Sega’s Console Return Is Not Only Plausible… It Could Be Imminent

Sega’s Console Return

Not Only Plausible… It Could Be Imminent

by exterminat

©2011 Nicholas Laborde
SEGA hardware comeback?

September 9th, 1999. 9/9/99. Most commonly known as the launch date of the Dreamcast in North America, it marked yet another point where history was happening in front of peoples’ faces, and they failed to see it.

Now, think about this in context: it’s September of 1999. You buy a new console, and it has the ability to connect to the internet to play games! Playing on the internet, on a CONSOLE?! Preposterous!

Not only that, but the actual technology was ahead of its time, and games were beautiful!

It sounds like a formula for success… but it ultimately wasn’t. The Dreamcast was a failure and caused Sega as a console competitor to step down, forever changing the industry.

Ever since that date, Sega faded away into a shadow of its former self. Quality titles were never released by them again, and Sonic was milked to kingdom come.

At this point in time they just periodically re-release their old games. But with the recent break in Sony‘s fortress (the PS3 root key being leaked, which allows unlicensed/pirated software to be run), drastic measures could forever change the industry by causing Sony‘s gaming division to be ruined by piracy and possibly even withdraw from current console competition.

Sega has a break in the storm, and the time could never be better for them to come back.

All glory comes from daring to begin

Sega is still a multi-million dollar company. They have the funds to get into the console war again, but they have every reason to be reluctant.

This generation has been established for five solid years. Entering now would need them to not only do something the big three don’t already do now (which would be VERY difficult), they would also have to be technologically on-par, which is quite expensive in and of itself, considering that Sony only broke even in early 2010.

With these barriers to entry, what would spur me to think that Sega would rise again? Take a gander at these patents filed in early 2009:

• Click image to enlarge

Now, why would a derelict company file patents for a new type of controller, and with their logo on it at that?

It appears to be what the old GBA motion sensor tried to do: adding a gyroscope to the controller. That would be an interesting hybrid between current “hardcore” controllers and motion-gaming.

What then, shall we say to these things?

Conspiracy theory time, ladies and gents! It’s fall 2011. Sony announced they are dropping out of the console race, due to the fact that it’s not feasible to re-release new hardware to fix the root key leak. The PS3 will be dropping support by mid-2012. Then, on 11/11/11, Sega returns with the successor to the Dreamcast, mimicking its predecessor’s release of 9/9/99.

Not only would Sega need a Halo for the Dreamcast 2, they would need a dozen to warrant the purchase. If I had to guess, these would be some launch titles:

Could Sonic become exclusive again? Do we care?
  1. Shenmue 3

  2. Sonic Adventure 3

  3. Jet Set Radio Infinity

  4. Return to Skies of Arcadia

  5. Sakura Wars 6

  6. Power Stone 2

It would also yet again feature things that we aren’t ready for, such as downloadable games; personally, if titles released on the same day and price both in an online marketplace and a real-life retailer, I don’t see the problem.

Those with faster connections could download their games, those with slower (or none) would stick to buying physical copies.

The online would be fully fleshed out in a way that only a unique innovative company like Sega could do: imagine if Steam, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network all had a conglomerate. That’s what Sega could do; if they effectively pulled it off, Microsoft and Nintendo would be swept off their feet, leading to the old days of Sega dominance.

They could also fight piracy by using serial keys with purchases of new titles (not like the terrible anti-piracy method the Dreamcast employed), and could possibly be using Blu-Ray format.


We all know the console market is extremely crowded in this day and age. Another competitor entering would normally be stupid, because as I stated earlier, if they don’t do something new or better than what is already established, it will fade away and become forgotten. Look at the NGAGE

However, I think Sega has a shot. They’re clearly not making anything too new, but they truly have nothing left to lose. Those patents show evidence they’re experimenting, and you wouldn’t patent a new controller design if you weren’t going to use it.

They could pick up in the wake of Sony’s hysteria and possibly introduce the next “hardcore” console. It could mimic how the Xbox came out of nowhere and then rose to the influence it has now.

Many have lost faith in Nintendo, who are simply rehashing and not making anything worthwhile.

