Assassin’s Creed 3: When & Where To Next? Part 1

We take our first look in Part 1

UPDATE – Assassin’s Creed 3 announced – details, screens and scans here

Assassin’s Creed III Limited Editions Detailed and Priced HERE

by dkpatriarch

© 2009 David Hilton
When to next for the Assassin?

With Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed 2 achieving great first-week sales of 1.6 million units worldwide, a 32 percent increase on the original medieval action stealth title, which sold around 1.1 million copies the first week in 2007, I’ve decided to jump the gun a bit and explore where and when the inevitable third Assassin’s Creed game could take place.

Ubisoft have chosen very well for their first two titles and so they must think very carefully (if they have not already decided) [Ed: which they already have, but just haven’t let on about] about the setting of the next installment, especially now that they’ve got the game’s mix of free-running action and mission diversity right this time.

Here is Part 1 of my list of possible time periods and settings that I’ve come up with after pondering the possibilities through the filter of my past education in history.  Part 2 is now available HERE. I’d really like to know which one you, as fellow gamers, think would fit the Assassin’s Creed style.

UPDATE 7/3/12: In Part 2 (# 9) HERE is my suggestion in 2009 of the Seven Years War (French-Indian War) which actually is when Assassin’s Creed III begins.  I explain there why it is a good starting point for the American Revolution.

1. The Fourth Crusade: Crusaders Sack Fellow Christian Bastion of Constantinople

The Siege of Constantinople

This would be a bit of a “back to the past” as far as time period goes, but there is no reason why this series needs to stay in chronological order, except if Ubisoft believes gamers want ‘more’ technology (like the gun and flying machine in Assassin’s Creed 2).  I hope that isn’t the case because this period has much to recommend it.

First, the Medieval Crusader period is still a rich setting to explore, and second, the Fourth Crusade wasn’t remotely the same as the one explored in Assassin’s Creed.

Finally, it is a time when the Templars were still active, and they and the Assassins are central to all the games’ overarching plot.

Remains of towers IstanbulThis ‘crusade’ started out with the goal of Christian soldiers fighting the ‘infidel’ Muslims in the Holy Land, but the crusaders were waylaid by the Venetians and used instead to fight Venice’s trading rival and the Greek Orthodox Church in Constantinople (present day Istanbul).

In other words the war was about power, greed and competition between both the merchant cities and the two great Christian Churches: Roman Catholic and Eastern Greek Orthodox.

The Crusader sack of Constantinople in 1204 was largely due to Venice’s manipulation, where you had the Crusaders all ready to recapture Jerusalem only to get into debt with the Venetians who were to transport them there and then instead get pointed toward Constantinople to pay off their debts.

This presents plenty of the betrayals and manipulations found in the first two games.

Present day Zadar

It also presents the gamer with beautiful exotic new settings in Constantinople, which had been the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire full of rich culture and history and extraordinary Byzantine architecture which can still be seen in Istanbul today, and Zadar (in present day Croatia), which is still a beautiful medieval town along the Dalmatian coast.

There is also some familiarity in a setting that has been done just recently in Venice, though the city has not yet reached the Renaissance period.

Ubisoft Montreal have said they want to use historically significant events as settings for their Assassin’s Creed games, so why would this be a good choice?  I found this website summed it up nicely:

Probably the most telling event which displayed the decline of the crusader ideal was the capture and pillage of the Christian bastion of Constantinople by the members of the Fourth Crusade in 1204. The subsequent dismemberment of the Byzantine Empire weakened Christendom in the Near East and created an animousity between Catholics and Orthodox which has lasted into the 20th century.

Constantinople could not recover enough to fight off the Turks after this and much of Eastern Europe fell to the Muslims as a result.  Talk about shooting yourself in the foot: go off to expand Christianity and end up losing a whole lot more territory of it.

2. The French Revolution: Vive La Revolution!

Bastille prison attacked in revolution

This is very likely one of the strongest possibilities for the next game as it was rumoured to be the setting for the second game back in December 2008.  I’ve written about this before, and you can find more detail about the time period here,  but I will try and summarise why this setting would be appropriate.

The French Revolution (1789-1799) was a huge historic period of upheaval where the notion of absolute rule by the monarchy and the aristocrats was turned on its head when the downtrodden, starving, smelly, diseased peasants, incited by the intellectuals and merchant class, revolt and start killing off their so-called betters.

When they ran out of them, they followed by killing each other off too during the Reign of Terror. Of course the ideas of freedom, equality, and brotherhood were all dandy but repression was more fun. It was just that repression was now carried out by the lay-people, not just upper crust lords and ladies in wigs.

Off with their heads!

The other monarchies of Europe felt threatened by the French Revolution and so attack. Napoleon fights them and wins. For awhile anyway.

The mayhem of this period and the clash of idealism and power make it another great period for an Assassin’s Creed game.  This would allow Ubisoft to be more chronological as well, though I don’t personally believe this is necessary.

Certainly the French Revolution and the Republic that followed showed the violent transition between the old feudal social model and the new ‘power to the people’ ideal which would be revisited in various forms throughout Europe and the New World.

Paris (before the big wide boulevards, cafes and Eiffel Tower) still has a lot to offer as a setting, even if dirtier and full of narrow alleys, and various other French towns could complement it.

I’m not sure where the Templar and Assassins conflict would come in, but as secret societies now they could be integrated into the upheaval fairly easily.

