Update: Modified Left4Dead 2 Passes Classification In Australia

Update: Modified Left4Dead 2 Passes Classification In Australia

Less gory version for Aussies

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As we reported last month Left4Dead 2 was banned in Australia.  Now the Classification Board has passed an altered version of the game into the highest rating category Australia has, the MA15+ category.

"infected living humans"
"infected living humans"

While this means the game is no longer banned, it still demonstrates the faulty ratings system Australia uses for games: some of the gore and violence is ‘reduced’ but certainly not all of it or even the violent weapon variety that includes axes, crowbars and chainsaws.

In other words, the game barely fits into a box that allows the board to say it passes the criteria for MA15+.

So why bother?

Left4Dead is revived. . . >

Why Has Risen Fallen? The R18 Debate Revived In Australia

Risen Refused Classification – OFLC Strikes Again

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Here we go again. oxcgn risen

Risen, due for release in October for PC and 360, is the latest game banned in Australia, given the dreaded “refused classification” tag by the Aussie Classification Board.

The offending game Risen, by Gothic developers Piranha Bytes, is a third person Role Playing Game (RPG) that apparently contains “sexual activity and drug use related to incentives or rewards.”

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