone. Each Palico has their own specialty, like stealing, melee, or healing. The top Felyne on the first stringer list goes out with you and your permanent companion (in my case, that’s Fikki (Meow, that’s right!)). If, among your first stringers you have more than one Felyne specialising in the same thing, for example, you have three trapper Felynes on your list, some of their special skills will transfer and apply to Fikki and your second Felyne. This has been enormously beneficial for me as I tend to deploy a cheeky Felyne called Nueve, who specialises in bombs out with Fikki and myself. The trapper skills will still apply and both Fikki and Nueve have the additional skills of detecting dragons on maps or setting up their own traps.

Super technical, super fantastic.


You know what else is fantastic!!! Special free gift costumes! (downloadable from the DLC and gifts menu online). Call me nostalgic but I love Street Fighter and my Palicoes can now run around dressed as Blanka and Chun Li, how cute is that!!!


There are other costume sets available to download too, like a special Mario and Luigi and a Megaman set.

“I think, I’m pretty fetching like this. Spinning Meow Kick!”

Uh… yeah.

So, the last time we spoke, things were getting pretty serious. A lot of the monsters in the mountains of Cathar village were displaying signs of frenzy, a zombie-like infection that sent monsters berserk and killing them from the overload of frenzy. As a result I have had to take down several angry and huge monsters. The scary part about the virus is that you don’t realise the monster is infected until it dies.

Here I am congratulating myself for whalloping a Tigrex in under 5 minutes when suddenly, FLASH, the world darkens as the Tigrex reanimates, spewing black and purple smoke, eyes red with the Frenzy virus. And worse than that, he is angrier, faster, stronger and wilder than before! Oh boy, lots of running usually happens at this point.

Its been a real problem and the villagers on Cathar are worried they’ll have to evacuate. Anyway, I went to visit the Cathar Village Sage, some sort of high priest at the top of their highest temple, very fancy stuff. Turns out, he’s the turnip farmer who works near the herb shop! Apparently, they rotate the role among the villagers. Collective holiness, I like it!

Finally, he reveals what they know about the Frenzy virus.


The theory is that the Gore Magala sheds its skin, releasing the virus everywhere it goes until it evolves into its higher state, a form called the Shagaru Magala. And like its possible Saiyan relative, it turns from black, to gold.


The Shagaru Magala is the strongest and most dangerous monster in the region and its evolution from one form to the other is quite rare. And while that may well be a beautiful fact of nature, it does send the entire ecosystem into disarray because of the virus it omits.

As such, the villagers call this event ‘the Heavenly Wheel’ and it cannot completely turn and let things return to normal until the Shagaru Magala is vanquished.

The Cathar Village Sage was a bit upset about this. They’re very friendly people and live quite at peace with nature. The idea that the Magala dragon is evil doesn’t even figure into their thinking. Killing the Shagaru Magala is simply a necessary part of the natural cycle, but one that must be performed with care and respect.

I can’t help but agree. I already think the Gore Magala is one of the most amazing creatures I’ve yet encountered, but the Shagaru Magala. Goodness, that creature is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Its scales glitter in gold and its wings look like radiant silk.

Oh, and that weird artefact the Caravaneer has been enquiring about? It’s a rare Shagaru Magala scale.

Well, answer solved. Now I have to gear up. I need good armor for this and I definitely need a stronger hammer.

Sometimes, instead of buying new gear, you can upgrade your current ones. Most armour sets can be upgraded with armour spheres. I’ve received some as gifts but I have also had to mine for them. The harder your quests get, the better your gathering resources become as well. Just yesterday I managed to trap 5 godbugs in the forest. By combining them with ground up wyvern fangs, I can make life crystals, which I can then combine with a hunting horn and then voila! I get a health horn. Every time I play it, I get a health boost for myself and companions. (Note to self, never play your health horn in the middle of a fight!).

Other upgrades are a bit harder to come by, in particular, for weapon upgrades. I have had to hunt several Rathalos in order to obtain enough Rathalos plates to make my hammer stronger.