3. World War 2: Was Hitler A Templar?

Templars are supposed to have beards, not silly mustaches!

I’ll be upfront with my opinion of this option: it stinks!  Yet according to some rumours Ubisoft may be looking at a female protagonist and they may be looking at World War 2 as a time period appropriate for a female assassin.  That means I’d better include it in my list, reluctant though I am.

I have no problem with a female assassin but I don’t believe that female assassins are only appropriate to the 20th Century.  And let’s face it, World War 2, though it still can be an engaging game environment, is not fresh or inspiring for an Assassin’s Creed game.

The female assassin in World War 2 has been done before in a game as well: Velvet Assassin, not to mention that a stealth open-world style game set in WW2 is being done by EA in The Saboteur, out soon.

Assassin's Creed 3: The remake?

Could the Nazis make good neo-Templars with their insignias, swastikas, uniforms, and interest in the occult?  Yes.  Would they make good targets for an assassin?  Yes.  Do I see this time period being exciting and feeling like the historic Assassin’s Creed games so far?  No.

Still, Sebastian Puel, the producer, said:

We don’t want to just decide we want to change and have a female hero as the first inspiration is always the time period, but if you’re talking about, say, World War II the economies in England and France were run by women because the men were off fighting.

Hmmm….the economies, huh?  Factory girl gone assassin….fascinating stuff.

4. The New World: Conquistadors

A New World for a new game?

An intriguing option would be the expansion of the Spanish Empire into the New World with the conquest of Incan and Aztec territories by the gold and land hungry conquistadors from the 15th to the 19th centuries.

These men were explorers, conquerors, adventurers, soldiers, and fortune hunters and invaded the New World for themselves, for Spain, and for the Church.

As far as turning points in history go, this is a big one: the wealth and prestige gained by owning new territories began a colonialism race that only fairly recently has faded and certainly is responsible for the way the world is made up today.

What role the Templars and Assassins would play in this is unclear, but the New World represented a new start to many, and a place where people could build their own society with some degree of independence.

This would appeal to any surviving Templars, as they would see a new place for them to rebuild their wealth and influence (possibly at the Spanish Court using their new riches, but possibly just in new territory away from interference).

The conflict for the Assassins would be to prevent this, while all around them native populations are taking sides, dying of sickness brought by the newcomers, and waring against these smelly pale Europeans who carry advanced weaponry.

Depending on the exact date chosen, there could be Spanish colonial towns and forts,  Incan or Aztec cities with temples, and dangerous jungle in between.

PART 2 can be read HERE.

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Remember that David’s prediction of the current location and era was correct, so perhaps his predictions may well be close to the mark for the next iteration. Make your vote count, as we send these articles to Ubisoft, and they can  see your comments and the poll.

©2009 David Hilton

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  1. Its such as you read my mind! You appear to grasp a lot
    approximately this, like you wrote the ebook in it or something.
    I believe that you can do with some percent to drive the message house
    a little bit, but instead of that, this is fantastic blog.

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  2. *************************
    This is actually pretty obvious. It’s going to be Japan. Why?

    1) There’s a big link between Japan and Assassins. One of the first assassins: Ninja.
    2) There are a couple Asian assassins in the tomb.
    3) The time periods are going up, but focusing around earlier to mid 1000s (Next step would bearound 1500s -1700s [P.S. European trade with Japan could actually bring Ezio into this story as well.)
    4) The biggest part/SPOILER ALERT: At the end of the glyph video in AC2, Adam and Eve pretty much throw the answer at you. The mountai they look at after they reach the top of whatever they’re climbing is an exact representation of Mt. Fuji.

    I could be wrong, and most of it could be coinsidence, or misinterpretation, but if I were anyone else, it would seem as though some of those are very good points, and the others, just some nonsense evidence. And the picture that’s leeked onto the web with an assassin in Egypt, could easily be a part two to the AC1 story, just as they did with Brotherhood. Who knows, it might be Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood II. After all, we need to find out how Altair managed to continue the Creed all the way up to Rennaisance Italy. Not to mention how in the world did the Creed get that advanced technology written in that time? How did Egypt figure out how to build Pyramids? Why are there god-like people talking to you at the end of AC2? It’s just another link to lead us into the next story, and possibly the next after that. We wanted a mind-blowing story with an amazing game. We’re getting it.


  3. after completing AC2, especially the altair flashback, i deffinitely think the next trip in the animus is going to be the child of altair and that templar, it fits because one of the options their looking into is the middle ages, during which altair and the child live in.

    just think about it, the kid could be trained by altair, and sence altair could see into the future via the apple, he possibly could educate desmond via the kid, like minerva did via enzio and it would be a great way to meet the compromise between mythical and historical


  4. AC3 should be set in Cambodia during the Khmer Rough.(Why not Cambodia, its perfect) There is a little girl who has a mother and father that are assassins and are somehow taken away or killed by the dictator, Pol Pot. You now are by yourself. You need to find you way through the kingdom of Cambodia to kill Pol Pot . . . and I’ll let Ubisoft Montreal to continue with that if they choose, I would just love it to be in Cambodia


    1. I’d rather Cambodia during the age of the Khmer Civilization over the more modern tragic Communist rule. The ruins of Angkor brought back to life in the original height of the empire would be interesting, but doubt it will be a location, at least not unless it is a ruin Desmond has to visit.


