OXCGN’s Top 10 E3 Sequel Announcement Wish-List

Ten Games we would like to be announced at E3 2010.

by AXIS of Reality

©2010 Alex Baldwin – Feature Editor

There are strong arguments for wanting more original games (new IPs), but when you’ve got a good thing it’s natural to want more. With only a month and a half left until E3 (which OXCGN will be attending of course) I thought I’d put together my own list of most-wanted sequel announcements.

Note that this does not contain any sequels that have already been confirmed. I’ve also left out sequels to games that have been released in the last 6 months, as a sequel announcement of these would probably be undesirable and indicative of super-short development times.

So here we are, starting at number 10:

10: Project Gotham Racing 5

Since Microsoft let go of Bizarre Studios, there has not been word on a new Project Gotham game. While Bizarre are putting the finishing touches on Blur at Activison, Microsoft still own the PGR franchise and with Forza 3 out of the way now would be the ideal time to relaunch it.

Few can argue that PGR2 and 3 defined what people expect from online racing, and the mix of ultra-realistic graphics with forgiving handling and cars that beg to be pushed to the very limit, PGR5 would be an excellent addition to the Christmas line-up.

9: New Oddworld game

With games becoming more and more serious in tone, the Oddworld games have always been an entertaining offset from the norm. With memorable characters and a twisted sense of humour the platform games were successes on the PlayStation with a minor mistep as it transitioned into 3D on the Xbox.

After signing on with EA the critical hit Stranger’s Wrath took the series into the first-person shooter realm but the non-existent marketing doomed it to commercial failure.

Developers Oddworld Inhabitants subsequently disappeared from the gaming scene, but with the average age of gamers increasing each year now might be the time to give it another shot as the games have always had some deceptively adult themes.

8: Alone in the Dark 2

Before you get all cranky, let me explain my reasoning. Alone in the Dark 2008 was a mess, a game filled with great ideas that conflicted with each other and ended up being an example of how poor execution can destroy a potentially great game.

Most of the issues were down to simple design flaws, and with the updated PS3 release ‘Inferno’ the evidence was there that the developers were genuinely listening to fans.

While the promised 360 patch to fix the same issues never came to be, I still believe there’s a fantastic game hiding in there that a sequel could bring to light. After all, with Silent Hill slowly fading away and Resident Evil going for a more shooter approach, AitD 2 could be a nice change.

7: Viva Pinata 3

Once again: brilliant game, mediocre sales.

One of my pet peeves is the immaturity of many gamers who refuse to consider a game due to its use of colours other than brown and grey.

Not everything has to look like Killzone 2 and Gears of War, and Viva Pinata provided a relaxing, entertaining and addictive experience that recaptured the magic of Rare’s Nintendo 64 days.

A Natal-based sequel would be fantastic.

6: Black and White 3

And here we are with Microsoft’s other UK-based first party developer. While Fable 3 is due at the end of the year, something I would love just as much is a new Black and White game.

I’ve always been a fan of creation / building games, and the combination of an embodied animal form to represent you and the best feeling of being a god in a game yet made the hours fly by.

This is another one that could benefit from Natal, playing and teaching your creature hands-on and placing buildings around as the 3D hand-cursor from Black and White 2 could literally represent your hands.

5: Half-Life 3

That’s right – Half-Life 3, NOT Half-Life 2: Episode 3. While undeniably great games, personally I’m done with Half-Life 2. It’s been 6 years since HL2’s release with little change to show for it as each episode simply hands us more of the same with a few tweaks here and there.

Please Valve, just move onto a real sequel (in a brand spanking new engine if possible) so we can play something new. After all, your other teams have done great new things with Portal and Left 4 Dead, so it doesn’t seem like you’re lacking in imaginative designers.

4: Infamous 2

I have to admit, I loved Infamous (as my review can testify). Mixing the superhero shenanigans of Crackdown with the movement mechanics of Assassin’s Creed was brilliant, while Cole’s Pikachu-esque powers of electricity were incredibly satisfying.

The city design also stood out as a highlight, and I can only hope Sucker Punch have been hard at work on a sequel to go up against Crackdown 2 in the sandbox arena.

3: Jet Set Radio 3

After shocking the world with its unique visual style on the Dreamcast, Jet Grind Radio was the game that made cell-shading popular.

Years onwards and we’re still yet to find another game to match it stylistically other than its sequel Jet Set Radio Future – a launch title for the Xbox that garnered critical acclaim and dismal sales.