Rathalos Hammer - Explodes with fire, dealing fire based critical damage
Rathalos Hammer – Explodes with fire, dealing fire based critical damage

I have also gone to visit another Caravan member for help. The Cook is a really funny and possibly Chinese Felyne chef (correct! Ni Hao!). He can offer to cook a meal made of any two ingredients. Each ingredient can provide you with special status upgrades or skill buffs. It is up to you how you want to combine your ingredients to obtain different types of resistances or health upgrades.

He is really, really, enthusiastic about cooking.
He is really, really, enthusiastic about cooking.

Most combinations give you a health and stamina buff, which help you live longer on the field and run faster for longer time without getting tired. Other buffs may include resistances to fire or ice, or more subtle ones like the ability to find more resources when carving off monsters or mining or gathering.

In no time, you probably would have developed a pre-quest prepping habit of upgrading your gear, checking your inventory and eating up for health prior to an important quest.

Hah, deep breath!

“Meow worries boss, We’ve got your back!”

I’m so glad I have my Palico friends, it makes facing the Shagaru Magala easier.

Well, off I go to its sanctuary, wish me luck!

Time to kick some Monster Butt!!!!

‘Till next time! (I hope)

Disclaimer: All images and videos are sourced from the Monster Hunter Wikia

Nintendo Announces a New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Nintendo have announced the release of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon and it will be coming on all Nintendo 3DS systems at the end of 2015.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon will have “greater, randomly created dungeons that change every time they enter” and you’ll be able to play alongside Legendary and Mythical Pokemon.

The Mystery Dungeon series has sold more than 13 million units worldwide and Nintendo are promising that this instalment will have “a sweeping tale of adventure and mystery.”

Monster Hunter 4’s Free DLC for May

Fans of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate should be excited because Nintendo released another round of free DLC for May.

This DLC pack includes:

  • 14 New quests
  • Mega Man Palico gear
  • Blanka and Chun-Li Palico outfits
  • Varia Suit and Zero Suit armor sets from the Metroid series
  • 1 Bonus Palico: Yellow Pal
  • 1 new Poogie outfit
  • 3 Guild Card backgrounds
  • 2 Guild Card pose
  • 15 Guild Card titles

You can still access all the free DLC from the previous monthly packs and more content will be coming on the first Friday of the each month.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate released back in 2013 and is available on the 3DS. 

Monster Hunter Journal: Not all Fun and Games with Scary Dragons

Bula readers!

I just spent the best time in tropical paradise Cheeko Sands. We have even got new information on this Cathar place to get us on our way. Unfortunately, it also means more renovations on the Arluq. Cathar is high up in the mountains, how on earth is a boat supposed to get there?

Well, our new apprentice smith came up with an idea. Turn the Arluq into an airship!

How exciting! We’re gonna fly!

How scary, we’re definitely going to be attack fodder for flying monsters…

Well, I suppose there nothing to it. The Caravaneer wants to get info on his Relic desperately, so we’ll go where the info takes us.

And, I’ve made new friends again! (I’m just so popular aren’t I? must be the shine of my armour).

So we’ve turned back to Harth to get the Troverian smiths and craftsmen to modify the ship. The volcano they live near is fully functional and very, very hot to explore.

Thank goodness I’ve been getting up to speed on my combination skills.

In order to survive out there, not only do I need good equipment and good skills, I also need to plan my boosts properly. For this, us hunters use potions.

Naturally, we use health potions for when that nasty tail-swipe takes out nearly all of our health bar. But there are other types of potions that we can rely on to survive the harsh environment as well as mitigate the effects of monster attacks.

We have cool and hot potions, which can keep us warm or fresh depending on the weather. Hot environments, like the desert or the volcano will sap you of your health and cold environments will deplete your stamina, tiring you out more quickly, such as in the tundra.

Staying for too long in this heat will take away your health and every time you stop for air you'll be gasping
Staying for too long in this heat will take away your health and every time you stop for air you’ll be gasping

You can buy most of these basic potions, but sometimes you need to go exploring your maps to forage for seeds, herbs, bugs and crystals which can be used in any combination.

