Assassin’s Creed 3: (Part 2) When & Where To Next?

Part 2 adds more possibilities to the mix….

UPDATE – Assassin’s Creed 3 announced – details, screens and scans here

Assassin’s Creed III Limited Editions Detailed and Priced HERE

by dkpatriarch

© 2009 David Hilton

When and where will Assassin’s Creed 3 take place?  In Part 1 I outlined four possible options and now with Part 2 we will look at several more.

With so many clues revealed through codex, ‘subject 16’ revelations, symbols on walls, Pieced of Eden locations, and 6 statues in the Tuscan villa, Ubisoft could be directing us to the next instalment, or just throwing around a lot of food for conjecture.

UPDATE 7/3/12: Below is my suggestion in 2009 of the Seven Years War (French-Indian War) which actually is when Assassin’s Creed III begins.  I explain there why it is a good starting point for the American Revolution.

So, the next few are:

5. Ancient Greece/ Rome/ Egypt/ Persia

Assassin of Persia?

In keeping with my argument that there is no reason for this series to continue in chronological order, and with hints both in the games and from other sources, Assassin’s Creed 3 may go back to ancient times.

Inevitably when you are dealing with ‘ancient mysteries’ and objects of ‘sacred power’ these will reach back to earliest times.  These times could be biblical or mythological: Ancient Egypt or Lost Atlantis.

There are hints of an Egyptian, Roman and Persian Assassin in Assassin’s Creed 2 (statues in the villa), but there is also the French comic book Assassin’s Creed: Desmond which details the Assassin Aquilus, son of Lucus, who attacks generals of the Roman Empire.

Ancient Egypt: origin of the mysteries?

I would welcome the series going to ancient times and there are many pivotal times and interesting places that can be explored.

There is Alexander the Great, who may have been poisoned (though this is less and less seen as likely), and his wars took him from Greece, to the Middle East, to Egypt, to Persia and to India.  Rich pickings for locations there!

Assassinate Brad Pitt...

What about the feud between the Macedonian leaders who took control of a divided empire after him?  There were assassinations and wars between them for many years.

Alexander’s great empire ended up divided into the Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt, the Seleucid Empire in the East, the kingdom of Pergamon in Asia minor (present day Turkey), and Macedon.

Or you could go further back in Ancient Greek history and look at the Trojan War, with the city of Troy as your city to explore. A Piece of Eden is said to have helped in the use of the Trojan horse.

If Ubisoft chose the Roman Empire in the time of Antony and Cleopatra and their wars against Octavius (who would become the first Roman Emperor, Augustus) they could include Egyptian cities among those the Assassin must navigate and pursue his or her craft.

Ancient Rome is in the French comic....

Alexandria was certainly one of the premier cities of its age and Ancient Rome would be a joy to free-run through.

Certainly those options above involved important historical periods and their influence still echoes into our modern world.

Alexander’s empire and his Hellenistic culture changed the East and the Pax Romana after Augustus allowed Roman influence to develop and expand all along the Mediterranean and the North.

The problem is that there were no Templars before the Crusades, so they would have to be linked in somehow as it is unlikely Ubisoft will introduce new adversaries for the clan of Assassins to deal with.

How this would plausibly be done is beyond me.

6. Reconquista of Spain and the Spanish Inquisition


Much of Spain was once owned by Muslim Moors who had crossed from Africa into the Iberian Peninsula.

The architecture of cities like Seville, Granada, Toledo and Cordoba reflected the often more sophisticated knowledge of the Moors in a time when Christian kingdoms tended to be suspicious of science.

However the Western kingdoms never stopped trying to reconquer the land, and when the Crusades became popular in Europe many knights, including the Templars before they were disbanded, went to fight in Spain.

Eventually in 1492 the reconquista was complete with the end of the last Moorish bastion in Al Andalus (Granada) and shortly thereafter Jews and Muslims were ejected and the infamous Spanish Inquisition expanded.

Reconquista of Spain

Until then, the city of Toledo often stood as a contrast to the turmoil.  It was where the three monotheistic religions (Christian, Muslim, and Jews) had relative peace and shared knowledge and culture (La Convivencia).

Not only would the cities of this period be fantastic to explore in an open-world style, but there were plenty of intrigue, plotting, and waring.  Sometimes the enemy was of your own faith.