Many have lost faith in Microsoft, because Kinect is too casual for them and due to the reduction in amount of exclusives.

Sony have made their platform so damn easy to pirate for, now making it the console of choice for pirates. Sony are considering using product keys on each blu ray, but will that fix the problem or cause more?  After all it’s supposed to be a plug and play console, and certainly the used game market (which is still very attractive to budget conscious gamers) would be affected, possibly making the PS3 less attractive.

The glorious PC gaming platform is the only area that truly thrives (and will continue to thrive, for that matter, regardless of what silly console owners think) and a console needs to come about and rival that.

Valve could even partner with Sega and bring a full-fledged version of Steam to the console, mastering its digital download service!

The end is near… but is it only the beginning?

With such great possibilities and unlimited amounts of conspiracy thought, Sega’s time to strike is now. 2011 will see something from the company, whether or not it’s a new console.

A fourth competitor would make for interesting competition and would definitely shake things up. Think about this: we’ve been on a general five-to-six year console cycle since the 80s. Now, all of a sudden, our current consoles are proving to outlast this date, and we’re all confused over what to do as a result.

Out of nowhere comes Sega, with their fancy new hybrid console! It’s a flawless strategy.

Sega, I think you’re up to something; it’s only a matter of time until you let us know your secrets.

©2011 Nicholas Laborde

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53 thoughts on “Sega’s Console Return Is Not Only Plausible… It Could Be Imminent”

  1. I’ll admit this doesn’t appear to be the most well-informed article. As of now, it’s July of 2015 and it hasn’t been updated since early 2011. Sure, the writer doesn’t review/check their facts very well either. However, you’re all being WAY too harsh on him. Point is, a new SEGA system would most likely be welcomed and taken in with open arms by the public; as long as it remains competetively spec’ed with other consoles…Scratch that, well AHEAD of the other consoles (PS4 and XB1 have been out for awhile now). My best advice for SEGA? Wait a few months for the releases of PS5 and XB2 (or at least the details about them), pack your system with at least 3-4x the power, and make the one sytem dominate for multiple console cycles. Figure it ends up costing $1500 a system…expensive right? Not compared to say, 3 or 4 generations of $600 Sony systems. My final suggestion is to stick to an on-disk readable format. My PS4 came with a 500GB HDD. “More than enough,” I thought. Then EACH game had to be completely unpacked onto the HDD, to the tune of up to 240GB (60GB, compressed 4x) EACH, plus updates. Now I’m limited to 1 or 2 games at a time, which sucks. The DC had a 6GB HDD, which I never even came CLOSE to filling.


  2. The person who wrote this article is an idiot… Power stone 2 came out on the Sega Dreamcast.

    Get someone who is more well informed than this to write such an article. even one stupid mistake like this makes one look like a moron.


  3. It is in reality a great and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you just shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Return of a Sega console would be awesome, though those controller concepts are eyesores. The return of the classic 6 button arcade layout on the right hand side would be neat. SEGA only has about 3 years to get this thing to market and get a foothold before 720/ps4 though. I’m guessing the system will be sufficiently different that it isn’t really intended to compete in same arena as the next-gen consoles. Another interesting idea would be if SEGA hooked up with Valve to make the first SEGA branded Steamboxes. SEGA exclusives + Steam in your living room. This thing would shut out the next-gen.


  5. i remember sega i think mine came with sega cd. my favorite game of all time for that was sonic cd. then i had dreamcast. only game i played for that was some fighting game that i later broke because i got angry i couldnt beat a guy LOL


  6. why would a new console have a d-pad and no joysticks… thats a megadrive controller in a different shape! well its nearly xmas 2012 so you were unfortunately very wrong…

    I also disagree with some things:
    360’s are as easy to pirate games on as ps3

    pc game market thrives??

    PC is by far the easiest software to pirate… and hardware wise the most expensive platform for gaming.


  7. if sega makes a new console, i hope they will use game cartridge instead of cd’s. and that they will make a lot of games in 8-16 bit, and modern 3d graphic games as well.