Sega have kept their trademarks up to date however, and I suspect there are enough gamers out there desperate for an HD sequel to make it worthwhile. Come on Sega, make it happen!

2: The Elder Scrolls V

Recently an article was published of OXCGN’s most played games this generation. Out of the 8 writers, 6 mentioned RPGs and 2 specifically named Oblivion.

Bethesda have a way with massive open worlds that no other RPG developer has managed to emulate with the same degree of success yet, though several have tried (Risen, Gothic, Two Worlds). While Fallout 3 was great it didn’t quite mesh with me, as I got tired of the dead brown wasteland pretty quickly and yearned for the gorgeous lush forests of Tamriel.

Oblivion was the most jaw-dropping game at the time and still is, providing totally organic vistas across a massive expanse made only larger by the Shivering Isles expansion.

The freedom to play any way you want combined with the joys of exploring and finding hidden caves or monuments far off the beaten track has me hopeful for a sequel announcement from Bethesda.

1: Conker’s Bad Fur Day 2

I know you’re wanting to grab onto the lucrative casual market, but take a look at the majority of Xbox 360 owners, Microsoft. We’re gamers.

We would rather sit down to some mature, visceral action than Wii Fit. Heck, take a look at what’s now popular in film and TV – things like Kick Ass, Family Guy / American Dad and Robot Chicken. Adult parody is IN, and no game has done it better than Conker’s Bad Fur Day from Rare on the Nintendo 64.

The hilarious singleplayer and addictive Squirrels vs Tediz multiplayer still stands as one of the best (and most unexpected) games ever. Sure, the graphical spit and polish of Conker: Live and Reloaded was nice (although the heavily modified multiplayer not so much), but a true sequel would be amazing.

The moment it’s announced is the moment all the serious Nintendo 64 gamers let down by the Wii will run into stores and buy a 360.

©2010 Alex Baldwin

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9 thoughts on “OXCGN’s Top 10 E3 Sequel Announcement Wish-List”

  1. one word… HITMAN!!!! Weve been hearing little bits and pieces of the development of Hitman 5… I WANT AN ACTUAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I know Im definitely not alone!


  2. did someone say oddworld!
    no joke i play that game to sleep every day i enjoy it that much it just relaxes me.
    along with oddworld id kill to see another pandemonium title.
    that was and still is the worlds best 2D platformer, and the best game available on ps1!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Knowing that Rare will be unveiling the Natal stuff, It would be flaming awesome if Conker came up on screen and unveiled a few Natal games himself. I do miss Conker… such a loveable… innocent squirrel!


    1. Hey mate, how’s it going?

      Well we’ll be doing a Live Coverage of both MS keynotes mate, they are holding 2 this year, one on all the other stuff, and RARE is doing the one on Natal. We’ll have details of how you can log in to get the live feed soon. We’ll be having live interviews and twittering and also setting up a direct feed page for the event will announcements etc as we get them.


  4. Yeah point being, I obviously like you, am still peeved they stopped their quintology.

    But conkers bad fur day 2 would be awesome and it got me thinking WHAT ARE RARE DOING!.. Their last games was banjokazooie nuts and bolts and viva pinata 2. (Perfect dark XBLA wasn’t by them). I mean do something.


    1. I think you will find out shortly that they are working on game/s for the Natal. Watch E3 for more info….


      1. Rare has multiple duties beyond game development now. They are the primary game R&D (research and development) studio for Microsoft in creating new technology such as their Viva Pinata / Banjo engine and Forza 3’s rendering engine, designing many of the 360 dashboard elements such as the avatars, and being the lead studio for Natal development.

        They are rumoured to be hosting the Natal unveiling at E3, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing the majority of their efforts in that area. They also serve as a point of contact for other studios in learning to develop for Natal or for support in creating 360 games.

        But I agree, I would love to see some more games out of them. It’s just a shame their last 2 games (VP and BK) were so good, but sold so poorly comparatively to other exclusive.


  5. Hey oddworld inhabitants didn’t disappear they disbanded. They no longer make videogames but some of the crew might make a film.


    1. Unfortunately I did mean what I wrote. Oddworld Inhabitants did stop making games and suggested they’d be interested in doing CG animated films (perhaps in the Oddworld universe), but we’re 5 years on and not a single peep out of them.

      Their website Oddworld.com has had a ‘new website coming soon’ image for 4 years. The copyright at the bottom is dated 2006.

      Hence ‘disappeared’, which is a real shame.


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