The Crusades against the Moors and the subsequent expulsions of Muslims and Jews and the struggles and suffering faced by people during the harsher periods of Inquisition provides a colourful canvas for storytelling where an Assassin can operate against any number of enemies.

Even though the Templars had been disbanded, many of their knights in Spain and Portugal actually still remained organised together, though under a different name, like Knights of Christ.

7. Modern Times

Please, not here again!

After the conclusion of Assassin’s Creed 2 it looks like Desmond has everything he needs to go off and find the temples and many gamers argue that signifies that we will remain in modern times.

Even if the importance of the Animus has changed, Desmond’s time ‘bleeding’ could still enable the next game to involve a different time. I personally will be disappointed if we are stuck in modern times.

We’ve seen plenty of modern open-world or near open-world games, including the free-running Mirror’s Edge and the Prototype-type city.  Modern rectangular skyscrapers feature in way too many games as it is, and I’ve ranted and raved in previous articles against any more games in modern American cities like New York.

Modern Tunis is still historic and exotic

However, I do think there could be more scope for Desmond’s parts of the games featuring more prominently in the third part, since he seems to have a clear mission now.

However if this is the case I would still like to see mini-visits to the past to discover directions, perhaps in Eternal Darkness-style level structure.  Then there could be different members of the Assassins clan in different times.

Though the wide open worlds we are used to from Assassin’s Creed 1 and 2 might be more limited to single cities or locations, the narrative will take precedence.

The other option is to make the modern locations interesting ones that still exude history, like Rome, Prague, Istanbul, Rhodes, Tunis or Tallinn.

Is Armageddon the way to the 'New World Order' of the Templars?

Or they could be really daring and return to Jerusalem, this time in the present, with all the tensions that exist there now.  After all, many think the city significant to Armageddon, the final battle between the forces of good and evil, prophesied to occur at the end of the world.

I could be way off base here, but there is reference to the date December 21, 2012, the so-called End of the Age or End of Time for the Mayan calendar.

Not only that, but I found this book titled THE NEW TEMPLE AND THE SECOND COMING: The Prophecy That Points to Christ’s Return in Your Generation, which has an interesting outline that is not only about the end times, but about Temple treasure, Jerusalem, Temple vessels, and scrolls:

You will examine the biblical prophecies and research data that together solve end-times mysteries, including:

  • the search for lost Temple treasures
  • revealing discoveries in underground Jerusalem
  • the process of recreating sacred Temple vessels
  • unexpected clues revealed in the Copper Scroll and the Ezekiel Tablets
  • the latest plans for rebuilding the Temple

Is this where Ubisoft are headed with the Assassin’s Creed series?  A race to cause/prevent Armageddon? Do Abstergo/ The Templars want to create some sort of Armageddon as a way to their ‘New World Order’ where religion is exposed as false and they hold ultimate control?  After all, Abstergo is also a Latin verb, meaning “to cleanse”.

I’m really not excited about a game set in modern times, but if something like the options I’ve outlined takes place I might not mind so much.

8. Cathar Crusade in Southern France

Carcassonne: fortress city under siege

The Albigensian Crusade against the Cathar ‘heretics’ of the southern Languedoc region of France in 1209 is interesting in that it pitted Christian armies against each other, much like the Constantinople conflict a few years earlier I outlined in Part 1.  Also like that conflict, the Crusaders were involved not only in a ‘Crusade” but in a more political, commercial, and territorial conflict than anything of religious significance.

The Roman Church certainly was getting sick of the “Good Men” preaching their dualist Gnostic heresy, but this was a war sought by the Northern Kingdoms to claim the wealth and territory of the South.

The region of Languedoc was a fiercely independent territory with its own advanced culture and language (Occitan) and respect of learning and art (for example the courtly love troubadour tradition), and had a well educated nobility for the times (familiar with Arabic advances in mathematics for example).

Cathar Crusade

It had excellent trading routes on the Mediterranean, was tolerant of sects like the Cathars who contrasted with the local clergy who were seen as apathetic and corrupt, and allowed women a higher status than in other kingdoms.

In contrast, much of the North was illiterate, poor and intolerant.  They not only wanted to wipe out the heretics, they wanted to take the South for themselves.  The assassination of a Papal Legate in 1208 allegedly by a knight of the Count of Toulouse provided the outrage to begin the war.