  5. I would like to see it in modern times, every good game series is a trilogy, it needs to end, i love ac, but everything has to end and Ubisoft’s team that have produced the past 2 games.

    (This game is created by people of various religious faiths and beliefs)

    They probably believe the end of the world will happen in 2012, when ac3 will probably come out.

    I want to see Desmond go to a mayan temple, to find the secrets of the modern and past ages, seek the truth and save the world, maybe we could go back with the bleeding effect if desmond needs to learn something else, send him back to the times of the pieces of eden, give him the chance to find them all, say the french revolution, the fourth crusade and the second world war, he needs to discover the hidden places of the pieces of eden.

    that way if he finds all of the pieces, he finds a weapon.

    Or maybe he could go to Atlantis, if the team that developed the past 2 games are involved in the next one (Who knew christians were so violent) then i can probably see us heading to Atlantis to find that “Weapon” which could also be a piece of eden also, the piece, say Desmond needs to find all the pieces of eden to take them to Atlantis, combine them with the ultimate weapon and take out the alien race that were in the second.


  6. Ok u guys are wrong dumbass wrong look at the vault rember were the werird lady says find the other temples one of them look like a mayan or aztec temple dont responed about the time its not were white people discovered the new world its mordern times rember the talking after fighting the gaurds during credits lucy says that the earths magnetic feild is bad and the sun is the bigger enemy so it could be year 2010 or higher still confused go to this webstie


    1. First of all, insults really don’t make you look more authoritative on the subject.

      Second of all if you re-read that article you linked to you’ll see: “I’m often asked if we’re doing a third game after ACII… I mean, we could do 35 of these.” Also you say the next game MUST be in modern times then send a link that has a latest update where Ubisoft is discussing one of my options: WW2. Umm…

      Besides, I do say modern times is a possibility with an apocalyptic theme if you’ve read part 2 (linked in part 1). The whole 2012 thing.

      Again there is no reason Ubisoft cannot go anywhere they want with this; they have left plenty of clues for almost anywhere anytime.

      For example Desmond’s first foray into the Animus took him to Ancient Rome in the 3rd Century as the assassin Aquilus, before Altair and the Crusades. This is in the french graphic novel, which also features Subject 16 (Michael), who escapes from a mental hospital in modern times. Ubisoft could even explore Patient 16’s trips into the past that made him crazy and write blood on the wall at Abstergo, and his present day activities if they wanted, as he did try to return to the Assassins and wasn’t too pleased at being replaced by Desmond as ‘poster boy’ (also in the french graphic novel…luckily my mother wanted me to learn french).

      If this is really only a trilogy (to begin with before prequels or side games like Halo ODST was etc.), I believe it will centre on Abstergo’s preparations for “the end of the world” where they try and take control of people’s minds but that trips to the past will be necessary for Desmond and the Assassins to figure out how to stop them. Bleeding effect, Animus, temples, whatever way…the past is key to the games’ fun factor in my opinion.


    2. You need to learn how to write before calling other people dumbasses mate. Your sentences make no sense whatsoever.

      Plus, as David points out, you obviously did NOT read either the link you sent, or the TWO parts of David’s articles, NOR the replies I made regarding what a member of UBISOFT commented when asked about future Assassin’s Creed games.

      Hint to the wise, READ all information before passing comments, and do not call people names of any sort on this site. It is tolerated but once, and future derogative terms will have the posted banned. OXCGN doe not tolerate any form of online harassment or abuse, no matter how small it might be. We are adults here, not 9 year olds. Besides, we all could be wrong with Assassin’s creed. No one knows except Patrice from Ubisoft and the development team, who have been hard at work on Assassgin’s Creed 3 for some time now.

      Do you see them coming on line and calling us all dumbasses . .no . . .they enjoy the minds of like individuals who want to look at ‘other possibilities’ . . .

      So please, do act your age, or act mature in your comments, you’ll get much more respect, and have much more positive conversations with other gamers that way. But have a happy christmas, just the same.


  7. I just happened to notice, when starting the game over again on a new file to search for clues. Desmond has Ezio’s scar from the beginning. Whilst Ezio gets it after the street fight. Is it a glitch where they’ve been re-using the models, and forgot to remove the scar. Or does it have something to do with the bleeding effect?


    1. Interesting indeed. Perhaps this does mean there will be some backwards traveling involved after all. I do believe Ubi Montreal will be making sure the current flavour of the franchise is not lost by making it too modern. There are plenty of alternatives, in this series, and far more as the franchise moves forward.

      Hye, that’s mighty close to a copyright breach there with that user name mate heheheheh – just joking . . . .


  8. There were many a Pope assassinated during their search for “The Treasure” of the Templars, whom they feared a great deal. As they held the power of financial security over the Catholics at that time, whithout which, they would not have been able to fightthe wars they did. All of which would tie into the continuing story of The Assassins”
    Quoted from Xboxoz360

    Imo, this would open the possibility of Altairs relationship to Maria playing a larger role in the ‘inbetween’ years between 1 & 2. I see a quite big possibility that for a brief period of time after the templar treasure was brought to Europe, there was peace between the two factions because of the abovementioned relationsship, allowing both to thrive.

    The assassinations of popes searching for the treasure could then be tied up as assassins protecting the Templars, then dispute breaks out as the Templars once again wants to use the treasure to enslave humankind (Just before AC2 takes place). The assassins hide the pieces of eden as the Templars have grown strong in the peaceful times, leading up to the events in AC2.

