Red Faction: Guerrilla Gets Walked All Over By Aussies

Red Faction: Guerrilla Gets Walked All Over By Aussies

by XboxOZ360

©2009 Grant Smythe –

Some local news for a change, which makes a nice change from all the E3 stuff we’ve been dishing out in the last 3 days (and there’s still MORE to come – ahhhh).

Anyway, head on back to Australia for a moment, to Melbourne Victoria, and we find that Australia has been walking all over Red Faction: Guerrilla – literally.

Yes, that’s right, walking all over it.

WIll this stand the test of time, I certainly hope so
Jenny McCracken- will this stand the test of time, I certainly hope so

At a local EB Games store in downtown Melbourne (Number 67 Swanson Street), to help THQ launch their excellent game, Red Faction: Guerrilla, renowned 3D chalk artist, Jenny McCracken,  took to the shop pavement and worked frantically after-hours to create this vibrant piece of artwork you see in these pics (click on them to enlarge).

I only hope Council or the Centre Management sees its way clear to coat them in a highly foot resistant top-coat, so they ‘stand’ the test of time, as they look awesome actually.

Australians are always ones for showing off their creative talents in art, sport and emerging more noticeable lately, their love of computer games.

The average age for Australian gamers is now 30 yrs old. This is a big difference from the 10-15yr olds that many believe games belong to.

Red Faction: Guerrilla has some of  the best destructive environments known in modern gaming, and we’ll have our OXCGN RF:G review up really shortly.

RFG Street artOXCGN will be holding its 4th Australian XBox Playdate on the 26th June over XboxLIVE. It’s being co-hosted by fellow Affiliate site ThatAussieGameSite. Playdates are the perfect place to meet other local gamers in a friendly manner as trouble makers are not welcomed, and quickly booted.

They are an Official Xbox Function, which you will find in the Australian Xbox Community Calendar, and also on the dashboard of every Aust/NZ xbox 360 hooked up to XboxLIVE.

So you can come and join other Aussies, play safe, and get some serious Red Faction: Guerrilla action in on the 26th June. Some THQ players will be on hand as well, so you’ll have a chance to “mix-it” with those guys-n-gals as well.

You have to take your hat off to THQ locally; they really do get behind their games and push them wherever possible, and are great supporters of the “little-guys” over here – like we smaller sites.

For a full review of the game including a 360/PS3 comparison, click here.

oxcgn-logo-text-165 ©2009 Grant Smythe –

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5 thoughts on “Red Faction: Guerrilla Gets Walked All Over By Aussies”

  1. why cant they just hold a vote like they do for everything else.
    and seriously when i was 15 i was NEVER asked for id EVER.
    the only time i get asked for id is when i go to clubs or the casino, i realy dont understand his logic he does not want those types of games in the hands of kids so the solution is to slap them with a MA rating like fear 2 or fallout 3.
    with a R18 rating they would have to be alot stricter because i have never been asked for ID when buying a MA game or movie, and neither has my cuz who turned 16 yesterday


  2. Thats really cool, i work on Swanson street but i haven’t been past that EB games before (i go to the one in Melbourne Central) it’s always nice to see some local gaming news🙂


    1. That’s what we’re about mate, so if you see any, always remember to drop us an email via the Contact Us icon on the top right column and let us know about it.


  3. thank you now mayb you can try and get that through to mr atkinson so we can finaly get our R18+ that we realy need.


    1. Hopefully we’ll have some news on that soon, but I’m not holding my breath for change – so long as he is in the position he is, nothing will change. He can use his veto on and off as he chooses, and in doing so, basically stall any progress on the situation.

      There is no news of the proposed public discussion on the matter, as that to has basically been quelled and pushed under the carpet (due to our current economical climate) Which seems to be the out for almost everything of late.

      We will be approaching the industry leader soon for an interview to see just where things stand.

      There are som great ways of making more ppl actually aware of this you know. The group called GetUP now run Discussion NIghts where the various topics that affect us here in Australia can be discussed with others, where they can be made aware of just how various legislations are changing how we can live and behave here in Australia. Perhaps some gamers might like to hold (Host) and open evening to make parents and others aware that while games are mature in nature these days, the government does little to stop what is normally an 18yr old game, ending up in the hands of their 15yr old legally, and in the hands of younger ones simply out of not being informed correctly.

      We’ll have more info on that soon.


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