The results were a series of bloodbaths and the eventual formation of the Holy Inquisition.  Most in the South were not Cathars, but to the Crusaders there was to be no distinction: “Kill them all,” was the battle cry at Beziers, “God will know his own.”

30,000 armed soldiers descended on Beziers and the town’s 15 000 men, women, and children perished.  The heavily fortified city of Carcassonne withstood their siege until being betrayed dishonourably by the Crusader army, the city’s commander taken prisoner while under truce.

Holy Inquistion established

In the end the south was subjugated and annexed into France and the Cathars hunted down for years by the Inquisition.

The Templars were said to have been neutral in this conflict, but an Assassin’s Creed game can easily incorporate them and the Assassins into the intrigue, assassinations, betrayals, and search for the mysterious Cathar treasure that comes with the period.

Was the infamous Templar treasure that Jaques De Molay, last Grand Master of the Templars, supposedly safely hid before the King of France, Philip le Bel’s, coordinated assault on Friday the 13th October 1307, the same as the Cathar ‘treasure’?

One of the artifacts is supposed to have been in Rennes-le-Château, which is in Languedoc.  Or was it safely secreted away in Scotland (maybe in a sort of ‘temple’ in Loch Ness like Desmond is after?).  Could it therefore be related to the modern day Abstergo struggle in the games?

Certainly Carcassonne and its region would make a great locations to run, jump, duel and stab in.  In fact it still looks magnificiently medieval today.

9. The Fall of Quebec and New France (The Seven Year’s War/ French-Indian War)

Lobsters and Frogs

This one I suggest with a slight smirk.  It is for those who want Assassin’s Creed to remain chronological and also for the Montreal-based Ubisoft studio which is making the game.

It would certainly help them keep their research costs down since the studio is actually in the province of Quebec, Canada, which was part of New France.  And one of the artifacts is supposed to be in Montreal…

I’m not sure how the Templars and Assassins would fit into the plot exactly, but the backdrop of the Seven Year’s War (or French-Indian War) during the 1750s and 60s presents plenty of conflict in Europe and the New World between England and France and their native allies which changed the fortunes of those Empires and the world.

How? As Winston Churchill describes, it was the first “world war”, as it was the first conflict in human history to be fought around the globe.

Quebec City gate

Not only that but the end of New France meant the 13 colonies (American colonists) no longer needed England’s protection and would later rebel to form the United States of America.

France went into debt during this war and in supporting the American War of Independence, which helped create the circumstances that led to the French Revolution.

England became the foremost naval and economic power.

Though the conflict was spread out, the wars in New France would be the best setting for the game, though the story still could at least  begin in Europe.

The battle for Quebec City

In the most dramatic battle, General Wolfe and the English, using an amazingly risky strategy of a stealthy landing that paid off due to a series of lucky circumstances and mistakes by the French, won the Battle of the Plains of Abraham at Quebec City, which is still the only fortified walled city in North America today.

The English went on to win all of France’s North American territories, only to face the War of Independence against the American colonists later in 1775.

As for the game, Quebec City would make an excellent city in which to free-run and assassinate neo-Templars.  Under a blanket of snow the game environment could be fresh and have new features like having to avoid enemies who can see footprints or blood that has dripped from wounds in the snow, or watch out for slippery rooftops.

Quebec City snow: new gameplay possibilities

The major problem is determining how to play the conflict as it is doubtful Ubisoft would want to make all of the French or the English or the Natives good or bad, but simply use individuals in the conflict as enemies.  It would be like the newer Star Wars films where evil agents played both sides against each other for their own ends.

To conclude Part 2…

Let’s face it: Ubisoft can do whatever it wants.  It has left enough openings to explore Assassin’s Creed a variety of different ways.  It could be a trilogy like originally planned, or it could go on longer as recently stated.  It could be primarily based in modern times with little stints into the past, or it could still use a historic period as the major part of gameplay.

Ubisoft is not bound by the history it uses as a backdrop.  Already we have seen a female Templar in a celibate religious monastic military Order.  This simply would not happen (though there is the legend of a female Pope, Pope Joan…but she pretended to be male).

Nor is it bound by what we as gamers have interpreted from the lore of the games.  They may want to surprise us and take us into another direction, using what we’ve learned so far and twisting it to make a mockery of our conclusions.

In any case, Assassin’s Creed 3’s mysteries certainly provide food for thought and I can’t wait to hear where and when they decide to set the next game.