    Followed up with the catholic church’s attempts to wipe out the Templars(Whom they believe to have the treasure), which is a historic fact. The grandmaster was burnt in France sometime in the 1600’s or something if I remember correct. The templars then rebuild their organization in the new world, colonizing the US. And they’re the source of the uprising against the British rule and the American liberation.

    Could see all of that tie in pretty nicely. Especially considering that Abstergo seems to be some kind of huge american corporation. Then AC3 could take place partly in the french revolution, and partly in the american civil war (South v North).
    South being encouraged by Templars and North being encouraged by Assassins.

    The Templar losing ground again, would in a fourth sequal have moved to Europe again, and be on the german side of the 1st and 2nd world wars. Where the idea of the Spear of Destiny hidden in northern scandinavia as another piece of eden could tie in.

    So many possibilities, I just can’t wait to see what they actually use to make AC3😛


  9. I don’t see how a modern day setting would require that much guns and firepower. An assassin is supposed to be stealthy, unfortunately I felt alot of the missions in AC2 also missed out on the stealth part. It wouldn’t harm AC3 having a WW2 assassin using hidden blades, daggers and blow-darts. As any guns from that time-period would make massive noise and alert any guards. It is speculated that Hitler was looking for some sort of artifact from the crusades to help him create his ‘new world order’, so I easily see a possible conflict with the Assassins. Plus the Abstergo guy DOES have sort of a german accent.

    As for avoiding modern-day skyscrapers, etc, etc… Here’s a suggestion; Starts out as modern-day, Desmond has completed the bleed effect and is a fully trained assassin. But word is the Templars is looking for a third piece of eden, the same one Hitler was looking for. The story then switches back and forth between modern-day and WW2, as desmond needs to locate the piece by looking into another ancestors memory, at the same time as he needs to slow down the Templars process by launching attacks on them in real-time.

    To avoid the big cities, the search which started in Berlin follows the germans to the invasion of Norway, and the fighting in the western parts, more specifically the hanseatic town of Bergen, what better location for the Spear of Destiny to have ended up in? Unfortunately, following the german invasion it was moved up north, to the snow-clad Finnmark. Only clues lead from Bergen to the actual location in Finnmark. Once up in Finnmark population will be sparce and the hunt will lead far up into the mountains, through snowstorms and glaciers.

    Arriving in the end at the Spear of Destiny’s location, it turns out that Abstergo was tracking them all along, as they were dependent on Desmond to find it for them (His ancestor moved it). Allowing for the final showdown in a decolate cave far up in the snowy Norwegian mountains, far from civilization.

    Just a possibility…

    I like the idea of industrial England and Jack the Ripper as Desmonds ancestor aswell tho

    Another few lovable possibilities:

    US Cold War – Ancestor = MacGyver
    Vietnam War – Ancestor = Chuck Norris(MiA) or Rambo
    Mongol – Genghis Khan
    Asia – Ancestor travels with Marco Polo, close relative to Ezio
    American Civil War
    Western-style Assassin
    Finnish Winterwars
    The Light Brigade
    Tien-amin square
    Gandhi (Imagine if Gandhi secretly was an assassin responsible for hundreds of Templars lives )


    1. Just like to point out that genghis khan was a templar, to get altair’s armour in AC2 you gotta get the seal for the assassin that killed genghis khan, and i very much doubt that a templar would have the skills to infiltrate the assassin order and then be turned on, it just doesn’t coincide with the rest of the story. Just wanted to make that point


  10. OMG please tell me it’s not going to be WW2 or anything modern!

    We’ve got the modern aspect with desmond’s time period and of course the scifi spin of Alien progenitors. Exploring ancient and/or medieval past is what is cool about this game. If I wanted guns and modern weaponry their is a ton of games out there like that.

    And as for the chic assasin thing, i’ll pass, nothing against it specifically but I hate when producers pander to the feminist banner. Besides even though I am a gaming chic myself isn’t the demographic still by a large majority male? If ubisoft wants to do a bunch of spinoffs then maybe mixing it up a bit is not a bad idea but I won’t play the modern or ww2 ones if they do make it.

    But the trilogy should stick to the overall attraction of it’s genre which is set in ancient, medieval and Renaissance periods in Europe and the middle east maybe even ethiopia…to explore the Templars and the arc mysteries a bit. My cousins both work for ubisoft must call them soon!! U guys have any idea when the next one would be released?


    1. With sequels of this nature, they usually begin production of the following game around 6 months from release of the previous one.

      So AC3 will have around 6-7 months of work completed already. That’s not to say all the work has been on coding etc, as you will know from your friends, even follow-up games need to go through the same process as a new IP in regards to having the conceptual stuff approved, passed by the publishing arm, etc etc.

      So my best bet would be the first quarter of 2011 or midyear 2011 at this stage.that would give the game at least a 18 – 24 month period of development, which is around normal for most sequels.

      I to would prefer it based in ancient times that in current world wor periods. Anything from the 19th century (1800’s) and back would be fine with me.


  11. what if they decide to give us more desmond play and freedom with the animus in that we will visit multiple places id say its a good way to make it epic, because you get even more variety playing now-a-days and from other past times and ancestors..just a thought.


