Community Gamer Gab: We Want You!

We want you!

Community Gamer Gab

Want your work to be seen worldwide?

by dkpatriarch

© 2010 David Hilton

OXCGN is looking for fresh opinions and reviews of games. What’s more, anyone from anywhere in the world is invited to submit their work, so long as it is in written in acceptable English.

We love well written analytical opinion pieces or arguments so we have decided to invite you passionate gamers and budding gamer journalists to express your views on any gaming topic.   Try to keep your reviews or articles under 1000 words.  Put in a good effort and we will publish it and you could even get a chance to join OXCGN’s staff.

OXCGN is a volunteer-run site that while focusing on the 360 as a primary platform also discusses all things gaming, including other consoles, PC and mobile gaming. Our staff have obtained worldwide exposure for their work while building their online profile as a ‘freelance writer’, opportunities to attend gaming events, and occasional promo discs and codes for reviews on a merit basis.

We have work from as far as the US and UK on our site and value diverse opinions.

OXCGN has gained a name for itself in supplying excellent, non-biased and well written articles, along with their different approach to previewing and reviewing game titles which brings gamers back time and time again. Our readers come and stay on the site upwards of 8 – 12 mins, showing that they come to read our writers’ work, not browse for videos or review scores or chat on forums.

With over 2 million unique views under its belt, OXCGN has been steadily building upwards.

We look forward to reading your work, but remember nothing is worse than getting a fantastic article only to find the writer’s details missing . . .

Your article must be:

1. Less than 1000 words

2. Well written grammatically.

3. Include your 360 or PS3 gamertag (if you have one), name, and email address.

4. Have “Writing for OXCGN” in the email ‘subject line’.

6: Email to all submissions to:

All submissions become the property of OXCGN and can be used in whatever form it dictates for promotional purposes.

© Copyrights of the written articles remain that of the author, but the use is given to OXCGN. No plagiarism is allowed, and all work must be ‘original’.

If you have your own personal site, we are still happy to accept and promote your work.

OXCGN reserves the right to edit your work for clarity and quality.

Have a go!

© 2010 David Hilton

Support R18+ In Australia

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