• Where would you like to see Assassin’s Creed 3?

Remember that David’s prediction of the current location and era was correct, so perhaps his predictions may well be close to the mark for the next iteration. Make your vote count, as we send these articles to Ubisoft, and they can  see your comments and the poll. We had many votes on the issue in Part one, so let’s see what we have to say here in part two.

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38 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed 3: (Part 2) When & Where To Next?”

  1. After seeing the AC:B action, I think Ubisoft can put this game is any epoch, Prehistoric to even Star Wars (half joking)


  2. Ever watch Indianna Jones? If youve ever watched Indianna Jones you’ve seen where most of the worlds strange and wonderous artifacts go….some warehouse in america. during the turn of the century and well up untill the 40′s archeologists and paleontologist from american universities travelled the world finding and bringing strange and wonderous artifacts back.

    What if Desmond’s new ancestor was an italian immigrant before and during prohibition era. plenty of assassinations happened during that time, including a few presidents! he could fight mobsters (they didnt just use tommy guns people) in New York City, the sky scrapers would be perfect, especially since sky scrapers were residential areas as well so they would have flag poles and such to climb on…..or take the elevator? as far as fighting corporations goes the unionization movements from that era would fit nicely for the creation of an abstergo type corporation.

    As for the american revolution, again his ancestor could be an immigrant. George Washington had networks of spies and the East India Company could be an Abstergo substitute. so its not farfetched to try and use the war as a backdrop, although I cannot Imagine there would be much free running. Guns, Really? they used guns that could get off 1 shot a minute if they were lucky! while rifling was used during the american revolution it wasnt used widely and the accuracy of most guns was very poor.
    however, in reality, I bet it will be set in central or south america just because of all the 2012 BS everyone has been talking about.

    As for desmond, I think it would be cool if between each “memory block” in the next game, he would have to travel to a new location to get in an animus. he could free run from skyscraper to skyscraper in a metropolis, run through the forests in some remote village, etcetera etcetera. oh and abstergo templars could chase him….hey he could even assassinate people, like have his own target(s). I like the Idea of a wild wild west setting far more than cartel world though. Just speculation but I think It would be cool.


  3. it should soo be in japan during the time of the samurie and ninja …… just a shot in the dark but that would be pretty awsome


  4. I really cannot see it go backwards. I think it would be great to ancient cities but really we would just go back to AC 1. I mean anything before AC 1 then mos of the new inventions would not be used. Not that the tools are needed but what would be the reason to remove all those weapons. I think it has to be in chronological order or we might just be backtracking.

    Though going back in time would allow Desmond to solve those temple they are PROBABLY going to go eventually, but how is it ASSASSINS’ Creed. It would be a simple platformer.

    Ubisoft aren’t going to a game in 2011 and they’re prophecy comes December 21st 2012. If they make the game post 2012 the suspense and major intrigue would be lost. So 2012 might spell the end of the series and modern times would rap the whole series up.

    Anyway wasn’t the AC 2 and AC:B all about getting Desmond ready for modern day?

    Edited: Few spelling mistakes😀 You can take the 1st the down.


  5. To be honest, I think whatever time period it is, the developers could make it work beautifully. The one thing that I might hate losing, is the integrated gun and such, if they do end up going back in time.

    However, due to how much it _could_ offer, migrating to an older time period, it might be a good idea.

    If worse comes to worse, they *could* actually make the gun. Because, think about it…Altair created codex pages shortly before he died, detailing all of these designs. So it is technically possible that “some new assassins finds these, decrypts them, uses the modifications, but never figures out that they eventually lead (the end of the game in assassins creed 2).”

    What I wouldn’t like is probably anything going more modern than what AC:Brotherhood brought. In other words, there is basic usage of guns, sure..and they made that fit into it beautifully (so it doesn’t ruin swordplay). But e.g. WW1/2 would be horrible due to the usage of guns (where the hell would swords fit into that, when someone can mow you down with an MP45).

    The French Revolution has me a bit worried actually. When I hear that there is just so much chaos, people dying, and not just that of Royalty & upper upper class people…I don’t know. It kind of lessens the whole “we kill the corrupted, prosperous, for the benefit of others”.

