OXCGN’s Battlefield Hardline Campaign Review

Playing the police in a video game removes some of the core conflict resolution strategies first person shooters have come to rely on; when killing everything that moves is not your first option and the notion of playing the ‘good guy’ informs the decisions you must make game designers have the potential to change the dynamic of a shooter and favour a more nuanced approach to conflict. Battlefield Hardline is not the game to do this. What EA has delivered is a 5 hour snore fest devoid of any real personality or memorable qualities.

Hardline begins with Nick Mendoza, an ex-cop dressed in a prisoner’s uniform as he travels back to jail. Conveniently, we are given a flashback detailing the events leading to this point. Spoiler alert Nick hasn’t has the best luck whilst on the job, but with his new partner Khai Minh Dao how could anything else go wrong?

The story is separated into ten episodes with a “previously on” montage to refresh your memory as you head into the next episode. I always enjoy these little refreshers and it would be good to see this mechanic used more often in video games.

During each episode, buddy-cop movie and detective-show clichés are used instead of an original or imaginative story making the whole campaign dull. The dialogue is atrociously simple and each line is delivered with little to no passion. The characters are bland and lack any ounce of personality beyond their poorly constructed and stereotypical shells. The only time a little emotion was shown was when they randomly mention that Nick’s mother had died, after a brief and I stress brief moment to reflect on this loss we are thrown back into the action and his mother is never mentioned again.

Since it’s just a Battlefield campaign I thought that at least the action and gameplay would make up for a dull story… but I was dead wrong.

Car chases, explosions and shootouts provide little stimulation, as they all feel completely artificial. Each scene is extensively choreographed and you act like a puppet moving on to the next scene whilst you sacrifice your own enjoyment. I’ll even admit that, sometimes, I would just run past groups of bad guys to start the next cut scene so I could get past all the tedious, boring fights.

It also feels weird that the game encourages you to be super-stealthy all the time. You gain zero experience running and gunning but this is what you’d typically do during a Battlefield game! I understand it adds to the authentic police story experience but I just wanted to feel my blood pumping, not snooze while I subdue enemies with my infinite amount of handcuffs.

There is no way I could recommend playing the Battlefield Hardline campaign. It tried to be original but succumbed to the tedious clichés and stereotypes found in an average police drama. It had no “wow” action moments and makes me wish I didn’t waste the five hours of my life it took to complete it.


Battlefield Hardline suffers from bad writing, clichés and stereotypes as well as dull gameplay that will bore you to sleep. The campaign offers nothing special and nothing fun, overall this is a  negative experience that just felt like a waste of time.


  • It tried


  • Simple dialogue
  • Riddled with clichés and stereotypes
  • Boring action and gameplay


This Xbox One review copy was provided by EA Australia. 

Could the leaked Battlefield Hardline be 2012’s Cancelled Kickstarter Game Police Warfare?

EA Launches Battlefield Hardline Website Ahead of E3 2014

Battlefield Hardline, the latest entry to the Battlefield franchise, has been revealed after a leak preceeding EA’s launch of the teaser site. So far it seems that the game, in development by Visceral studios of Dead Space fame, will be a class based cops and robbers experience, with leaked classes including ‘The Mechanic’, ‘The Professional’, ‘The Enforcer’ and ‘The Operator’. Leaked images show icons for two factions, SWAT and Thieves, which will likely be the opposing forces in the game.

Whilst looking at Hardline’s reveal, our editors noticed some striking similarities to a game that went silent back in 2012. The question is, could this new Battlefield title be at very least linked to the 2012 kickstarter game “Police Warfare“?

The game was being developed by Elastic Games, a studio made up of ex-EA, Activision and Ubisoft employees. After the game’s kicstarter campaign was mysteriously cancelled, the developers issue a statement on their kickstarter page suggesting the game was still going to be made but have since been silent on the matter.

Hey Guys,

Thank you so much for the incredible response to the game. We’re shutting down the kickstarter account but this is by no means the end of Police Warfare. News will be coming. 


No news has followed this post in the last two years, and as yet there’s no tangible evidence the two are actually linked despite the similarities. At this stage we’ll just have to wait and see what EA announce at E3 to know for sure!

The leak suggests the game will launch on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One when it releases. Battlefield Hardline will be unveiled by EA on June 9th at E3 2014.

Jayden Perry ©2014

If You Don’t Like Dead Space 3, Speak With Your Wallet Not Your Keyboard

ARTICLE_dead space 3

If You Don’t Like Dead Space 3, Speak With Your Wallet

Not your keyboard

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2013 Arthur Kotsopoulos

Dead_Space_3_boxart_oxcgnDead Space 3 is still the same Dead Space we know and love, albeit with the inclusion of auto and semi-automatic weapon wielding Unitologist soldiers and Necromorphs.

Yes, the game now features a very basic cover system, and various intense action pieces which are fleshed out through the game dependent on the story.

These have not been included for the sake of including them because Visceral and EA wish to ruin the Dead Space franchise, but instead as producer on Dead Space 3 John Calhoun puts it in our interview which you can read here:

Other things like weapon crafting and other features, these are just ways of innovating and making sure that Dead Space isn’t stale. When people buy this game, we want them to make sure they get a good value. There’s a lot that’s new and everything that you love is still intact.

After playing through the first three hours of the title, the game still retains the same basic functions that made Dead Space such a great new IP when it was released in 2008. What do you think?

OXCGN’s Dead Space 3 Demo Impressions

PREVIEW_Dead space 3

OXCGN’s Dead Space 3 Demo Impressions

Freezing never felt so good

by Kent Sobey

©2013 Kent Sobey

dead space 3 3“Why won’t you just DIE?!”

This is probably a sentence that you’ll be thinking to yourself over and over again when you get a chance to play the Dead Space 3 demo. Or, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be screaming it at the TV in a mad panic just trying to stay alive yourself.

The demo gives you two options to whet your appetite before the 7th of February when the game is actually released.

You can go at it alone and give the single player a try, or play the same section of the game with a buddy – or in my case, some random stranger on Xbox Live.

Is this the Dead Space we’ve been waiting for?