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OXCGN’s history and site information.

OXCGN Privacy Statement & Policies:

Every site has to have the legal side of things covered, and we all do not like having our details farmed off into the ether for all to use. So this is where you can check out those rules, guidelines and policies OXCGN has with regards to such matters. Suffice to say, we treat your information with great care, and it is NEVER handed off to any 3rd party for any reason.

OXCGN Terms Of Use:

Well that is a simple enough explanation right there ib the heading. This is where you’ll find the terms which you agree to when using the site.

We are not here to brow-beat you, or come down like web-nazi’s, but there are some way of behaving which we will not tolerate here at OXCGN, and you’ll need to make sure you browse these to ensure you don’t overstep the line.

OXCGN Competitions:

All competitions can be found here.  Please check the draw dates.

GAMER DUNGEON: OXCGN’s Community Forums

OXCGN has proudly entered into a partnership with Gamer Dungeon to combine our compatible services to the gamer community.

While we bring you articles, reviews and information, Gamer Dungeon is focused on a free game exchange/ sale section and forums where gamers can communicate on a huge variety of topics.

Together we form one of the most comprehensive independent gamer community sites in Australia and beyond.

Original Xbox games that can be played on the 360: 

This is a full list of backward compatible first-gen Xbox games that can be played on the 360.  The site had its orignial roots as a community Xbox gamer site and so we still have old lists like this for you to use.

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