  12. Love AC2, loved this post.
    Of all the options available the French Revolution has to be the best. Incredible historical setting, amazing built environment. So much potential.
    I can only consider an alternative, which was hinted to at the end of AC1. Yonaguni, Japan. See this post for some details:
    Assassin’s Creed + exotic island in faraway Japan + Samurai swordfighting? It could work, you know, Last Samurai stuff, sort of. As long as they can come up with a decent storyline involving a descendant of Desmond getting there.


  13. Check out Part 2.

    It has my take on the modern option and a few ancient ideas are there, as well as a few left-field choices…


  14. Assassins Creed 3 is to be set in Greece, Rome, possibly Meso-America… my personal guess. Minerva who is the Roman goddess of Wisdom, her counterpart in the Greek world is Athena. She refers to others “of her kind” such as Jupiter or maybe more commonly known by his Greek name Zeus. At the end of the game she tells Ezio to go find the other temples? I believe she is referring to the Other “vaults” which have the “others” she was referring about inside them to reveal more most likely,
    The gang goes around the world looking for the vaults while desmond relives another ancestor during trips. they already have the animus set up and all for it. i think you’ll get to play as another ancestor and as desmond in the next game, both having assassin skills the’ll probly have bits and pieces with altair and ezio but i imagine the’ll probly ad more then one new ancestor


  15. imagine Ubisoft did the new world theme and in one mission you spy on a Templars meeting predicted decemeber 21, 2012 that they will have the technology to take over the world or something, and at the end off the meeting, the leader hands a mayan calander and says hand this over to a intelligent Mayan and make it seem like he made it. Would be pretty great if they did that.


  16. one thing i dont want it desmond to leave the animus just yet. I want one more game where the animus is used and then be desmond


  17. I feel that WW2 is a little over-used, but if they are going to really expand the assassins creed franchise, you know that they WILL have to do WW2 at some point. I fell that it may not be that bad. Hitler and the leaders of Japan and Itlay are templars. It starts with a group of assassins (jewish) who try to kill hitler. then hitler panics and tries to exterminate the jews. He also has multiple pieces of eden and uses them to conquer the world. Also Spanish invading the Aztec land would be good, with you being an aztec attacking spanish and even in Assassins ceed discovery, it suppossed to be when etzio went to spain, so it would explain the link and one of the temples Minerva was talking about would be here.


  18. i think the 3rd should take place in 1600s japan. this would be a great time for the story, plus asia was the most advanced place back then.

    i think the assassin should be a poor farmer whose family is killed during a templer conquest and he vows revenge and slowly becomes ana assassin.


    1. I’d just like to point out that the story of Creed 2 was a young noble whose family was killed due to a templar conspiracy and he vows revenge and slowly becomes an assassin.

      See the similarities?


  19. ok.Assassins creed 3 will be set in the mayan civilization!If u finished assassins creed 2 u can hear that women god talking about some civilizatioon and the world coming to an end! And also when ezio saw the map of the world he said that there are places on the map that warent discovered yet! That places was North and South American continent. Did u also hear about the Mayan calendar! The calendar is supposed to predict the end of the world date!There is so many clues in AC2 and oh the game will be realesed in october 2012!!!
    tell me if u agree!!


  20. american revolution

    i think the next game will be split between desmond finding the temples in the real world but also using the anims to find them.

    if anyone has seen national treasure something like that world be a nice update to the tombs in ac2


  21. If there is any post you should read on this website it should be Karl Koliver’s. It makes perfect sense being that Ezio IS a descendant of a templar AND a assassin. So i agree with him 110%.

    I believe it will be set in the present and you will have to fight so save the world along side (at some point maybe not at first) with the templars.

    Ezio’s descendant may not know it at first but he will later on discover that fact and fight alongside the templars. Thats just my thinking.

    Good job Karl Koliver, mad props.


  22. ***Spoiler Alert***

    Guys, I love the effort, but the next one will likely not include the Animus at all, instead focusing on Desmond’s battle against the templars, not one of his ancestors. That is IF this is the final installment in the series. Good things come in 3’s though.

    The only possibility can see that involves the animus is Desmond flashing back into the past because of the “Bleeding effect” that occurred in AC2. At which point, you will likely be taking control of Altair’s Son, whom he sired during the bleeding spell Desmond had in AC2.

    The flashes will likely do 2 things to Desmond in AC3; Give him a clue to the location of the ‘temples’ Minerva spoke of, and also get in his way during his fights and adventures in the real world while he tramples around whatever modern city he is in. Likely, the majority of AC3 will be based in modern day society.

    All that put aside, I think Hitler was a Templar… Just Sayin’


  23. You guys didnt play the game did you. Ezio is a descendant of an ASSASSIN AND A TEMPLAR!!! When he has that flashback of Altair chasing after that girl in Acre, he is reliving Altair having sex with a Templar named Maria (You spare her in the first game). You are a descendant of both. The next game might end up bieng like Halo where your enemy becomes your friend so that both of you can maintain your survival. What they might do is make most of the game in the present, and have animus uses during a few points in history to connect the dots. You really cant tell but I dont expect it to be before the Rennaissance.