    Also, a game based in modern day will be stretching it, I feel. Yes, at the end of AC2 the templars invading the warehouse didn’t use guns, but this was because they wanted them alive, so they used batons🙂

    So I think the modern day can only be taken in moderation, with the majority being in the Animus.

    As for one game on the “this gen of consoles”, that would be stupid of them. This generation of consoles will be quite resilient, ESPECIALLY the PS3. For example, if they wanted to up the graphics detail of their game engine, they would have to make it PS3 & PC only, with the X360 version being as good as it can look, but quite crappy compared to the other platforms.

    Look at Metal Gear Solid’s HD detail…you can definitely not tell if you are in a cutscene or not, when it zooms out. The PS3 still has some really great capabilities on it that are being limited by the short-comings of the xbox360. Which really sucks too, I wish they would make the “as good as can be” versions for the ones that can handle it, then tone it down to the x360 to be as good as that can handle.


  6. I think Feudal Japan would be pretty sweet. The knives and swords would make sense as the ninjas were just regular people trying to rise up and I think the storyline could be well concieved. The only problem would be the hood, but they might be able to work that out


  7. Why not set it during the regency era? George 3rd could go mad because a piece of eden, knives and sword would till work(as would hood). It’s a completely unexplored era in terms of games. Also if the character was a woman there could be a love story in the style of a jane austen novel (I think they were written about then) and be set in london.


  8. I agree completely that WWII would be a crappy setting for the game, I wouldn’t like to play in that period.

    Plus, there would be some nasty complications involved, like who to kill besides nazi’s? I bet it get’s boring after all the similar targets.

    Another reason: the weaponry, the free-running would sorta get nerfed if your enemies would just shoot at you instead of chasing after you over the rooftops.

    I think that we will get to play in a present day setting, but on the side, small missions in wich you play Desmond and wield guns and snipers to take out templars and on the other hand you have to enter the animus to find out something that happened in the past.

    You forgot a few though: The ancient China setting has been mentioned before and, the Wild West =P
    In the early days weapons only just started to advance and you get to hunt down bad guys who robbed the bank and stuff


  9. I would eliminate any options that take place chronologically before Renaissance Italy, assuming they’re trying to keep the pattern consistent. I would also eliminate modern-day settings – that will probably be the last game of the series.

    Historically, you’d need a context that was somewhat chaotic and had some level of cultural diversity. It’d also have to make sense to have an assassin running around killing people with a knife and a hood.

    That last bit is pretty important – if one guy is running around the French Revolution wearing a cloak when everyone else is wearing wigs, it would seem weird that the guards don’t notice. I’d bet that is one big reason why the developers are considering a female protagonist – for most European settings post-Renaissance, it would be less noticeable for a woman to be wearing a hood.

    It’s also an issue about how to keep it a melee combat game. It’s never a problem to have the assassin run around with a knife in any era – even in modern day, you can justify it by saying, “He’s just that cool.” But it is an issue to have the people he’s fighting carrying swords as well. Why would a Nazi be carrying a sword when he can just shoot the crap out of that weird dude wearing the hood?

    I like the French Revolution – rich historical setting, full of chaos and intrigue. It lacks a little in the way of cultural diversity that made Crusades Middle East and Renaissance Italy interesting. But the French Revolution or the following Napoleonic Era could both be strong options. Still, female protagonist probably makes more sense to be wearing the hood.

    I’d also suggest there’s some overlooked possibilities here. Victorian-era England is the standard setting for steampunk fiction – we’ve already seen some machine fantasy in the series. The era of Jack the Ripper, Sherlock Holmes – it’s a setting that you could reasonably fit an assassin into. But again, top hats and canes make more sense than hoods and knives. Probably a female protagonist needed here as well. (Honestly, can an assassin look cool with a top hat? I really doubt it.)

    Following up on that, what about World War I, the other world war? It has much more in the way of political intrigue and nowhere near as played out as Nazi Germany.

    And way off the beaten track, what about Colonial-era China? It’s very rich historically and involves a whole bunch of European countries fighting each other to dominate a country that doesn’t like them. Very diverse, very historical, and very different – not a period you see a lot of games about. Sword-based combat makes sense – soldiers would be carrying them in the period and you could introduce a little gun combat as well. And a guy in a hood doesn’t seem as unusual.


    1. You also have to take into consideration the freerunning gameplay…women tended to wear skirts or elaborate dresses if you were rich during the French Revolution…but some good points there.


