Dazzling Dominique Le Toullec kicks Butt In Fighters Uncaged Skit

The Tantalizing Dominique Le Toullec

In a short but bitter-sweet ad for Ubisoft’s Fighters Uncaged

by : XboxOZ360

©2010 Grant Smythe

Ubisoft sent us a couple of rather tounge-in-cheek vids for their newest tittles for their every expanding Kinect games. Ubisoft, who are planning on becoming the leading developer for Kinect titles, are always looking at doing something that ‘little’ bit different.

So they stepped out and sought the help of Australian Mens-Mag ZOO Weekly, and one of their gracious ladies to do a ‘stint/gag’ with one of their soon to be released titles, Fighters Uncaged.

• Fighters Uncaged

I only hope I’m not in the room next time she’s practicing her ‘moves’, as it seems it could be somewhat dangerous to say the least, not to mention those guys playing Motionsports, with one poor chap falling foul of a goal-kick-shot – yes guys, I know who you all are . . . .

• Motionsports

Anyhow, check out a few shots of Dazzling Dominique as she appeared in a recent edition of ZOO Weekly.

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©2010 Grant Smythe

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