  24. World WAR 2 Would be interesting, no swords, introducing bullet bending assasins and guns……French Revolution was my obvious choice, in that it is different and unique from both the past settings, but World War 2 or Assasin’s Creed in the future, would be much more creative and IMAGINATIVE…
    A LOT MORE FICTION WOULD BE BETTER , AFTER ALL GAMES ARE ART , AND ART Should be a blast ! ( sorr for caps)


  25. the time must be franch revolution. not only for the timing, but the buldings too. i went to france last week, the interior of the country have outstading castels and paris is a perfect place to do free run. Leonardo da vinci died in a fench city in the interior of the country, and his house is opened to visit. one of the griph puzzles shows napoleon with a piece of eden. napoleon died in the isle of saint helena, and people dont know for sure how, or who


  26. So for the French Revolution because it seems the right time and also because Ubisoft will spend the last episode of their France
    But then Constantinople do not include it because it seems too far back in time and I want something that goes forward
    World War there because I want to play with swords and not with firearms beautiful assassin’s creed then antiquity
    for the discovery of the new world would not agree even the Ubisoft since the story takes place in 1476 to ac2 believe until 1503 America was discovered in 1492 so I can not seem to make a title over the same period the previous game
    but in the end for me the important thing is to have a man like no woman murderess
    are not sexist but I think that a game like Assassin’s Creed needs a man
    arms and then I do not want WWII


    1. yes they could because in the codex, altair is said to have 2 sons, so the two could split: one in Italy and the other in Spain


  27. i dont disagree with your ideas, they could work in quite well, but i do believe it should be in chronolgical order, otherwise information will be repeated that we will already have learned.

    Also i like your ideas for the next era, but i have also considered, for lack of a better name, the ‘Pirate’ Era. This would be suiting as it still requires close combat, and not all guns and explosives etc., which is not the assasins creed style.

    I would also be able to encourage enemies to look for you, like whistling from a haystack, then attacking them.

    I hope more information is released, in the not to distant future, so we can have a better perspective of the next game in the series


    1. It’s all good Johnnyboy, we don’t see all the entries straight away, so if you are new and posting for the first time, each comment for new posters has to be viewed by admin to approve.

      Once you have been approved once, all future post get automatically displayed, hence the delay mate.


  28. I agree with your choices of future settings, which could be possible. But i do have other ideas as well. I believe that it should stay in chronological order, otherwise it would be repeating itself, with a lot of information that we previously know.

    The French Revelution would be a pretty good setting for the next game. I have also considered the time of pirates ( i dont know what that era is called) i belive this era would be good, as it still uses close combat, instead of all guns, which is not the assassins creed style.

    I dont disagree with ur thoughts though, and I hope that more information on the game will be released in the not to distant future to give us a better look at the game


    1. WIth regards to repeating our selves in the game. We have to remember, that while one era may well have had one set of things going on, other areas and eras close by were also having different things happen, even if they were only separated by a few hundred years. There were many assassinations during the middle ages that are related to the Templars history, as well as the Templars being almost wiped out at one stage, which could be worked into the game nicely.


    2. I think the french revolution time period would be a good idea. I think they can bring in some sequence of events from the american revolution when French assisted the americans. I believe swords and Knifes were still prominent during the age. So, the game can keep the traditional weapons while upgrading some of the tech like guns of the era.


  29. I want them to take the series back in time, not forward. The last thing we need is it turning into half Assassin’s Creed – half Splinter Cell. What really attracted me to the first game was the use of old – fashioned sword fighting, guns and technology have no more place in Asassin’s Creed than they do in Lord Of The Rings.


    1. once you have beaten the game you will find the weapons used by modern warriors to be quite fitting to that of the old sword fights


  30. I just dont want them to make a mistake like so many video games have, and jump too far ahead that it almost switches up the genre. If they go too far ahead it takes away the essence of using swords and blades, because everyone will have riffles in the future, such as the french revolution. I dont know about you but personally i love the whole stealthy swords, blade, knives, whatever feel, instead of some every other video game with guns


    1. I’m with you…

      Knives/ swords/ cavalry sabres can still be used in 3 of those time periods and certainly in most of the time periods I will be exploring in parts 2 and 3.

      To those who have said that we’ve already done “the Crusades” in AC1 and shouldn’t do any others:

      1) Ubisoft has expanded on what they can do with the gameplay since then,

      2) There are several VERY different Crusades that don’t even go to the Holy Land (see Part 2 soon),

      3) How many modern warfare games do we have that don’t seem that different? How many fantasy-based medieval games? I think there is room for more realistic AC style authenticity in that medieval period and

      4) the Templars and Assassins (as in Hashshashin) were born in that general Crusader period and Ubisoft needs to keep that link strong, though there are signs that the ‘Assassins’ clan the game is using pre-dates the Hashshashin story….

      It would be a shame to just have the Templars as ‘secret society’ from now on. They are more threatening as a powerful military organisation. Still I know it isn’t likely they will return to as they were in AC1 and AC: Bloodlines, which is a shame in a way.


    2. Well if you notice at the end of Ac2 Desmond Is Using A hidden Blade as a weapon so thats a give away that the assassins don’t lose their old ways but most likely will adapt to the future little more, and if you disarm a cop at the end desmond doesn’t drop his weapon he puts it through the belt loop if you start running instead of dropping like Ezio did. and this next one will also probably be about Finding The Temples across the world that Minerva talked about to try and save the world.


  31. Definitely not the new world. I read your article and I really doubt you’ve been playing the Assassin Creed games, or at least, you pay little attention to their storyline. They’ve pretty much gotten everything they’ve needed from the Animus, and the Templars in modern time are extremely close to them. The most possible setting is the modern world with Desmond. You’ve deciphered ‘The Truth’, got the warning from Minerva, deciphered all the Codex pages, learned all the fighting moves of Ezio as Desmond, and are ready to attack the templars in modern time.

