12 Great Games with Dreadful Moments on all platforms.

12 Great Games with Dreadful Moments on all platforms.

by Shadow Wave:

©2009 Bed Cadwallader:

It’s a fact; no game is perfect.  Each and every game has some flaw, some issue, whether it’s a game breaking bug, a poor development choice or something else.   AAA games with top reviews are no exception.

Here are 12 great games on All Platforms listing some of their flaws that some gamers might not notice but that others would find annoying.  These issues may even have made some gamers put the controller down in total frustration and simply walk away from the game altogether.

This Top 12 List will focus on key moments that gave me and other gamers trouble, frustration and general annoyance.

Spoiler Alert
– This contains spoilers on some of the greatest games ever made, so if you haven’t played any of the games mentioned below,  I highly recommended you do not read about it and play the game for yourself!

1 – Mass Effect (PC, 360)

Space Exploration

Space Exploration - right

While I personally think Mass Effect is the best 360 game on the Xbox platform,  it does however have one major flaw: Exploration.

Each optional planet that you visit on Mass Effect is essentially exactly the same. Sure the ground may be a different colour, and the sky looks different, but deep down, almost every planet is just a bare bones rocky, mountainous area that you must drive your ridiculous bouncy car around in search of exact same thing you found on the last planet.

It was highly repetitive, and nowhere near as fun as the fantastic main missions.

Let’s hope Mass Effect 2 has improved upon this majorly criticised area of the first game.

2 – Assassins Creed 1 (360, PC, PS3)

The Ending

Oh what an ending . . .

So once the player completes Altair’s full story, the credits roll and players are treated to an interactive ending that makes absolutely no sense and leaves you more on the edge of your seat than Halo 2’s ending.

Sure it gave players a lot of clues, hidden meanings and insight into the future and past of Assassins Creed’s story. But for a lot gamers who didn’t want to start Google searching every term they found probably didn’t connect the dots at all and were just left with a huge ‘wtf!’

I think what’s worse is that players were expecting Desmond to actually do something other than walk around in the game which sadly never happened…. Until 2 years later in Assassins Creed 2.

Now onto the final list.

3 – Metal Gear Solid 2 (Xbox, PS2, PC)

The Swimming Sequence

I can so swim, just watch me

During one of the later portions of Metal Gear Solid 2, Raiden finds himself forced to swim underwater to save Otacon’s sister, Emma.

Unfortunately swimming can be quite difficult when the graphical effects such as motion blur and sensitive controls make it very hard for you to navigate through the sunken area of Big Shell.

You then approach the potentially most frustrating room in the game; this large underwater room is full of floating debris which constantly moves around forcing you to quickly find a path through the mess and to get to the other side. Sounds easy enough, but if you get caught half way it can be very hard to find a way out in time.

Then Raiden finally emerges from the water, saves Emma, and has to go all the way back with her on his back, and she can’t swim or hold her breath for very long… Great!

4 – Gears of War 2

Driving the Centaur

Driving the dreaded Centaur - help!

About half way through Gears of War 2’s campaign, the player gets to control the Centaur, which is essentially a odd looking tank with a little bit of speed thrown in for good measure.  Sadly however, Epic Games failed at giving the Centaur anything resembling decent controls. They tried to replicate the Halo Warthog’s driving mechanics, but made it so the car turned wherever you were aiming your cannon. Basically it just sucked.

Players might find the Centaur will get stuck on an object and will be forced to restart at the last checkpoint. They might accidentally drive off a cliff,  or perhaps just miss the ramp they were supposed to drive over altogether.

As if almost to ‘rub it in’, players are forced to navigate over frozen lakes while the ice breaks at seemingly random areas of the lake’s surface. Due to the extremely awkward controls of the tank, it made it exceedingly frustrating and difficult to do what should have been a simple task- to drive over the safe spots on the lake, which ended up resulting in many deaths during that section.

5 – God of War 1(PS2, PS3)

Climbing the Rotating Spinning Blade Tower of Hell… in Hell!

Not the spinning blade of hell!

Towards the end of God of War, on his journey Kratos must climb on two separate occasions these huge, deadly towers that have many blades that spin around that are out to do damage Kratos and frustrate the player to hell.

And frustrate they did.  These towers can take ages to complete because each time you try to climb up and get hit, you fall all the way back   to the bottom and you lose health. And that means that every few tries you would die, and have to repeat the section leading up to the annoying towers, just to make the raging gamer even more angry.

There’s not really much more to say about it: the towers sucked, and were not fun at all.  Thankfully, the rest of the game was so fantastic this small section of the game was forgiven.