  10. If it’s WWII, I shall cry for the series.

    As if killing Nazis wasn’t already an overused and tired video-game cliche.

    French-set games seem to be gaining speed in the gaming community as of late, so that would not surprise me. I would be perfectly fine with ANY of your settings, even Modern, as long as it means that there are no damn Nazi’s. Wanna kill some Nazi’s? Play Wolfenstein, or Sabotuer. Just, for heaven’s sake… don’t ruin a good series now by adding Nazi’s to the mix.

    … I think at this point in my life, I have laid waste to more Nazi’s than were present in WWII, in video games, alone.


  11. ino this sounds crazy… but wild west…
    mixture of free running(wouldnt freerunning on a trainrobbery be awesome?), horses, guns and swords. Plus it was basically lawless and it cud be like the templars trying to “tame” the west with pieces of eden and make it like a world in their image. plus didnt desmond say he was from a compound out west in the first ac?


  12. i like the idea of WW2, espically because Ubi made a hint hint wink wink towards it. But, I chose the Other option.

    Why? because there is one really good time frame that you neglected to mention. That it the Industrial Revolution.

    Running around a late 19th century London with steam-punk technology. Meeting people like Tesla, Edison, Twain, Jack the Ripper and more. You would be able to fast travel America or France.

    Modern firearms are starting to appear, allowing for an easier transition into the modern era. (’cause how long are they going to have enemies with batons) Finally, it will be modern enough to give pretty good hints to the locations of the Temples and Pieces of Eden.


  13. UPDATE 14/01/10:

    Apparently “Ubisoft’s new Assassin’s Creed game will again star Italian hero Ezio, Ubisoft has confirmed – and will be created by the same studios behind AC2.”


    It’s supposed to have online multiplayer (what about offline multi!!!!), NOT be AC3, not just be more DLC, and be released in 2010…interesting…


  14. Hi all,
    Having read with interest some of the ideas mentioned I think we have to look back at the revelations within AC1 and AC2.
    Minerva speaks to Desmond through the prophet (Ezio), would we leave the prophet at this point? Surley after the revelation to Ezio he would have sought to further his knoweldge and seek out others of the order and the temples. Those that have found the Auditore family tomb will have read at length the scriptures on the walls that speak at length of Marco Polo as being a friend of the assassin order who had travelled far and wide including to Genghis Khan, the Mongols it is well documented were the downfall of the Creed destroying their temples and forcing them underground.

    What we should also remember is that for Desmond to sync with the life of Ezio he had to be placed in at the point of birth, can this really be twisted to the end that Desmond will be able ta access any of his ancestors memories, also are we to assume that the other assassin’s are the ancestors of Altair. From the Codex pages we know the Altair became the Old man of the mountain within his order and temple but also spoke of others responsible for other tempels and orders around spread through the east and into Europe, are the tombs we have visited for the seals those that Altair has talked about.

    Should we not continue our journey with Ezio our prophet? We have already explored many regions of Italy though true assassins could blend with any community, speaking many languages familiar with many teachings and belief systems, for this reason could we not explore more through Ezio, could this not help us turn Desmond into the ultimate assassin, is this the true end goal. Minerva stated that her race no longer exsist and are assassins not taught that “nothing is true; Everything is permitted”

    Now that we have both Pieces of Eden needed to access the secrets within the tombs and given that from the revelations from the glyphs and Subject 16 we do know that throughotu time the apple has been used by many and passed around the world, we therfore wouldn’t know where to find the pieces in the present day, the answers lie within the tombs so maybe we will be sticking with Ezio with the final chapters being with Desmond utilising knowledge from the tombs?

    The assassin order is based on the use of the blade so would this work in modern times, just doesn’t seem to fit.

    either way I for one certainly can’t wait for the next instalment.


  15. in ac2 they spoke of dec 21 2012. the mayas predicted that that day there would come an apocalypse. maybe you are a kind of mayan assasin.

    though I prefer being in Ancient Rome. but no modern times, because for ac you need a historical atmosphere.

    it wouldn’t be fun jumping from buildings that are all destroyed by tanks


  16. Speaking of apocalypse, what if they pulled a Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask and gave us a PoE that gave us time travel ability, cheating Dec 21. 2012 by 3 days or so.