    The only thing that seems likely on your list is the French Revolution, the others don’t fit. Going back to the crusades would be redundant, and very few people would want that. World War 2 is over-used, and I guess I can see a templar behind the curtains using Hitler as a puppet, but that’s it. I don’t think it’s fitting, but I guess this is possible.


    1. heheh, actually, you’re talking to a historian who specialises in that era mate heheh. And he’s been right more times than wrong with AC. Got the current era and time period spot on actually as far back as 2008.

      But that aside, there are many more possibilities for Assassin’s Creed 3, and it won’t end there. With Egypt, Asia, Asia Minor, and other areas having ‘some’ links to the game. Look deeper into the areas that you unlock for more deeper “hints” which you can find if you ‘look around’.

      What is the most obvious, isn’t always the direction a story will go. If you follow the history of the Templar’s and the “Treasure” throughout history, it still exists in modern time, and has been used in many books and movies as possibilities. During the French period, there were connections to the treasure, as well as Germany, Holland, England and even Rome through the Vatican.

      There were many a Pope assassinated during their search for “The Treasure” of the Templars, whom they feared a great deal. As they held the power of financial security over the Catholics at that time, whithout which, they would not have been able to fightthe wars they did. All of which would tie into the continuing story of The Assassins”


    2. I have no doubt modern times with Desmond will still play a big role, but this no longer looks to be a trilogy and so time tripping is still going to be the focus imo.

      “Plans for the Assassin’s Creed series were originally focused on a trilogy of games, but now Ubisoft says it has a larger focus. “What’s so great about Assassin’s Creed is that we can just expand and expand,” creative director Patrice Fortier told XBW. ” source:

      An Assassin’s Creed game that doesn’t go into interesting points and places in the past is simply not of any interest to me. Jumping around an open-word modern city has been done plenty lately.

      Also there are hints all through the games from codex, statues in villa, Pieces of Eden locations, comics, AC: Bloodlines etc. etc. that still allows Ubisoft to explore the past imo.


    3. he’s right, it will most likely take place in modern times, hunting down the temples. I doubt the next few games will have much to do with much history, they may have flashbacks to altair and ezio but that will be it


  32. [ED Hey Mate, Just a hint for future entries – use cpas and pragraphing so that ppl can follow your writing, which we love you to continue doing. See how a little tidying up makes it a lot more ‘readable’]

    I would expect them to have it in a place that ties in with great warriors in time, so given that the crusades is probably the most logical choice.

    I love Assassins Creed 2 just finished it last night and holy crap what a way to end the game. I though it is a little confusing, who was that lady talking to you at the end, not a god, so maybe a angle?

    And what was she talking about, I don’t see how finding these temples could stop a solar flare.

    Just a few things I hope they change.
    1. Allow me to lock onto targets MUCH further away, and let me lock onto them and STAY locked on no matter where they go.

    2. I want to be able to lure my enemies and play cat and mouse with them, like you can in batman AA. The AI is dumb as bat sh*t, i through a knife at a enemy and he just stands there and says who was that. No searching around to find where i am, just sits there like a stunned mullet.

    3. Give us a long range weapon like a longbow or something.

    4. Fix up the assassination blades. 99.999999% of the time I stand next to 2 enemies hit assassinate and Ezio kills 1 person not 2. I stand above 2 enemies and 99.99% of the time the game wont let me assassinate them, when it does i jump down and kill 1 not 2.
    that’s it really, everything else was perfect.

    5. And a map on the feathers would be nice, its so bloody hard to find them even with the guide.

    6. And don’t make us travel from city to city so often, I found 90% of my play time was spent traveling from one city to the next, gets kinda boring even when using the fast travel system.


  33. Did you beat AC2? If you did then you missed the whole point of the ending… The next game is taking place in Desmon’s time.


    1. Not really, as if you did play the game fully, there are two areas that give ‘hints’ as to where the following “assassin’s” may come from. Without mentioning them here and ruining David’s following articles, you will find out more as it unfolds in David’s great articles. Assassin’s Creed will not finish with # 3, as even Ubi have said there’s much more in the franchicse than first thought, and it will go beyound just the original trilogy.

      But take a look through the various area within AC2s, as there are at least two areas that give the player some hints as to where the following game “is” going – and there’s no mention or hints of a WW2 era being included btw in those hints. That has most likely been thrown intoo the air by Ubi to get ppl excited and discussing the following iteration. Which is a common marketing tool in any PR company.

      It’s often the most obvious that are shown in any adventure that is NOT the obviouse conclusion. That is the whole idea of having a deep plot, and several possibilities built into a story line. Allowing the reader, in this case player, to go in different ways about how the plot ‘may’ go.


      1. xboxoz360 I have to disagree with the statement you made regarding that there will be more than three AC games. Whilst it has been mentioned that more than 3 games could be made in the franchise, this was extremely vague at best. More to the point the statement “we always planned for it to be a trilogy,” isn’t vague at all. Meaning incidently that it is more likely that the AC games will be summed up in the next game to be released….
        There is no definites regarding the release of a 4th AC. That is just a vague possibility at best….


        1. After talking with Patrice the lead developer with AC 2, and other AC 2 development team members, they have all stated that the ‘series’ can expand well beyound the original trilogy first mentioned.