One of the best potions to have are the Demondrug and Armorskin potions which boost your attack and defence stats. But to make them you need to forage for Might seeds and Adamant seeds and combine them with catalyst fluid (which in turn is made from combining Bitterbugs with honey). When you take your potions though, it is good protocol to strike a pose to denote that you have either healed or have been strengthened. (Note: Do not strike a post in the middle of a battle, even though you have to)


If you’re really lucky and have collected a few pale extracts from hunting Khezus, you can combine those together to make stronger Mega Demondrug and Mega Armorskin potions.

Mind you, apart from knowing what to combine, you also got to do it properly, there are chances that a badly combined set can produce garbage, so you need to increase your luck chances of successful combinations by buying combo books.

Its all so complicated! But the return is worth it.

“Meow, I’ve purrcured some excellent specimens too boss, look at this God bug!”

Fikki also furrows alongside you and gives you his loot, for some reason he really is keen on finding fire herbs.

Speaking of helpful palicoes, I’ve got new palicoes to travel with Fikki and myself! We managed to rescue some from the jungles of Cheeko Sands and they’ve been super keen to be hired by our team.  Some specialise in melee, healing or bombs.  One of our regular team mates, Nueve, specialises in in bomb attacks and it extremely useful in damaging hard armoured dragons. The only problem is that he is so enthusiastic about setting those things off that even I get thrown by the blast.

Palico teammate wearing Tetsucabra armor, his weapon is a little rake!
Palico teammate wearing Tetsucabra armor, his weapon is a little rake!

One of the best things about having two Palicoes though, is their teamed attacks.

This hilarious combo is called the Wrath of Meow, its pretty effective too
This hilarious combo is called the Wrath of Meow, its pretty effective too

Last week, while fighting a Khezu, Fikki and another Palico called Moore teamed up during the fight and produced a mini Felyne Tank! It was hilarious, and seriously useful.

It became especially useful when I finally had to take down the Gore Magala on my own.

Oh my gosh guys, down in 10 minutes! A record!

Not only that, that smug, pretty-faced blonde guy respects me big time for what I’ve done and now the Hunters Guild gets me to do almost all the scary quests!

I’m playing in the big leagues now.

Which is a good thing since we’ve set up the Arluq to fly to Cathar. Thank goodness the flight was non-eventful. The sights up there are beautiful and the town is situated at the peak of a place called Heaven’s Mount, surrounded by the ruins of an ancient civilisation that once inhabited these vast mountains. Cathar itself is a small town hanging on one of the lower mountains. Its so bright and airy and peaceful there.

A village above the clouds
A village above the clouds

Until we landed.

I’m not saying we bring bad luck everywhere we go, or that maybe the Caravaneer’s relic may be connected to something that gives us a tad of bad luck;

But we’ve been having a streak of bad monster luck everywhere we’ve been so far.

And now, the Cathar Elder is all up in a tizzy because the Caravaneer’s relic is apparently tied up with a great catastrophe which caused the last group of people living here to disappear.

Oh, and I had to go out to hunt a Congalala after reports that it was acting up around the mountain. And well, yeah, we are getting some bad luck.

An infected Congalala.  Normally cute, now slightly scary
An infected Congalala. Normally cute, now slightly scary

The poor thing had been infected with what the Catharians are calling a Frenzy. Basically its infected with the same stuff the Gore Magala lets off in a fight.

And its spreading! I had to take down a seriously frenzied Tigrex. Not only are those things angry on a permanent basis, and scarier and noisier than anything, but with this infection of darkness clouding its instincts, it was almost unbeatable, even after I had beat it, it suddenly came back up! like a zombie!

Ok, a Tigrex is always scary, but when its Frenzied like this, there's no judging how scary he'll get.
Ok, a Tigrex is always scary, but when its Frenzied like this, there’s no judging how scary he’ll get.

This is getting serious, we’re wondering if the Gore Magala is the source of this disease or if it was the first to get infected, and is now spreading it everywhere.

The locals are terrified and its taking all my ability to make sure the pathways are safe for them to travel.

