OXCGN Reports Halo: ODST’s Street Date Broken in Australia!

Halo ODST’s Street Date Broken!

Halo odst oxcgn #10ODST Is almost here…As we all make preparations for Tuesday the 22nd of September to perhaps  take time off work? Skip school? Go to the midnight launch and sleep all day? Or maybe simply to just pick it up at the end of the day.  This all could be void since the retailer GAME, has shipped Halo: ODST early to many online buyers.

Reports are coming in from various websites such as Whirlpool, Palgn or Xbox.com.au that buyers have already received their copies.

Apparently a  Harvey Norman store/s has been seen running ODST’s main menu (which then plays an intro video on a loop). So the game is out there just waiting to be sold.

Sadly as this was the online store’s side of GAME.  Don’t expect all other retailers such as EB Games, or JB Hifi to start selling the game today.   As when online store dvdcrave broke Grand Theft Auto 4’s street date, no retail store responded.

There is a little hope that since GAME is also a retail store,  perhaps other retailers might be more convinced to sell their copies early. But don’t get your hopes up, I suggest to keep to whatever plan you have to enjoy the game this coming Tuesday, let’s be patient.

But take this as a warning, be VERY careful of using forums or various websites, ODST spoilers could be just waiting for you around the corner.  Now that the game is many people’s hands, be prepared for people to make fake forum threads, or fake news articles which spoil the game. Be careful if you don’t want to have the game spoiled!

Be patient and look forward to OXCGN’s Review and OXCGN’s limited edition unboxing article shortly after ODST’s release.

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