OXCGN’s Star Ocean: The Last Hope Review

Another fantastic Xbox 360 JRPG, Kaaay!!!

by Endgamez (Guest Contributor)

©2009 Ned Kovac

oxcgn start ocean last hope #7Like most fans, I consider the Star Ocean series to be the spiritual successors to Tales of Phantasia; given that the series are so similar, if they mated they’d have deformed children. This is because virtually the entire design department of Phantasia left Namco to found tri-Ace and many of the design concepts of the Tales series can be found in the Star Ocean franchise.

Star Ocean:The Last Hope’s story begins in the aftermath of WWIII. Our great and illustrious leaders have basically done the expected and kicked the hell out of each other. Not content with simply trading a few punches, they kick off a nuclear exchange that quickly spans the globe and makes life kinda like Parramatta (inside Aussie joke).

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TGS ’08 Xbox 360 Fun-N-Games Galore

Xbox 360 Having Fun at this years TGS

More games heading our way in 2009 and beyond.

by XboxOZ360:

©2008 Grant Smythe:

Update #1: Keep an eye out on the Videos at the bottom of this page. Links will lead you to numerous TGS ’08 In-Game Footage and walkthroughs from off the TGS ’08 floor and booths. Plus other game footage.

With the TGS ’08 now well under way, and the Microsoft Keynote out of the way, we are starting to see the various Developers showing off their wares to the press and crowds that gather at the annual Tokyo Games Show.

I'm never going to look a doll in the same way again. Something odd about 'that' zipper btw

It’s a show that really is something a little bit different, and brings all sorts of characters out of the woodwork. Especially Japanese Cosplay followers who spend not only a great deal of time, but money of some of their costumes, and take the event very seriously.

So do gamers, with a plethora of games being shown off for the first time and many making announcements along with new ties with various publishers.

Microsoft Games Studio is not exception, and while some believe MS Xbox-Div is simply buying up support, they fail to see what is really happening within the industry as a whole.

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