Microsoft Comments on PS4 Reveal

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Microsoft Comments on PS4 Reveal

The first words

by Nicholas Laborde

©2013 Nicholas Laborde

sony logo oxcgnMadness.

It’s all around us.

The PS4 has been unveiled, and the internet is on fire with new information on all of the fantastic new things Sony is doing.

You may be wondering: with such a punch, what does Microsoft think about the PS4 in relation to the next Xbox? Continue reading Microsoft Comments on PS4 Reveal

PS4 and Xbox 720 Unveiled: Dev Spills the Beans on Reddit

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PS4 and Xbox 720 Unveiled

Dev spills the beans on Reddit

by Nicholas Laborde

©2013 Nicholas Laborde

next gen consoles oxcgn #1Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s impossible to be a gamer and not be constantly assaulted with rumors about the next-gen consoles.

“I think it will cure cancer,” or “I think world peace will occur,” or even, “It will fix the world economy” are all legitimate claims at this point.

However, the motherload has finally arrived.

A developer choosing to remain anonymous for obvious reasons has spilled the beans on Reddit, giving juicy details about what to expect from the next gen systems.

Buckle up, because it’s fascinating.

Has the next gen been revealed?