I feel bad for the monsters too. We hunt out of necessity, food and clothing, never out of malice or sport. These are magnificent creatures; without them our ecosystems would go out of whack.  Even though they tend to attack us regularly, they’re noble creatures just trying to survive.

A good hunter knows this, so it is sad and scary to see them get so out of control. I even saw a whole herd of Ioprey gang up on their leader, the Iodrome and eat it!

We need to get to the bottom of this. Even the Caravaneer is concerned and reckons the Relic is the key to all of this.

For now, we keep the town safe.

Anyway, I’ve been summoned to see the chief priest of the Cathar. I think he has a special quest for me.  Maybe we will get some answers.

Sorry to end on a serious note, I’m sure things will get fun again as soon as we sort this problem out.

Monster Hunter Journal: The Slightly Good, the Scary Bad, and More Felynes

Hello again readers!

Our ship is finished! The adorably jovial Troverians are extremely good at building things, its so impressive! The Caravaneer has called her the Arluq. She’s going to take us to a place called Cathar.  I’ve never heard of this place before and the Caravaneer is not entirely sure where it is, but we’ll sail off and find some harbor that can give us a better idea of where it is.

Check it out, it even has a Dragonator coming out of its mouth!
Check it out, it even has a Dragonator coming out of its mouth!

But before we left, I made new friends!

“Meow, they’re the purrfect hunting team, meow!”

Uh… well.

Ok, so there’s this other group of hunters that have arrived.  Their leader is this pretty-face blondie with a smug and arrogant attitude. Granted, he’s an excellent Blademaster, and his armor is super good, and his hair is super shiny, and his teeth are super white.  But he’s really snooty and, and, and, yeah.  I don’t like him much, can you tell…?

But the other guys on the team are really nice. They’ve got this Insect Glaive specialist who is a total newbie.  Huh! He even fobbed off a quest he was meant to do and gave it to me! And of course, I passed with flying colours ~

I'm not saying the leader is good looking, I'm saying he's annoying...
I’m not saying the leader is good looking, I’m saying he’s annoying…

They’re a pretty well rounded team, and their advice (except from the leader) has been pretty useful.

We also have a new caravan member, she’s the Chief’s daughter and she’s a mighty fine blacksmith! She’s going to apprentice under our own smith The Man. Excellent, I have someone who can upgrade my armor with accessories!

So, with our new little team, we set off on the Arluq. “Purrward to adventure!”


Or not.

I don’t want to alarm you guys.  But, holy mother of lynian poop! We got attacked!

I mean, ok, I got attacked on my first day en route to Val Habar, by an Elder Dragon no less, but this is whole other bag of Felynes.

Guys, the Gore Magala is SO SCARY!

So lovely, but SO SCARY
So lovely, but SO SCARY

It came out of nowhere and attacked our ship, its almost as if it didn’t want us to travel or something.

But let me tell you, as terrifying as it is to face a Gore Magala, it is also one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen. That is, when I’m not dodging its swipes, dark fireballs, its really high range tail, and that weird status effect aura it has on it… or just running away (which you cannot do much of on a ship).

The Gore Magala is like the Maleficent dragon with a really, really, really, REALLY bad temper, and probably more powerful. Its got this strange ability where it lets off darkness spores, like a shroud or mist. If you touch it, you can quickly get infected by it. The only way to ensure the infection doesn’t reduce your stamina, strength and defence to pathetically weak proportions is to keep fighting!!!


If you land a critical hit however, the infection actually turns into a temporary boost. Gosh, that’s a difficult incentive.

Oh, and it has prehensile thumbs and can not only swipe at you with its fore-limbs, it can swipe at you (and claw and grab) at you with its wing limbs, which also act as a third set of clawed arms.

Oh, its got small eyes and tiny teeth.  I guess I have that going for me.

Oh wait, it uses the darkness spores to track you to make up for its poor eyesight, like sonar. Oh, and when it’s enraged, it grows large, glowing purple horns. Sometimes, you can almost feel the world getting darker around it, as if the Gore Magala is sucking out the light from the environment.

