Get Battlefield 3 Through Origin On The House

Battlefield 3 Free

Previously, we’ve reported on Dead Space being free on EA’s online gaming service, Origin.

EA recently updated their ‘On The House‘ page, which now has them offering Battlefield 3 for free, until the 4th of June.

Battlefield 3 is valued at $29.99 on EA’s Origin store, although your local gaming stores prices may vary.

Battlefield 3 was released back in October 2011, and we only just recently saw it’s younger brother, Battlefield 4, come out late last year.

Battlefield 3 Premium Edition, unfortunately, is not for free, however does include the 5 expansion packs released for the game.

With Premium Edition, you get a digital service that includes all five themed expansion packs—delivering 20 new maps, 20 new weapons, more than 10 new vehicles and four new game modes. Plus, you get access to exclusive in-game items and features not available anywhere else, like new decals to show off and Double XP events to get an edge on your friends.

For those with a itchy trigger finger, Battlefield 3 can be downloaded here (Origin client and account required.)

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OXCGN’s Battlefield 4 Review

BF4 ReviewOXCGN’s Battlefield 4 Review

Come for the multiplayer, stay for the multiplayer…

by Rocco Rinaldo

(ED: Rocco’s review does contain spoilers relating to the single player portion of the game. If you are yet to finish it and wish for it to not be ruined, you can scroll down to read the multiplayer portion of the review)

After two years Battlefield 4 arrives on PC, current gen and next gen consoles, so what has changed since Battlefield 3 and is it worth jumping back into the fray? This review will mirror the format of Battlefield 4; a short single player wrap up followed by a more in-depth multiplayer review.

Just like Stereosonic but with more guns.
Just like Stereosonic but with more guns.

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Battlefield 4: A week of Double XP ahead!


Battlefield 4: A week of Double XP ahead!

Get ready to level up your soldiers!

by Jayden Perry

Battlefield 4 fans rejoice! In DICE‘s latest press release, company VP and GM, Karl Magnus Troedsson, addresses the success and issues surrounding the recent release of the title on five platforms. He also gives us some good news, that all these issues are being worked on as a priority for the whole team to make the game as stable and bug free as it can be.

He also lets us know that beginning on November 28th we will get a week’s worth of double XP, up until December 5th on all platforms. They are also unlocking a pistol scope, the 3x zoom scope for the M1911, for the general public, previously only available to the internal developers.

The press release is as follows;

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OXCGN’s Steel Series Rival Mouse Review


OXCGN’s Steel Series Rival Mouse Review

Perfect all around mouse for $99.99

by Arthur Kotsopoulos, Editor in Chief

I gave up gaming on my PC a long time ago once I was fully comfortable and set up with my Xbox 360. Why spend hundreds of dollars continually upgrading my rig to play the latest games, when I could purchase the same game on a console albeit at a compromised graphical setting.

I’m not an elitist and I don’t care about graphics over gameplay. If the game plays the same, I’m down.

Having used my Logitech G5 mouse for the better of 5 years, I decided it was time to try something new, see what was on offer with different mice and if I could part ways with my trusty G5. Suffice to say, from the moment I put my right hand on the Steel Series Rival I fell in love.

From the smooth motion of moving the mouse to the sheer brilliance of the anti-sweat matte coating, I could not find a fault. Simply, this mouse is the best thing I’ve witnessed and the most precise device I’ve used in my life.

Illumination at its finest
Illumination at its finest

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DICE on Battlefield 4: “It’s the player that tells the story.”


DICE on Battlefield 4: “It’s the player that tells the story.”

An interview with Lars Gustavsson, Creative Director at DICE

by Daniel Geikowski

©2013 Daniel Geikowski

battlefield-4-aDuring the 2013 EB Games Expo held once again at the Sydney Olympic Park, I had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat to Lars Gustavsson, the Creative Director at DICE, ahead of the launch of their latest entry in the hugely-popular Battlefield series, Battlefield 4.

Being a fan of the series, I enjoyed the opportunity to pick the brain of a guy such as Lars. He’s a genuinely nice guy, and can hardly contain his passion for the Battlefield series. I’d like to thank him for his time, and also to the folks at EA for accommodating us.

Click here to check out what Lars loves about Battlefield 4!

Battlefield 4 BETA Impressions

BF4 Beta Header

Battlefield 4 BETA Impressions

Big trouble in downtown Shanghai

by Rocco Rinaldo

©2013 Rocco Rinaldo

bf4betaskyscraperThe beta for Battlefield 4 is here ahead of the fast approaching release of the game on the 31st of October and I have mixed feelings about DICE’s latest offering.

The beta features one level, the Siege of Shanghai, two game modes, conquest and domination and I played on PC.

First a note on performance, my rig was built to play Battlefield 3 and it still manages to handle Battlefield 4 on high to ultra with some basic tweaking.

The game looks great, there is more destruction, better player models and the deployment and load out screens have been completely revamped. In game there is now a list of button prompts that corresponds to your current load-out to show you which keys will trigger laser sights or variable fire modes.

This will be great for new players who want to jump straight into the action rather than sitting through the single player (tutorial).

bf4betawaterAlong with this change to the HUD there is now an improved cover system that allows you to lean out from cover to take a shot. The map in the beta is more of a traditional battlefield map, its huge, so there was limited utility in being able to poke out from behind a corner with 64 players running around.

The shooting is still tactical, there is no room for twitching here, the guns also handle well and it is nice to see everyone returned to basic load outs.

Other than the new cover options there seems to be little that has changed since BF3 and this is a great thing, staying true to a winning formula never hurt anyone especially when there is no need to overhaul the shooting mechanics.

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Battlefield 4 Gameplay Premiere: Is This The Next Gen of Warfare?


Battlefield 4 Gameplay Premiere

Is this the next gen of warfare?

by Nicholas Laborde

©2013 Nicholas Laborde

battlefield 4Battlefield 3 has been one of my absolute favorite shooters this gen, and EA has enjoyed great success because of its success.

Recently, a sequel has been teased via artwork and a website, leading up to now.

Finally, EA has delivered a whopping seventeen minute video on Battlefield 4... but is this truly the next generation of warfare?

Battlefield 4 premiere

OXCGN’s Battlefield 3: Aftermath Review

REVIEW_bf3 aftermath

OXCGN’s Battlefield 3: Aftermath Review

Breaking new ground?

by Daniel Geikowski

©2013 Daniel Geikowski

Battlefield-3-aftermath-coverEven after a year of release, DICE‘s Battlefield 3 continues to maintain a strong and healthy player base.

I myself have spent an ungodly amount of time with the game, racked up my fair share of kills, and had some fun times playing together with mates.

Personally, I feel that Premium, more precisely the expansions, have been key to the longevity and success of BF3.

Sure, the whole concept and execution of Premium has been debated before, and no doubt continues to be a hot topic among online gamers, but this sort of model seems to be the future of DLC map packs and expansions.

With that, the fourth and latest expansion for BF3 has been released, titled Aftermath.

The new expansion provides new maps, vehicles, as well as a new game mode and weapon for players to experience. It also allows me to make really bad Earthquake-related puns throughout this review. Continue reading OXCGN’s Battlefield 3: Aftermath Review