Resident Evil 5 Review- Heavy Action. Light Horror.


Resident Evil 5 Review


Heavy Action. Light Horror

shadowwave-torso1by Shadow Wave

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Evil Car for an Evil Game
Evil Car for an Evil Game

The long wait is finally over and Resident Evil 5 is finally out around the globe! But has Capcom’s latest entry in their popular horror franchise lived up to its huge hype or is the undead series mutating too much from its origins to be true survival horror fun?

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Essentially while it’s hard to identify the game’s genre as ‘survival horror’ anymore, Resident Evil 5 certainly does tell a great story and gives the player hours of great action gameplay.  Maybe ‘survival action’ would be a better description now. Survival Horror, Survival Action – you chose . . . ?

Resident Evil 5 Uber Edition Unboxing… Is It A Rip Off?

Resident Evil 5 Uber Edition Unboxing…

Is It A Rip Off?

Australia gets Resident Evil 5 almost 2 days early – technically

shadowwave-torsoby Shadow Wave

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I was so excited I practically skipped all the way home from my local game store, for today (Thursday March 12th) was RE Day (NB: Resident Evil 5’s launch day – yes we have it now, on our 12th March, while it is still 11th/12th March in the US) and I had in my eager hands the Resident Evil 5 Uber (Collectors) Edition.   As an avid fan I was very excited and proud to express my love for Resident Evil by forking out $AU169.95 which is an extra $AU50 on top of the already high $AU119.95 RRP for such AAA titles.

Is the extra $AU50 worth it – or not . . . ?