Microsoft And Game Informer Want Aussie Xbox Users thoughts

Australian Xbox Gamers – Have your GamerTag in Game Informer-Au

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Game Informer launched a new Aussie Edition in November of last year, and they recently approached us to help them gather some data for a promotion they are running in conjunction with Microsoft Xbox Division Australia.

A very simple thing really, just answer a few questions listed below,, email them to GameInformer Au, and you ‘could’ get your GamerTag up in print .

Also remember, this is a professional publication, be mindful office staff etc will be reading your answers, and show some maturity . . .

So if Game Informer do happen to let us know of any unfortunate incidents, it could stop us from offering gamers such opportunities to our readers in the future.

With that in mind, here’s what Game Informer Au and Microsoft Xbox-Div Aust would like to know from Australian Xbox Users. This information is required quickly, and your opportunity is brief, so get the Answers in via email asap.

“Microsoft is looking for some feedback from its dedicated fans on what they love most about the Xbox 360, some of which will be used in advertising going forward.

If you would like to have your GamerTag and thoughts broadcast across the nation please answer the following questions and send your answers through to

  • Q1: What is your GamerTag?
  • Q2: What is your Gamerscore?
  • Q3: What is your City and State in Australia?
  • Q4: Why do you choose to play the Xbox 360?
  • Q5: When people ask you why they should buy an Xbox 360, what do you say?
  • Q6: Sum up your feelings about the Xbox 360 in 25 words…

Support R18+ In Australia

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