Sony planning to ‘steal’ Mass Effect 2 at conference?

Not bloody likely…

by Team OXCGN


Bioware’s Mass Effect 2 was strangely absent from Microsoft’s E3 Keynote presentation today. Given the titles importance in the Xbox 360’s exclusive lineup, could this be a sign that the once 360/PC exclusive may also be heading to the Playstation 3? There have been whispers around the hallowed halls of the convention centre that this may infact come to pass. oxcgn mass effect 2

Mass Effect tells a very deep galactic science fiction story, starring Spectre; Commander Shepard as he/she tries to stop the massive threat of extinction to all life in the universe against an army of Geth.

The original game was a fantastic action RPG providing deep gameplay mechanics while keeping it very enjoyable and accessible. Since the first told a highly addictive and complex story that kept you on the edge of year seat until the credits rolled down the screen, we expect that the second will bring more of the same or better!

Tell us what you think. Will Sony snag this epic RPG as well, or is it all just a bunch of wild speculation from PS3 owners, desperate to play Bioware’s masterpiece?

For the full list of gaming announcements by Microsoft during their Keynote, click here.



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Ben Cad

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14 thoughts on “Sony planning to ‘steal’ Mass Effect 2 at conference?”

  1. probably wouldent suprise me.
    ms has stolen alot of exclusives so i think its about time sony payed them back.
    2007 gtaiv
    2008 ffxiii
    2009 MGSR
    2010 ?


    1. The way I see it the only way EA could sell Mass Effect to the PS3 players is to announce a GotY version having both Mass Effect 1 and 2 in the same disc. Why do I say that?

      If EA announces Mass Effect 2 for PS3 the sales wouldn’t be as high as it could be since it would be a new story for them a story that will start off from the middle,

      Second sales won’t be good on the PS3 since it won’t be able to include a certain feature the one where your actions in ME will have some form of substance in ME2.

      If EA decides to release ME1 for PS3 while they release ME2 for 360 and PC it would feel just like another late port it won’t sell Bioshock is a testament to that and the sequel won’t sell because it to will be another late port

      If they release both ME and ME2 at the same time for PS3 then it would be a disaster since gamers will see it as they have to pay 120 USD for a new game and a late port.

      However if a Game of the Year version is released it justifies having a ME and ME2 in one disc at a later time and by including DLC from both games to the disc then it completely adds the feel that it is just that a Game of the Year version the thought of it being a late port won’t occur anymore.


  2. It’s possible… in which case you can expect to hear about it at the Sony Press Conference as one of their surprises… If it isn’t mentioned then, then no, I doubt it…


  3. ahahahah… alright guys. lets just get this one last spark of hope over with. ill admit, it COULD happen. but if it doesn,t this is it. stop talking about it, cause if it doesnt happen tomorrow, its not going to, period. i wish it would. id love to play it on ps3. but i just doubt its gonna happen. and i dont need it too, because i have a good enough PC. sucks for people who only have ps3’s though, it really is a brilliant series.


  4. I personally would hope so. I would really like to see Mass Effect 1 w/ all downloadable Content & Mass Effect 2 all on one disc. I think it would be a great use of the 50GB Blu-ray discs.

    I would definintly purchase this combo. I would even be willing to pay like $80-$90 for it. I sure hope this happens that way the whole Metal Gear Rising announcment feels a bit more fair than just another Playstation game jumping to the 360.


    1. The title will go Multi, EA have that right and will take it up, they’d be absolute fools atthis point not to. APple is getting really close to buy EA, and could do an a moments notice. EA ar enot doing all that well $$ly and thus restricting a huge AAA+ title to one major console platfomr (and the PC) will not be in their best interest.

      It will be a timed released for the 360/PC and then the PS3.


    2. That answer doesn’t really translate to “There are no plans on porting the game over to the PS3”

      So stop being such a douche………………. Ha!


  5. Yes, right after the MS press event I couldnt believe they didnt show it, then it all made sense. The BEST RPG of this gen is going multiplatform. And rightfully so. Bioware said there was lots of stuff they had to cut because of the limitations of the DVD9.

    Im not expecting a wack of more playable content but perhaps better audio (7.1 true HD) and commentary built in plus I can see Mass effect 1 also being announced or being shipped on the same blu-ray as well. More people need to play this game so good to SONY if this is true.


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