  8. I always loved Sega games and there systems. I owned a Sega Master system , Genesis, Sega 32X, CD, Saturn, and Dreamcast. I just wish they would have stayed on it and made it better. Just like Microsoft did. There new system should not contain the name Dreamcast. The Dreamcast based itself on sports games and had lots of technical and system problems. Beside that it was a great system. It should take back its Genesis name. Genesis was one of there best systems. Come on Sega we want a new Sega system.


    1. HI im happy your a huge sega fan but as for the dreamcast it was not even close to being a sports system.

      The system had over 700 games released in the usa alone and had every kind of game you could imagine/ the sports colletion was tiny in comparison heck capcom made over 27 games for the system alone they were very well known for being the first online gameing system ever with mmo rpg like phantasy star online 1,2 quake,alean front online ect..and also great 2d fighters such as marvel vs. capcom,tech romancer,marvel vs snk,powerstone,cannon spike,

      god i could go on forever and they had almost zero technical problems it was there most well made system and amazing! and had more uniqe games then any system i can think of. So you might wanna have your facts straight before make comments like that. Cause it was 100% wrong


  9. Did anyone ever think that with Bluetooth and wired “removable” Sega is making a Sega remote and going to sell it as an add on to their games. so they play the way We Know they Should!!!!


  10. Sega need to come out with a new game’s time for them to take another stand and compete with these new gaming consoles.sega can do it i got faith in them big time.sega is different from other gaming companys because they come up with unique gaming consoles and games.


    1. Hell yeah buddy. I’ve been wishing for a new Sega system ever since the Dreamcast died. What we need isfor all the fans to show their support this time. Time and time again the fans have proved to Sega that there was no room for them. Hell, Sega hasn’t NOT lost money on a console since the genesis. Please everyone, show your support and buy Sega product if/when the new system (hopefully) comes out!


  11. I hope so as someone who is loyal to sega and only buys sega games or those connected to them. This is the perfect time to do this right after sonic generations.

    I would rather have a new sega console then a new xbox (shooting games) Nintendo ( causal and kids games) Playstation ( just copied games what have been done 1000 times before).

    Sega always seemed to be more arcadeie games and sonic and all the stuff they were perfect. Who can say they would not like a HD version of Nights into dreams.


  12. “Never made a quality game again.”

    Panzer Dragoon Orta, Jet Set Radio Future, Skies of Arcadia Legends, Super Monkey Ball, Chu Chu Rocket Advance, Jet Set Radio Advance, Crazy Taxi 3, Bayonetta, Condemned, Condemned 2, The Club, Crush, Feel the Magic, Sonic Advance, Sonic Colors, Sonic 4, Super Monkey Ball 2, Vanquish, Aliens: Infestation, Infinite Space, Sonic Chronicles, Sega & Sonic Racing, The Rub Rabbits, Rez, Guardian Heroes HD, House of the Dead 4, House of the Dead Overkill, Virtua Fighter 4, Virtua Fighter 5, Valkyria Chronicles, Valkyria Chronicles 2, Sega Rally Revo, Shinobi, Nightshade, Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, Mad World, Sonic & The Secret Rings, Ghost Squadron, F-Zero GX, Mario Kart Arcade GP, Outrun PSP Gun Valkyrie, House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return, Total War: Shogun 2, Ultimate Genesis Collection.

    Virtua Fighter 5 is the deepest and most satisfying fighting game ever made. Sonic Colors got an 8.5/10 from IGN, 1UP, Famitsu, and Game Informer–and created a new way of expressing 2D concepts in 3D now being used by Super Mario 3D Land. Valkyria Chronicles has explored topics no other RPG touches, and its art direction and gameplay have received universal praise from critics. The original Super Monkey Ball was included in Nintendo Power’s Top 100 Games List. Panzer Dragoon Orta is the best rail shooter to date and was the most graphically beautiful game ever made at the time of its release. Crush is ingenious. Total War: Shogun 2 got a 9/10 from IGN, 9.5/10 from Game Informer, 10/10 from X-Play, and 9/10 from Eurogamer. Sega has flooded the market with low-quality Sonic spin-offs, but they are certainly not worse than near unplayable games from its first party period, such as Sonic Drift, Sonic Labyrinth, Tails’ Adventure, Sonic Blast, Sonic R, even Sonic Shuffle. Golden Axe Beast Rider is no more mediocre than the original series. Outside of the Sonic series, I don’t think Sega’s quality has gone down. It may have gone up. You’re overinflating their past achievements and are overly harsh towards their current games, due to nostalgia. Yakuza is a deeply flawed game, but certainly no more so than Shenmue; Sega put out tons of shovelware arcade games on its past systems. If they hadn’t made a single even halfway decent game, they would be out of business by now.