But we eventually managed to repel it from the boat, using cannons, lances and the Dragonator, a giant lance that shoots out of the bow of the Arluq.

“This puss gave it the boot! mmrow!”

Oh yeah, Fikki helped.

The ship had been damaged though, not just by the Gore Magala, but by the storm it flew in on. But luckily, we’ve found a new place to stay, Cheeko Sands.

This place is great! Tropical, sunny and peaceful. The place is run by a Cat Granny and there’s even some Felynes running underfoot.

Remote Paradise
Remote Paradise – Sunsnug Island, where the Felynes roam

Turns out, there are plenty of Felyne Hunters here looking for work, but a lot of them have gotten lost in the island’s forests which, of course, are lousy with huge monsters.

There’s a little separate island nearby run by the Felyne Manager, I think she has a crush on Fikki. She has offered us the services of the local Felynes that work in the area as Palicoes. The catch, of course, is that I have to go find them in the forests and bring them back safe.

I could do with another Palico assistant on the field and it sure would be nice for Fikki to have a Felyne companion.

If only so he stops telling me cat pun jokes.

But this new place has opened up new areas to hunt, like the frozen seaway. It’s a beautiful tundra with frozen rivers and glacial caves. I have encountered one of the weirdest monsters there called the Zamtrios. He’s like a giant shark-toad, and its special ability is to inflate itself into a giant blubbery bouncy fleshball. Then he starts rolling and bouncing after you, it would be pretty hilarious to watch…if it weren’t so dangerous!


I’ve also encountered good old Congalalas.  A big, pink ape beast that farts on you in order to disable your ability to heal yourself with potions and the like.

I’m going to take a new recruit Palico along for a quest now. The Palico’s name is Bok Choi and Fikki is keen on showing him the ropes. I hope they get along, I’m sure we’d make a great team.

Well, off I go, time to hunt an electric Khezu. They’re these sightless blubbery dragons that shoot lightning… yikes!

Until the next one!

“See meow later!” (Oh god, stop!)

All images credited to and the Monster Hunter Wikia

Monster Hunter Journal: The Adventure Continues

Hello Readers,

Val Habar is so nice! Everyone wants to talk to you until that is, they start asking for favours in the form of quests. Before you know it, you’re running away from a furious Rathian on your tail because you’ve stolen a wyvern egg from its nest, because of the villagers really, really, really wants to make an omelette.

It’s not all cooking errands though.  Sometimes, you have to trap monsters, as opposed to just taking them out. This can be pretty useful. Trapping yields more loot for you, but man, it can be a pain.

Tiring them out is one thing, but then you have to chase after them after they’ve run away from you only to find they’ve buggered off to some hidey hole to sleep!

I mean seriously, the first time a Nerscylla saw me, it went berserk! Throwing really large and sticky web-balls at me, swinging around on its web and knocking me around and yes, its also poisonous!  When it finally went to sleep, I had to somehow grab it while it hung in its cocoon.


And then, it got so mad for being woken up it chased me!  I was going to leave it alone and let it calm down, but nooo, it followed me across the swamp!

Did I also mention it not only has poison, but sleeping toxin too? If I’m not avoiding giant swinging poisonous spiders, I’m trying to cure myself from poisoning, or just running away as my eyes slowly close until I’m left snoring in the middle of a Nerscylla’s feeding ground.

AND THEN, A SECOND ONE APPEARED!!! I ended having to run away, trying to get them to separate, so I could at least take them on one-by-one. I’m not that strong yet!

Ah, just another day Monster Hunting!

Mind you, my wonderful Palico companion, Fikki is so very helpful. He’s quick, he’s savvy, and can definitely handle his own in a fight. I’m pretty sure he’s tired of cutting me out of sticky spider web traps, waking me up with a well-placed kick to the head, or helping me get a grip when a particularly big and heavy Monster stomps the ground and causes mild earthquakes.

He’s also super handy with a healing horn and he always gives me all the extra loot he finds when we’re searching for resources. Thanks a bunch Fikki!

“Meow problem boss, prrrr!”

Yeah, there’s that. His cat puns are awful.