6 – Banjo Kazooie (N64, XBLA)

End Game

Not the end game - ahhhhhh

After completing all of the worlds throughout Grunty’s Lair it is finally time for Banjo to try and defeat the witch and reclaim his sister from her grasp.

On your way up the lair, Banjo comes across Grunty’s next challenge – a quiz show game, where Banjo must answer questions correctly based about everything throughout the game and move forward on the game board – each time getting closer towards his prize: his sister.   If you lose a question you will either die instantly, or lose health. If you die, then you have to start all over again!

Now as a young adult, I think this quiz show is a great idea, it’s unique, it’s fun and it’s quite hilarious at some points.  However, back in the days of my childhood I found this incredibly difficult.  And it took me a very long time to complete this challenge (it probably wasn’t very long at all, but I’ll never forget my frustration). A few of my friends at the time had trouble as well.

Then after finally completing the quiz show, you have to open a note door that requires you to have found like 95% of door notes because you will need to have collected everything if you even want a chance to try and kill the extremely difficult final boss.

Never has a game set such incredibly high requirements to complete the game.  And unless you knew about these high requirements you probably went through the game not collecting every single thing in each world. Upon reaching the end you were forced to have to go back to each world and find and complete everything.

7 – Escape from Monkey Island (PC, PS2)

Monkey Combat

It’s time for Monkey Combat

So you’re right at the end of the game, the epic climax is almost visible, you’ve beaten all the bizarre puzzles and you simply just want to see the credits roll down the screen. But wait.  Guybrush’s final task is possibly the most complicated, frustrating and hard sequence that has ever been in a Monkey Island game. Pull out a pen and paper because you’re going to need it.  It’s time for Monkey Combat.

Monkey Combat works similarly to how Monkey Island’s trademark insult sword fighting works, although it’s a lot more complicated, and is in a foreign language.  Guybrush must learn which words beat what and so forth.  It’s very complicated and required me to use a pen and paper to write important notes down.

I have never beaten the Monkey Combat sequence again, but it’s one of those moments that truly question your dedication to the game, and there are many people I have spoken to who gave up at this section of the game.

8 – Ninja Gaiden (Xbox, Ps3)


Hey, let's fight Alma - not

Halfway through this tough game, Ryu comes across a bare breasted, pink demon with weird looking ears named Alma. But don’t let the pretty pink colors confuse you, this Boss has caused many gamers to give up and stop playing, she’s that hard to kill.

She dodges, flies and throws giant pillars at you, and each hit knocks a HUGE portion of your health bar off. It doesn’t take long for your health potions to deplete to zero and then you will die…

And try again, and again, and again.  If you were one of the lucky ones who managed to beat Alma, you probably worked out some pattern in the fight and figured out how to kill the demon. I personally don’t find the boss fight very hard anymore. But damn, I remember I was screaming when first I played it.

Although this fight was incredibly frustrating, it felt damn good when you finally succeeded.

9 – Final Fantasy 8 (PS1, PC, PSN)

Disc 4

The Sorceress Ultimecia rules

Final Fantasy 8 is my all time favorite game. Period.  But there is just something about the final portion of this game that is a huge let down. When you reach disc 4, you will shortly travel into the future, where Sorceress Ultimecia rules over a damaged world.

The downside is that besides the Ultimecia’s castle and the secret Bahamut/Weapon dungeon, almost every other town, city and area are no longer able to be visited.  That often meant that any special item or quest you wanted to do in a city could never be done, unless you started a new game.  Even your flying ship was taken away unless you looked really hard to find it.

A lot of gamers followed the normal RPG way and played through the story up until the end of the game and then before defeating the final boss, went and did the majority of side quests, grinded up levels etc.  And a lot of gamers were surprised that they could not finish all this in FF8.  It was an odd choice by Square.  And ultimately it left a lot of disappointment about the final portion of the game.

10 – The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (Gamecube)

Finding the Triforce

Now where's that key again??

So the final dungeon is completed,  Ganon must be stopped,  Link finally has all of his gear. But wait, you need to find 8 pieces of the Triforce which have been scattered around the world. But before you even find them, you need to find the maps which show the location of the actual Triforce pieces- oh and usually before you can take the Triforce piece you will have to undergo some small or large challenge before the piece is finally given to you.

Look, I just want to save the world while I have the adrenaline still in my blood; I’m not looking for some lame attempt to extend the game because the game didn’t have enough dungeons in the first place.

I am not the only gamer to feel the rage at attempts to artificially extend this (or any) game, but by tacking the task of treasure hunting right onto the climax of the game’s story was so stupid. I know it put some gamers off completing it because they simply couldn’t be bothered searching the boring seas for the Triforce.  The long search completely killed off the excitement of saving the day.