    If they haven’t, then why do you want them to return?

    Honestly, Sega cannot compete with the amount of quality titles coming out for 360 and PS3. They just can’t. Skyrim, Uncharted, Gears 3, Resident Evil 4 HD, NBA 2K 12, Arkham City, Ultimate Marvel Versus Capcom 3, Dance Central 2, Dark Souls, Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA 12, Transformers, the new Soul Calibur, Jak & Daxter HD, Sly 4, Ratchet and Clank–Sega, by itself, could not even come close. Nintendo cannot compete directly either, so they carved out a unique niche. Honestly, Sega’s lost too much of its old talent, and the market is too crowded. It’s not that they’ve gotten worse, but everyone else has gotten better.


    1. Look at Wii. Compared to Xbox and PlayStation Wii sucks.

      I hate the Wii personally. But Wii is its own concept and not in competition with Xbox and PlayStation. Even with Xbox and PlayStation’s Wii copied concepts still wont put the Wii under. Sega can do its own thing.

      Take Sonic away from Nintendo and become Nintendo’s great competitor. Because Nintendo really don’t have any competition if you think about it. Because Nintendo realy dont care what Xbox and PlayStation do.

      Wii is one of Nintendo’s greatest system since it NES release.. Sega even beat out Super Nintendo sales with Geniuses. Sega can do it again.


    2. wow your an idiot!! First off one of the games you listed that are so great for xbox were made by capcom and made exclusively for sega systems Marvel vs. capcom thats a sega game dude, and the other 2 were made for the sega dreamcast first before any other system by capcom and then ported to ps2 and such after dreamcast stoped makeing there systems.

      so when a new sega system comes out capcom will making most of there games for it. they loved sega considering they made over 30 game for the dreamcast alone and tons for the saturn to. so of capcoms best games ever were only made on dreamcast

      If i need to ill list all of them which im sure you never heard of or played which including marvel vs capcom 1 and 2, if it were not for sega you would not be playing alot of the games you do today or be playing your xbox online And as for your comments of sonic game s they were all great and sonic generation got a 8.5

      im so tired of the whole world dissing sonic games i bet you never even played half of them. just looked at reviews and whats being said and followed them like most dumb gamers of today. the reason why great company’s like sega have issues is because fake non supportive gamers like yourself and the lemmings that follow the masses. don’t support them and only buy crap resident evil 4,5 games and gears of war,call of duty which are all the same dime a dozen games. at least sega is totally unique and creates there own original games.

      in fact they had the greatest games of all time and have always been original but the world was not cool enough for them. Hell they were the first system to do worldwide online gaming ever which sony and xbox followed. Its comments like the one you made that makes it hard for a great company like sega to survive in a dim witted lemming world like the current world of gamers.

      so go back and play your gears of war resident evil 5 crap and ill stick to panzer dragoon saga,sonic adventure resident evil code veronica (a sega exclusive title for dream cast) jet grind radio,powerstone,marvel vs capcom,cannon spike,tech romancer,shenmue 1,2 dragon force, guardian hero’s mr. bones phantasy star,and all the other thousands of amazing exclusive sega titles out there. prepare to have foot in mouth when sega comes out with there next system and blows everyone out of the water.

      ps. I remember when i was a kid no one called themselves gamers we were all happy to be able to play a game at home and not just at the arcade and loved them all now a days all people do is knit pick and criticize every aspect of a game,they look for all the imperfections and never mention the good. which the imperfections are whats makes a game great and unique

