Moving House – possible disruption to Blog

lady-redhead-thumb.jpg The dreaded Moving House is to happen for me . . yet again

• Notice to readers – latest bits and upcoming news.

xboxoz360_icon581.png   Not only have several other notable individuals moved of late, but I too have to shift house . . . . yet again.

I usually like staying in a place long-term, but this place has only been just under 3 yrs, where usually it’s around the 5 – 8 year mark for me.

So during the move, from 23rd November through to 3rd December, there may well be disruptions to this blog in one form or another. I will be handing over running and supervision of it to Lee and I’m sure if he needs help, there will be a few out there willing to lend a hand in some way . .just let him know if you can (other than those already voluntering their help as contributors, and he can manage it from his end.

My aim is to have a few items to be posted up over the time, and hopefully it will still get some decent views and support. I’m really happy with how it’s being accepted, and the support of people coming to visit is encouraging. Lee has been a great help and our efforts are beginning to show dividends.

MS Xbox-Div Aust (via Pidgeo – thanks mate) will now place us on their PR and Game Review listing, so we get up-to-date Xbox360 news and Preview Copies of games to review prior to release. This way Lee (DarkAmarda) will have a decent amount of fun both playing newer games, as well as writing reviews for them. He has one or two others looking at doing reviews alongside him, so once we begin getting more new games, look out for them coming through thick and fast.


Perhaps a Forza 2 Challenge might be run at GameON . . who knows, but we will be approaching Codemasters here in Australia to see if something can be done for the release of Race Driver One early in ’08 . . ?? And Activison have stated that they are more than willing to “do something” when it comes time to start pushing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed . . . so stay tunned for that one as well.

After the weekend, GameOn have made comments about helping or supportingthe blog in some fashion, and us doing something back in return (see the Blogroll for their Online-Shop and Lan-Lounge links) Things are looking promising for the XboxOZ360-Blog, as well as the DarkLAN ’08 events. Plus we will be looking at other styles of community events, both local and in other areas, logistics permitting naturally.

acl_tl_paintball_perth.jpg advq100.jpg

There’s the high possibility of a Paint-Ball event at some stage, with a major sponsor helping out with some prizes and hopefully media coverage (mags etc) I know ATOMIC (PC Gaming mag) have an annual Paint-ball event, perhaps it can be PC – v’s – X360 Paint Ball Frag Feast . . . ? ?

My aim is to try and build up the public view of gamers above that of “pimply-faced-pre-pubescent-males” and show then that the “Hobby” takes in both genders, all from a broad range of ages and social backgrounds plus work-styles. So expect some charity events and a push for a change in rating for games in Australia. Not that I expect we’ll change anything, but unless it’s out there, the desire for change that is, then no one knows about it., and thus, there is no possibility of change.

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9 thoughts on “Moving House – possible disruption to Blog”

  1. Good luck on the move! I absolutely hate moving. Eek.

    Sounds like many awesome things are on the horizon here. I can’t wait to see all of them. Keep up the good work!


  2. Hope the move goes well Oz by the way you have to have xbox live. Don’t you? because i want to add you

    And for paintball that would be awesome to be able to show PC gamers what console gamers are capable of in some real shooters hahahaaha well 360 gamers.

    Man 08 is going to be ripping so far and this is just one of the aspects in my life😀


  3. same as me im trying to bury myself in the world Of Mass Effect and so far im really enjoying it alot.
    but yeh as i said previously anyway i can help with the smooth running of XboxOz360’s Blog.

    i’ll be delighted to lend a hand, lol looking forward to the tasks set by Oz lol.
    im a member of a small growing website called which are sponsored by dvdcrave which ships an any games for any console and also dvd movies and pc games around Australia, so ill be buying Assassin’s Creed from there as Moderators of the website will be gettin discounts.
    since its a growing website the owner of it would really love for people to get to find out about it and view it. it has its won forums aswell.


  4. This is a great “sit-rep” as to where XboxOZ360’s Blog and Grant & I are heading. It’s got alot to do about informing gamers of the latest, giving them more power to make wise purchasing decisions and bringing them together as part of the Aussie gaming community as a whole.

    While OZ is on hiatus, I’ll be here to read over any contributions other members make to us and give you feedback on what you have sent, plus being able to post your work up during the week. If you have any questions, just send me a PM on the forums.

    Right now – I’m trying to bury myself into Mass Effect and all I can say is wow. Then I’ll have AC and COD4 to worry about, so expect some big hitting reviews over Nov/Dec ’07.

    Finally – if you have any feedback or ideas about the blog, DarkLAN or any other idea submitted around the interwebz, don’t hesitate to come to the table and let us know…


  5. Hey Sutton, if yougive me a PM via XboxLive forum, I can give you my friends ph # so you can get the Leopard. You won’t need the family pack, as Apple’s OS can be reloaded several times on different machines without any hassles . . . . no registration codes etc to worry about like with MS’s OS.

    That way you and your brother can share the cost, which is just $149, not including postage, usual RRP is $159. not much of a saving, but it’s something. You might get a similar deal in your area . . . just don’t pay more than the higher figure.


  6. That’s great guys, and yes, would love your contributions. Simply liaise with DarkArmada as to how and what etc, he can then vet/edit stuff and upload it accordingly.

    I will set some tasks for you both, then send it on to DA . . . My back isn’t very happy atm, hence me being up at this ungodly hour. Which is nothing unusually – unfortunately. So looks like I will have to get movers in. It seems the days of me moving a whole house load of stuff have come to an end. Which is an added cost I hadn’t factored into things . . . bugger.


  7. As previously mentioned I am a keen writer who is interested in sharing my point of view. I will hopefully get some time to write some things and to let you guys have a read to get some feedback as to whether its compatable with this Blog.

    Hope the move goes well, cheers


  8. hope all goes well in your move Grant.
    I will be delighted to lend Lee a hand and helop with anythign throught the week that you are moving houses.
    and i would love to also review upcominng games as i have just come off a good first review for the October Reviews and came runner up. so i would greatly appreciate the chance to lend in my PoV on a game. as it it always good to have a PoV from not only one person but also another who is a teenager.
    as it is good to have PoV from a grown up and also a teenagers as both wont always seem to agree to the same thing.
    but yeh anyway i can help i would be delighted to =]


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