MOGA Pocket Controller Review

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MOGA Pocket Controller Review

Greatest bluetooth Android controller or greatest Android bluetooth controller?

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2013 Arthur Kotsopoulos

ku-bigpicMOGAAnywhere, is a company you should now thank for finally bringing to us a bluetooth controller for your Android smartphone/tablet that works.

Playing games on my smartphone during any form of downtime is a great time waster, but I never really dabbled into wondering why there wasn’t a controller to go along with the likes GTA: Vice City or any twin stick shooter.

It wasn’t until PAX Australia that I decided to schedule a short presentation about the MOGA Pocket controller, get my hands on it and instantly fall in love.

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OXCGN’s GTA III 10 Year Anniversary Smartphone/Tablet Review

OXCGN’s GTA III 10 Year Anniversary Smartphone/Tablet Review

Another stroll through Liberty City

by : GrathiusXR

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

Much like Hollywood and their need to remake every single ‘classic’ movie within the last two decades, the gaming industry follows a somewhat similar route by re-releasing titles that not only defined a genre but cemented itself as a classic in the gaming industry.

With Halo reaching the 10 year mark since being released, Microsoft/343 Studios has released Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition both in its classic Xbox graphical and revamped Halo Reach graphical glory, allowing gamers old and new to experience a console-defining shooter.

Rockstar however, instead of releasing a game that was already available across every platform, has decided to go the route of releasing GTAIII on mobile and tablets (Check out Rockstars official supported devices website to see if your device made the cut).

This allows an already amazing company to allow people who wouldn’t own a console to experience a game that has been a staple in the open sandbox genre.

But does it translate well enough to smartphones/tablets?

GTA on smartphones and tablets here