OXCGN Discovers 31 Titles announced for Japanese 360 owners

OXCGN Discovers 31 Titles announced for Japanese 360 owners

by Sutton Dagger:

©2009 Steven Sutton:

As news continues to flow in from  1UP’s coverage of Microsoft’s Japan Spring 2009 Title Preview, it has been revealed that 31 titles were announced at the event, specifically focused on the Japanese region.  With 1 million Xbox 360 consoles sold so far in Japan, Microsoft are doing a 1 million point promotion for the region.

Some stand out titles shown include Namco Bandai’s Magna Carta 2 which is due out in Japan on the 6th of August, Tekken 6 which has a tentative release of Fall 2009 and Lost Planet 2, which is touted as having 4 player co-op.

Some more exciting info came from Sega and Tri-Ace with their upcoming Action RPG, End of Eternity. It is set for a Winter 09 release, with the battles a major focus for the title. Multiple weapons appear to be a possibility.

Bayonetta looks increasingly like the best action game since the original Devil May Cry. The new trailer had hints of new scenes, including a sequence in which the protagonist turns into a cat. After an epic trailer, it is stated that Bayonetta will be coming out in Fall 2009, looks like a great 2009 for the Xbox 360.

Some other fighting titles of interest are BlazeBlu coming 6/25 (25/6 for us Aussies) and a 3D Samurai Shodown, as well as the highly anticipated King of Fighters 12.

Also in the conference were a slew of XBLA releases, most already released in the other regions. Square-Enix have a couple of releases not seen before including Project Cube which appears to be a puzzle like game as well as a 3D shooting game named ‘0 Day Attack on Earth’ which will also be released in 09.

Check out the Cover It Live Feed here.

One game that DID NOT make the announcements

Lost Odyssey 2

Another epic JRPG from Mistwalker missing off the list

News just in from 1UP’s coverage of Microsoft’s Japan Spring 2009 Title Preview, Mistwalker (those responsible for Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey) may well have been announcing the release of the second instalment in the Lost Odyssey franchise.

But alas, NO joy there people😦


Lost Odyssey was created by famed Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, allowing him to explore the more mature nature of the genre with troubled characters and adult themes the crux of the game.

As more details surface we will update the contents of this page

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2 thoughts on “OXCGN Discovers 31 Titles announced for Japanese 360 owners”

  1. Hmm it was an okay conference, shows the 360 has it, as it is a console, something the Japanese refuse to acknowledge…

    Either way, i wish they had at least ONE title to show, i really hope they announce BD2 as itll do wonders for the console in Japan because currently theres no big exclusive for the region.

    Has anyone been able to identify all the games in that trailer?


  2. lost planet 2.
    now thats a game i bought a 360 for.
    come on ms dont dissapoint me they better announce ALOT of titles for the 360 at E3 or im going to be realy dissapointed.


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