Hunting quests aside, I’ve managed to upgrade my weapon. Hunting and gathering for parts to upgrade your weapons and armor can be a little tedious, and sometimes, you end up having to hunt the same monster over and over again but still not get the drop for that one last piece. For example, I have a hard time harvesting tails. Since my weapon is a hammer, it doesn’t exactly cut off any tails while fighting.

Thankfully, I can always get my guildmates to help me out.

The Hunter’s Guild is awesome, it’s the gathering place for all hunters who want to do quests together. Most importantly, guild quests increase your hunter rank, giving you access to monster hunts that are not as readily available on your own story line.

There’s a catch though.  It’s a lot harder, guild quest monsters are much stronger because they’re made for hunting in groups.  It’s taken me 15 minutes to hunt a Congalala on my own!

Anyway, the Caravaneer got me to pack my stuff a while ago, we’re heading out! This world is huge and we are going to travel all over the place looking for work and resources. Most importantly, the Caravaneer has this shiny object he keeps under his hat (dumb place to hide something, but that thing seems to be glued to his head unless a dragon swipes it off). He’s trying to find someone to tell him what it is. I’ve never seen anything like it.  It looks like a shard of crystal or scale and shines with a bright gold sheen.

Anyway, we’ve all packed up and we’re headed off to a town called Harth.

Harth is amazing! it’s a mining town set at the base of a massive volcano. And it’s filled with Dwarfs! Well, actually, they’re called Troverians, and they’ve got the most epic moustaches.

The mightiest handlebars I've ever seen.  That hammer isn't too bad either.
The mightiest handlebars I’ve ever seen. That hammer isn’t too bad either.

There’s a problem though. They were all quiet and subdued upon our arrival. It’s kind of a fizzler in comparison to the noisy and colourful streets of Val Habar. The Caravaneer told me they’re normally really jolly and excitable, but they’re all just sitting there and sighing a lot.

Did they run out of booze or something?

Turns out, the lava flows that run through the town and provide coal and mineral resources has stopped. Now they can’t get any work done. Something has stoppered up the lava at the source.

Of course, everyone turned to me to go out there and investigate. *sigh*

So, it turned out that not only was there this giant Tetsucabra tossing rocks into the lava spout, there are also Nerscyllas (yeah, plural) clogging up the insides of the volcano!

Geez - this thing has a temper
Geez – this thing has a temper

Ugh, why are they all slimy!

Of course, I dispatched them spit-spot and here we are. Harth is now super vibrant and noisy and oh boy can those dwarfs hug real tight.

For the moment we’re staying here. The Caravaneer has commissioned the Troverians to build us a boat to continue on our journeys with. So, while we wait, I’ve been doing quests and catching up with my guildmates.

For now, I’m upgrading my armor. It takes time and the harder the quests become the better your armor and weapon sets get too. Just remember to get armor that is suitable not only for defence, but to certain environments.

Some sets can make you immune to poison, others boost your health. I’ve even found armor that helps you set traps for monsters faster than normal which, in the middle of a fight is incredibly useful.

Najarala Armor - Made from the scales of a Najarala serpent.  This armor set has in-built ear plugs and prevents paralysis from certain toxic monsters. Also - its amazing looking
Najarala Armor – Made from the scales of a Najarala serpent. This armor set has in-built ear plugs and prevents paralysis from certain toxic monsters.
Also – its amazing looking

Anyway, I’m off to hunt a few Gendromes, they’re these noisy electro-shocking lizards that never stand still, they’re a pain to hunt when you’ve got a heavy and slow weapon but I’m improving my technique to make up for it.

See, here we have no levelling up system. We can upgrade our armor and make better weapons but at the end of the day, it’s up to us to develop the skills to learn a monster’s moves, find its weaknesses and use our gear to our advantage. I’ve seen some incredibly skilled hunters that can take on a Tigrex in just some winter clothes and a good sword.  It’s all up to you!

“Meow, Purractice makes purrfect boss!”

Uh… yeah.

Till the next time folks!

All image credit goes to the Monster Hunter Wikia and IGN youtube.