      The world of gamers has become a buch of teenagers with mountain dew playing the same online crap over and over agine and never trying a real game.

      also thinking they know everything at least i know there are some cool people out there who really know and love and apprieate all the time and effort that goes into a game instead of looking at one review or playing for 10 min then complaining the worlds not big enough or the controls are not perfect lol i’d love you all to play atari and see how good you really are

      from a loverof all games travis


  13. who knows the controller design could change :T

    by far sega knows how important joy sticks are as well as a decent D-pad

    but it seems true :3

    if it comes out….more power to them ^__^


  14. Those controller designs are horrible. I will take an Xbox controller over that any day. What Sega should do is make a handheld that wireless syncs to your TV for on the go gaming and a home console experience. more people are moving about all the time.


  15. sony is in the thoughts of a ps4, but if sega has the same game ideas as they did before, the console does not have a chance. A great console is one thing, but great games are another. I


  16. uhh, no chance that controller is for a next gen console without twin thumbsticks. And people are already re-engineering the kinect technology to do things microsoft only fantasized about, so I’m afraid you don’t know what you are talking about.


    1. We will always need hand controllers of some sort, as there are games that require far too many movements in one action, that even kinect could not emulate, especially for long term playing. Say over 1 hour sold if standing playing a FPS etc, or say an hour of a RPG, or similar genre.

      It’s great that others are exploring the Kinect tech, as they are the Sony Move tech, which is how advancements in tech are made, through exploration and the big “what-if-we” . .

      Dual thumbsticks are necessary for any controller to work properly, and more importantly, they NEED to be placed in the correct place for the hands ergonomically. Which is something the 360 (Xbox in general) controller got right first off. Ergonomists have shown that the diagonal placement of the 360’s thumbsticks are in perfect alignment with the ‘rested’ hand of a human, which is diagonally opposed to each other, not opposite each other and flexed towards the wrist as in the PS3/PS2 controllers.

      These thumbsticks on either console allow the gamer to not only move and run, turn and shoot, but also look and crouch, slide all at the same time in many games.

      Imagine doing that for as little as 1/2 – 3/4hr in an intense game such as say Medal Of Honor, Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Dragons Age etc etc. The player would be exhausted within 15 mins, let alone 1-3 hours of constant gameplay which is normal for such games.

      Non-controler gaming has its place, which is why MS have developed the Kinect, and it’s not aimed at replacing the controller, nor is it aimed at the hardcore gaming fraternity. Its aimed at the family gamers, old and young who simply want to have some fun playing together as simply as possible, and who wouldn’t normally take on such games as mentioned above.


      1. You are right. Also who always wants to get off work and come home and play a video game and have to jump around. That’s not relaxing.

        Now the day they find a way to connect the brain to a system to where all you do is sit and think and you control a game that way, then handheld controllers will never go away.

        If they did you wont find me playing very many games.


  17. I think the best bet for a new console is a rerlease of the original DC. Tectoy still produces the MD 3/4/guitar idol. Perhaps they are more popular in brazil as it is an emerging games market. I would love to see a rerelaesed DC and perhaps some commercial titles too. I think a game called sturmwind is coming this year as an independant. It looks realy nice.


  18. Oh come on. This article is REALLY reaching. For one, when did Sega ever “dominate” the gaming market? They were always trying desperately to beat Nintendo.

    Secondly, the controller patents were probably an original design for this: …or one of the other rehashed Mega drive/Genesis consoles.

    Would Sega really want to use a wired controller with the same button combo as the Saturn to compete with the big 3?

    Also, something big and new like ‘downloadable games’? Something all 3 current gen consoles are doing? We can all wish and hope that Sega re-enters the console war, but this is just sad.


    1. Sega “dominated” the gaming market with the release of the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis)

      A Dreamcast 2 would be amazing.


    2. Oh i don’t know the genesis! That system totally dominated the market and was aheasd of the super nintendo so shut up if you don’t know your info! Your not a sega fan at all even if you think you are all your doing is trying to lose hope for people who love them go play your xbox prick


    1. Yep, would be great. In fact, iI have a brand new, never used “Mint Blue’ transparent Limited Edition Hello Kitty Dreamcast. Only 1500 made, of which only 750 we sold retail.