    “The “Philadelphia Experiment” artifact: Time travel, said to have been lost in the failed experiment. According to reports, a Navy destroyer ship disappeared for a few minutes, supposedly having traveled to the future. When it reappeared and was searched, most of the men were gone or they were there but dead, with pieces of their bodies melted into the metal of the ship. According to the email in the first AC, it was locked away in a safe location, and curiously, on the Codex map it shows a dot in the middle of the Nevada desert…in Area 51? ”

    I personally however would love to see an AC in Feudal Japan, with a female assassin, the daughter of Wei Yu (Famous Assassin in the Alair armour room. ) This in my opinion could look and play really nicely. think ninja/shinobi weapons, katanas, shuriken, kunai, etc. And a sexy new assassins robe (bikini/cape actually


  17. Assassin’s Creed 3 must have some correlation to December 21st, 2012.

    Do remember that Desmond was kidnapped by Abstergo in September 2010 (in the first Assassin’s Creed). After the days he spent in AC and AC2, it should be October 2012 by now. All Ubisoft needs to do is make its third installment span a 2 month period.

    This would also make for an exciting game as Desmond will need to do whatever before December 21st, 2012. Otherwise the world will end or something of that nature.


  18. I think a modern times setting for the third game would be disappointing. Moving from using swords and knives to more modern weapons would ruin the uniqueness of the game and make it more like other games already out there… like InFamous. I like the first two games because they’re set in the past, although rationalizing how Desmond can stop a future/imminent catastrophic event by going through memories in the past might be difficult. The bleeding effect almost gives the setting of the third game away… in the present. Unless, scenes move from the present to the past, which wouldn’t be so bad.

    In the end Minerva was talking to Desmond, which seems to mean the threat the world faced didn’t happen in the past. We’ll probably have to wait two more years to find out.


  19. i doubt it will be the pre-crusade era. there were no assassins and templars before the crusades. the templar institute was only created because of the crusade. it would be a ridiculous if the story line brought us back that far. im guessing american or french revolution or WWI.


  20. I think that i would be awesome to be set in modern day times i using oldern day weapons with some modern modifications. Mayb some of the settings could be in shanty towns such as Brazil, Africa etc. NO MODERN GUNS


  21. I don’t see how a modern day setting would require that much guns and firepower. An assassin is supposed to be stealthy, unfortunately I felt alot of the missions in AC2 also missed out on the stealth part. It wouldn’t harm AC3 having a WW2 assassin using hidden blades, daggers and blow-darts. As any guns from that time-period would make massive noise and alert any guards. It is speculated that Hitler was looking for some sort of artifact from the crusades to help him create his ‘new world order’, so I easily see a possible conflict with the Assassins. Plus the Abstergo guy DOES have sort of a german accent.

    As for avoiding modern-day skyscrapers, etc, etc… Here’s a suggestion; Starts out as modern-day, Desmond has completed the bleed effect and is a fully trained assassin. But word is the Templars is looking for a third piece of eden, the same one Hitler was looking for. The story then switches back and forth between modern-day and WW2, as desmond needs to locate the piece by looking into another ancestors memory, at the same time as he needs to slow down the Templars process by launching attacks on them in real-time.

    To avoid the big cities, the search which started in Berlin follows the germans to the invasion of Norway, and the fighting in the western parts, more specifically the hanseatic town of Bergen, what better location for the Spear of Destiny to have ended up in? Unfortunately, following the german invasion it was moved up north, to the snow-clad Finnmark. Only clues lead from Bergen to the actual location in Finnmark. Once up in Finnmark population will be sparce and the hunt will lead far up into the mountains, through snowstorms and glaciers.

    Arriving in the end at the Spear of Destiny’s location, it turns out that Abstergo was tracking them all along, as they were dependent on Desmond to find it for them (His ancestor moved it). Allowing for the final showdown in a decolate cave far up in the snowy Norwegian mountains, far from civilization.

