EB Expo 2011: Which Game is Lord of The Dance? Kid Gamer Review

EB Expo 2011: Which Game is Lord of The Dance?

Kid Gamer Review

by: Conor (EB Expo Kid Reviewer)

©2011 David Hilton

ED: There was a lot of dancing to be had at the EB Expo, but I wasn’t brave enough to try any of it.  

Waving my arms with an imaginary lightsabre for Star Wars Kinect and doing aerobics for Sesame Street Kinect was about my limit in public.

However, it was clear that publishers were investing a lot of Expo space and staff into these games.

That’s why I accosted a kid gamer named Conor to try them for me.  He is twelve years old and was there dancing away with his older cousin, a girl who looked like she could groove with the best of them.  

As kids made up a surprising percentage of the Expo attendees, and as they dictate plenty of the gaming market for these types of games I thought it would be great for him to review for us.

Battle of the Dance Games

OXCGN’s Steal It For 360 (Kinect): Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)

by AXIS of Reality

© 2010 Alex Baldwin

Editor’s Note: As with all our Steal It For 360 reviews (which can be found HERE), this one looks at an exclusive game not available to Xbox owners to find out if it would have been desirable enough a game to wish it had been. In this case, would it have been a game Xbox owners would have enjoyed on Kinect? Yes we know that Mario is a Nintendo license and it would never happen…but that’s the point of wishing.

This is it. The fate of a console all comes down to this.

My little white Wii has been mournfully sitting in a corner for months, unplayed and unloved. I know, I should have put it out of its misery long ago, traded or sold it to a better home, but I just couldn’t do it.

I couldn’t pass up the chance that maybe, just maybe, Nintendo might give me a reason to love it again with the forever-distant promise of Mario Galaxy 2.

So it’s all come down to this. A game that must be able to justify not just the $100 to buy it, but the $300 of the console to play it on.

Can Mario Galaxy 2, the first numbered Mario sequel since the SNES days and the first that isn’t even attempting to shake up the formula possibly give my Wii a reason to live again? The Wii challenge is here . . . would we steal it?