11 – Halo: Combat Evolved (Xbox, PC)

The Library

Halo Library is just all messed up

So you guys knew this was coming right?

The level ‘The Library’ is the biggest copy and paste level I think anyone has ever seen in a video game. The level consists of walking through the identical areas for 30 minutes while fighting constant waves of the flood as you make your way through the complex maze.

Besides its boring repetitiveness, and uninteresting layout, many gamers became lost and did not know which direction to go.  And quite simply The Library takes the cake as one of the worst levels ever seen in a first person shooter.  Thankfully the rest of the game was quite amazing so most gamers found it quite easy to forgive Bungie for this terrible development decision.

Enough said!

12 – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64, Gamecube)

The Water Temple

Time for some watersports with Link

Did you just feel a shudder down you’re spine after reading that? You might have had some very frustrating memories about this particular section of Ocarina of Time.

The Water Temple did a few things to annoy the crap out of people.

1) Link needed to sink or float throughout the majority of the Water Temple, and Link had to change shoes extremely frequently. And to do this required the player to pause the game, find the right area of the menu, select the opposite boots, and then resume the game.  Which became extremely tedious, annoying and ruined any immersion/pacing the dungeon might have had.

2) The Water Temple has been known to hide some its small keys extremely well. Most notably are 2 specific chests that come to mind.  One key is hidden right underneath an entrance to the tower in the middle of the dungeon, and the worst one of all, is a key that is hidden by a ‘Block of Time’, which is hidden behind the chest for the Longshot.  It’s one of the only rooms in the game that have 2 important chests in the same room, so it was extremely unexpected, and a lot of people just grabbed the Longshot and left, without exploring the tiny room (why should you need to?)  The search for the 2 (or maybe more) keys have put many gamers into a rage, quite often resulting in an angry facepalm at the end.

3) Players had to raise and lower the water level to explore different sections of the dungeon while searching for that pesky small key,  and being forced to change the water levels just added a lot of unwanted time onto their search.

And sadly, the Water Temple remains as one of the most sour moments in one of the greatest games of all time.

And that’s the end of yet another top 10 list: what great games do you love that have some annoying or dreadful moments?

©2009 Ben Cadwallader:

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Published by

Ben Cad

Ben Cad - Freelance Photographer and Writer. www.bencadphotography.com

6 thoughts on “12 Great Games with Dreadful Moments on all platforms.”

  1. Bioshock?! How could you not remember Bioshock?

    The ending makes me feel physically ill, especially after the BRILLIANT Andrew Ryan section.

    Shame on you, sir.


  2. true, some of those were really tough and frustrating. but you know, i have an urge to say even though you might not like it. Final Fantasy 8 sucked spider balls. the only part of the game that made me stick to it is the cards game. what a load of crap but that’s only me.


  3. I think you mistook dreadful moments for hard moments.

    I completed MGS2’s water room sequence in a singe attempt. Sure it was hard. But it was challenging and fun, and it looked awesome too.

    AC1’s ending was probably the best part of that game. Very unique.

    The two spike towers in God of War are tough as hell to complete, but what fun would it be if it was easy? You get a great feeling of accomplishment once you finish them.

    I disagree with a lot of your list.


    1. the spikes of Hyades are not fun at all.
      there just too hard.
      how is climbing up, falling down, climbing up, falling down.
      rinse and repeat 50 times even remotely fun?
      GOW takes itself to seriously, NEVER have i had so much trouble finishing a game.
      GOW has more traps in the 1 game than every other game i have ever played.


  4. WHAT!
    the ending to assassins creed was bloody BRILLIANT!
    i was so disappointed with the AC2 ending.
    AC1s ending was perfect, walking around with all these unexplained symbols kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for assassins creed 3.
    AC2s ending raises more questions than it answers, but it leaves nothing to be desired.

    as for GOW theres only 1 thing i HATE! ABSOLUTELY LOATH! about that game.
    the death traps.
    i mean come on how many freaking death traps do you need in 1 freaking game?
    if its not the collapsing floor, its the spiral of death, or the buzz blades, changing floors into lava, walk across beams really high up, spikes coming out of the floor, spikes coming out of the walls.
    i mean come on, i dont need a death trap every 2 minutes.

    i have honestly had more trouble finishing god of war on easy, than i have had finishing uncharted 2 on crushing.
    no scratch that.
    ive had more trouble finishing god of war on easy than i have had finishing uncharted 2 on easy medium hard and crushing.
    GOW is so freaking repetitive and annoying im at a point where i dont want to play it anymore.
    games are suppose to be fun, im suppose to walk in the door and want to rush to turn GOW on.
    but im not, GOW is suppose to be fun but its not.
    its a chore!


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