      To precious to take out and use, it’ll be worth a significant amount in due course. It’s already worth 4x’s the value I paid for it initially. SO it shows some ppl love their game consoles, even if it’s just to own them.


  19. What Sega need to do is start making quality original titles like they used to. Publish them on multiple platforms and rebuild there name. Until they do this they have no chance of launching a new successful console. I would love to see a new Sega but the risk is to great.


  20. ‘Quality titles were never released by them again’

    Jet Set Radio Future
    Super Monkey Ball
    F Zero GX
    Outrun 2
    House of the dead: overkill

    All got good reviews of 80 or 90% in many cases.
    It’s debatable whether the critics are correct (I don’t like the clinical feel of F Zero GX or the hardcore difficulty of that game or Super Monkey Ball) but Jet Set Radio Future is one the finest games on the original Xbox, although being partly based on the original Dreamcast game (and I still reckon that the DC was better in some level design and the detail of the advertisements).


  21. So you think a controller with a lack of any analog sticks signals the “Dreamcast 2”?

    Your remark is very telling…

    “It appears to be what the old GBA motion sensor tried to do: adding a gyroscope to the controller. That would be an interesting hybrid between current “hardcore” controllers and motion-gaming.”

    That sounds an awful lot like a SixAxis.

    You Sega guys always grasping at these straws for Sega to herald in some golden age of gaming.

    I am not saying Dreamcast 2 will NEVER happen, but these patents look more like a controller / console bundle thing and not a re-entry into the core console marketplace.

    You have to figure this, you need an incredible war chest to bring a console to market. This is not a smart phone where you pick pieces of commodity components and slap it together with Android. No essentially you are “recreating the wheel” with each generation.

    So you have your R&D nut out there which costs Hundreds of Millions to produce a piece of hardware that you can’t guarantee will sell. I just don’t think Sega has that kind of financial moxy, but lets assume they did for the sake of argument (or they acquired more funding, which would be necessary). The fact of the matter is putting out a new console immediately puts them in competition with themselves over the software UNLESS they make all their brands exclusive. At this point they don’t have the luxury to make them exclusive because all of their staple titles and characters have been turned into cash cows with little regard for quality.

    So while YES a Dreamcast 2 is possible it would only be possible with exclusive Sega games none of which have the reputation these days to actually launch a successful system.

    So why would Sega “rock the boat” at this point? Especially in a poor economy where the Video Game market sector has been shrinking?

    The reason the Dreamcast failed was because Sega didn’t properly manage their product line. Everyone acts as if that was Sega’s first major failure and seem to forget about the Sega Saturn. When it comes to hardware Sega just wasn’t as good as Sony or Nintendo.


  22. sega will never make another dreamcast because the dreamcast was a FAIL in the USA.but if you want a dreamcast 2 they did make one released in japan who ever wort this artical needs to do research and sony drop out of the system race that is not happing eather. and even if it did sega game system would not stand up to xbox 360 or xbox live.


  23. Are you nuts? Sony drop out of the console market? Thats near insanity the PS brand is by far the strongest thing they have going and if MS can deal with how heavily pirated the 360 is then Sony can ride out this mess. I would love to see Sega come back but its more likely they would be taking 360’s place then PlayStation’s only because the Xbox division is hemorrhaging for years and despite a few good quarter the 360 has been a poor ROI for MS.


  24. Come on, as a kid a was a huge SEGA fan, but let s be realistic, the dog is dead, beaten to death, they can t make a decent game now, look Yakuza 3 and 4, OMG this is REALLY a Dreamcast game but on PS3!!! They live in the past, so do you.


  25. I still have Power Stone 2 hooked up to my Official SEGA Dreamcast Kiosk with all 4 controllers ready to go! I would love to replace the original with a new DC2!

    Launch games; the aforementioned would be a MUST, though with Power Stone 3 now over #2. This one of course to have more players and online support!