          It was always touted as a trilliogy from the start, but now they can see many more ‘excusrions and possibilities with the franchise, taking the gamer on an even broader range of adventures.

          It might not be with Desmond, it might be. It might not be into the current day, it might, it might not include returning to times they have already been to (these words came from a Ubisoft member btw only recently after an email when we sent them the latest link from our series), but what it will do, is give the gamer more scope than ever before from any franchise.

          SO I’d gather from that that there is most definitely more games ahead for the franchise.

          We have to remember one major thing when it comes to developers, and their publishers.

          They are not going to fill you in with any upcoming titles or information of its existance before the current title is put to bed. When trying to get more info from the lead designer of Splinter Cell Convictions when he was here, he did ‘hint’ to me that the current iteration of SP (Convictions) will pave the way for a new series and style of Splinter Cell, but it woul dbe improper for him to mention it just yet, seeing that the current game is several months off release.

          The same applies to many of Ubi’s games and IP’s.

          You can tell from a persons eyes and manner when with them as to how they answer questions fielded to them, and on both counts, their eyes gave it away as to the high likelihood of follow-up titles.

          I was also trying to pry info for the new Rainbow Six and GHOST adventures. But while we all know they have been well under development for some time now, NO NEWS has been let out, and even pressing the guys on the day could not even squeeze any news out, other than there WILL be some great announcements in the early part of 2010 re such games.

          It’s like when I interviewed Cliff Blesenzki with regards to Gears Of War 3, and the Movie while he was here. While he could not confirm, nor deny it’s existence, he did say that he “I don’t plan on retiring the franchise just yet thanks mate, way too much to do with it yet…. but I do need a holiday”. So as you can see, it’s often in what they DO NOT SAY, more than what they do say. If that makes sense?


          1. I completely agree with you and I’d like to add if I may, I personally would like to see Ubisoft make the trilogy but to leave it open at the end. Then continue with ‘expansion’ style games that have their own story and to make sure they continue the link between the series. They could do a game on each piece of eden if they wanted to and with the map shown at the end of AC2 on the codex wall it’d be possible to do so, but I think that following altair’s line and the assassin order itself; it’s origins would be a great addition to the Assassin’s Creed world, I just hope they don’t cut it off at 3 and leave it there.


          2. There is also the possibility of exploring the times and places that Subject 16 visited. A ‘prequel’ type series. That seems to be popular these days.


    2. Not Really. While they are getting away in the Truck, Desmond is put back on the animus machine. If the game is played in Desmond’s time, why have the animus machine anymore. But you may be right, it could be that a larger part of the game is played in Desmond’s time as the game/series draws to an end especially with Altergo hot on Desmond’s trail.


  34. After studying the French Revolution in history I can tell you THAT is when the game MUST take place. People were being executed for suspicion of speaking their mind. It was bad and bloody. The turbulent times could lead to you executing all sorts of leaders, like Rhobes Pierre (it was actually a girl who did this, but they could make it a conspiracy). The church was also gone until Napoleon put it under state control.
    This is easily THE place to do it. The time was crazy, leaders were calling for heads and kings were starting wars. I will be disappointed if it didn’t take place in Paris.


    1. True, and there were great troubles on the English and Roman eras (which had great cities that were torn down or burnt, incl Troy which was saked by the Myceans) with regards to the great treasure, which also included Germany of the past. Which is where many of the English Royal Family actually come from. I believe Prince Phillips is of Royal German decent . . The Catholics tried to get hold of the treasures in many countries over many centuries, using many methods including the inquisition (there were more than one actually) which were all Papal approved.

      SO as mentioned above, there could be several possibilities as to where Ubi will be taking us. And, as let on, there is not reason to go in a continual time sequence, they could go back and forth (hint came from a solid source – but is only a comment excluding any strict time sequence).

      More often than not, a good storyteller will take his/her readers on a journey of several possibilities, even to a point where the most obvious ending, is NOT the most obvious conclusion. Otherwise, the story has no depth or suspense, it becomes very dry and ‘predictable’


    2. i agree with you, i went to france last week and the interior of the country have outstanding castels, and paris is perfect place to free run. Leonardo da vinci died in a french city, and we can visit his house. he could have left some surprises that will link ezio to the next assasin. ac3 should set in the napoleonic time too. a griph puzzle in ac2 showed napoleon with a piece of eden. napoleon died in the isle of saint helena, and nobody know for sure how, or who.


    3. Well it’s a very good setting to put the third and maybe final Assassin’s Creed game, it would make up a complete ending true to the Creed.

      In my opinion the colonization of the US might make a good third game as well, seeing that this is where many believe that the Templars disapeared to.

      I’m really hoping that they won’t make the third game as another WW2 game, there’s alot of them and it will in my opinion just be another game with guns blazing, i want a third with the same outfit and weapons, with some minor improvements , but true to the two previous games.


    4. I agree this is the perfect setting, all the history fits in and a lengthy and interesting storyline would be entirely possible and ubisoft could have real fun making the third game. However I read in an interview with the producer of AC and he said that he wanted the Creed series to be a trilogy, so the third game might focus on Desmond and the final bit in the whole story, but my personal opinion is that they could so easily make ten of these games, spanning all the way from the origin of the assassin order all the way to a futuristic catastrophic end of the order. I hope they don’t finish it off at 3 because they could do so much more with the series if they keep their heads screwed on.


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