    Just a possibility…

    I like the idea of industrial England and Jack the Ripper as Desmonds ancestor aswell tho😛

    Another few lovable possibilities:

    US Cold War – Ancestor = MacGyver😛
    Vietnam War – Ancestor = Chuck Norris(MiA) or Rambo
    Mongol – Genghis Khan
    Asia – Ancestor travels with Marco Polo, close relative to Ezio
    American Civil War
    Western-style Assassin
    Finnish Winterwars
    The Light Brigade
    Tien-amin square
    Gandhi (Imagine if Gandhi secretly was an assassin responsible for hundreds of Templars lives😛 )


    1. Mongol- Genghis Khan was killed by an assasin, infact it was the one of the six, who are under the villa in ac2.


  22. about number 5 with the ancient times and the templars starting in the crusades, one of the glyths in assassins creed 2 says that cain (one of adam and eves sons) was the first ever templar ages before the crusades


  23. I see that you still haven’t thought of England. We all hopefully know how the rise of industrialization changed the face of earth so I wouldn’t be shocked if the templars had some intrest in the area. Also all the mingle in central europe in that timeperiod would give a good setting. All the inventors and menaces of the timeperiod(and lets not forget Jack the Ripper shall we?) plus the architechture of the time would cut it as well. What do you think?


    1. Well in my Quebec/ New France option I said the game could start in Europe (meaning mainly England or France) as the 7 Years War was raging there too.

      I’ve also thought of the whole Scotland vs. England angle (Robert the Bruce was reportedly aided by the Templars), and the 100 Years War in France (England vs. France) was a big mess, as well as the War of the Roses in England being significant to English history. In the end I discounted all those options as doubtful, and possibly not as exciting.


  24. I would love to see Russia around the 1730ies. Catharina the great is empress and they’re all wearing big wigs and pompous clothing. That would be a fantastic setting.


  25. I know people are tired of the WWII settings, but I think it could work. Because it’s different than something like Call of Duty; It wont be first person. Velvet Assassin? No, I don’t think so, because she couldn’t do nearly the things Ezio and Altair could do in agility.

    I’m tired of the WWII settings myself, but mostly because it’s either FPS, or RTS games. This will be different, and I think there’s a LOT that Ubi can do with Hitler’s reign. I can already think of a plot, and that maybe like the other main antagonists in the series, Hitler’s true motive could have been the what all the others are after, and he truly didn’t kill himself, but the assassin did. But, that’s not to say that I am not for ancient times, like the Roman Empire. I think Ubi has done such a great job with AC, that I trust them anywhere they go at this point.

    And I also think it would be great if the next assassin was a female. Just my two cents.


  26. id say Egypt or Renaissance France would be the most logical location for AC3.
    went to EB yesterday and picked up the saboteur, the avatar and the assassins creed 2 walkthrough,
    and JESUS TAP DANCING CHRIST! i cant believe how much detail and thought has gone into the storyline.
    it explains all the hidden text above desmonds bed, who desmond is and why he was chosen as subject 17.
    why subject 16 killed himself.
    brilliant read, anyone interested in ACs storyline MUST! read the walkthrough.
    expensive, extremley expensive at 50 bucks but meh its a fantastic read.


  27. I would be more than happy to play all of those scenarios, Assassin’s Creed could span as many games as it wants without getting old. However i’d rather they stayed away from modern times otherwise it could end up too much like “Splinter Cell”, “Metal Gear Solid” or even “Wanted”. I don’t wanna see Altair/Ezio/Whoever bending bullets or using Night – Vision goggles…….


  28. I’m for any old world setting. I want to continue fighting with edged weapons, riding horses & doing parkour off of architectural masterpieces. I say NO to modern cities & modern firearms. Did I forget to mention that I will go ape with anger at a WW 1 or WW 2 setting?.


  29. I think the chronological order is needed for the advancements in technology.

    I think it would be silly for Ubi not to do a modern day one some time in the series, but I don’t think they should do it yet as that would both cut the series short and the current consoles probably aren’t capable of rendering a fully interactive modern day world to the standard Ubi would want; particularly with the time, money and resource limits involved in a multiplatform title.

    I’m hoping they do one more on the current consoles, hopefully the french revolution.

    Then on the next consoles maybe do two more, possibly world war 2 and then finally modern times with a few jumps back to important times in history.🙂


    1. seeing the swords that the modern day templars were using at the end of ac2 it will probably have multiple parts of the game set in modern times. He already knows where the last pieces of eden are from the map at the end of the game so I don’t see it necesarry for desmond to go back in the animus to find out where to go. but I think there will be twists like they’re having trouble finding one of them and have to go back in the animus to figure out what to do. I hope it’s set in modern times cause ubisoft knows that people play this game for the edged weapons and occasional new technologies. they won’t mess that up by making it a gun based game.


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