    Bring on 12-12-12 – That’s my date for SEGA’s return!😉


  26. I think you brought up a good point, but I think the chances in reality are smaller than what’s on paper here. I love Sega, and the Nintendo-Sega rivalry era was the greatest experience of my early gaming life, but I think a return of Sega as a console and first-party developer has about much a chance happening as Shaq hitting a 3-pointer: possible but not likely.

    Sony is sinking to this piracy thing, because the PS3 and PSP are TOO easy to pirate, but you forget that Sony also owns the HD movie market with Blu-ray, more than half the music industry (it seems), and makes money out of many movies that hit the theaters (they own or partially-own a LOT of movie companies). I don’t think they’ll drop out of the fastest-growing entertainment business today–video games–so easily, and they’ve got the money to fight Sega. Sega just barely broke even this year. If Sony finds some solution to slow down their bleeding from piracy, they’ll become a full threat again.

    Microsoft is bleeding, too, but to good exclusive content. Sony’s got some profitable exclusive titles headed their way this year (though, ironically, they may lose money from piracy, but still…), such as Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Uncharted 3. Also, the 360 machine itself is showing its age a little bit, being the first one on the scene in the seventh generation. Sony PS3 developers can at any time surpass the 360 in graphical capability, but haven’t due high costs and dev time for those graphics, and that most people do not have the full 1080p glory to embrace it all on (I think the average PS3 gamer still has 720p, though 1080p HDTV ownership is rising). But Sony PS3 as a machine is more properly equip to face future years in HD gaming, while 360 is standing in its last legs (I give it less than two years before the next console X-Box 720 or whatever is announced). Also, Microsoft is stupid spending more money on ads than actual game dev. And for what? A lame Wii/PS2 Eye-Toy rip-off called Kinect.

    I agree with you that they WERE going to do it, now would be the time. Sony and Microsoft don’t seem to be having too much going on this year–just a bunch of sequels and prequels, and their stab at the “casual gamers” with PS Move and Kinect (bleck). But, I think the last giant is definitely one they’ll have to deal with–Nintendo. Call them the “kiddish company” but their old rival Nintendo isn’t doing too badly in market sales these sales–in fact, they lead the charts. Ironically, I think that if Sega could get inspiration for a comeback from anyone, it would be their old rival pals Nintendo, who lead the seventh-generation console war with a gentle touch. But I think that they’ll also find it hard to compete with what Nintendo has already done and is about to do.

    Motion controls in controllers? Both Nintendo and Sony have done that. Heck, our SMARTPHONES do that. In fact, the gyroscope thing was achieved way back on GBA era–they’ll need something better than that to face the three giants today. But in my opinion, I think what will just take the cake from Sega’s hypothetical new entry is the thing that’s bound to be the biggest deal in the gaming industry this year: Nintendo 3DS. I’m not talking about just the consumer’s end, but also just the whole entertainment business–Nintendo not only got some of the strongest third-party support they’ve had in years, but now they’ve got the movie industries interested with its portable 3D-movie playback. Sony and Microsoft alone will have their hands full with the comeback kid Nintendo this year, so Sega would have to REALLY bring it if they think they stand a chance to try something. If they can, and do it affordably with appealing games, they’ll probably blow away Microsoft, maybe wound Sony (payback’s a…um, female dog, kids), and probably would have Nintendo as their biggest contender until Sony and Microsoft come back with their own answers to Sega, thus taking gaming back to a Sega-Nintendo rivalry for a while (the way life SHOULD be, IMHO).


  27. I’m sure someone mentioned this, but controllers have already combined with motion controls. For example: the PS3 Sixaxis/DualShock 3!!! lol

    Also, handhelds are about to use them as well. Both gyroscopes and motion sensors will be in the 3DS.

    Sony won’t just “drop out” of the console race just because of the root key incident and piracy issues. They never dropped out while losing money like crazy on the PS3 for like the first 4 years of its life, why now? Nintendo had problems with piracy (and still do and will) with the DS, yet they make tons of money. Getting the picture yet? As long as they remain profitable on some part of the gaming industry, they’ll stay around.

    Sega lost a lot of money, not only on the Dreamcast, but also on Shenmue. In fact, that’s a bigger reason for their demise than anything. The game reportedly cost well over 100 million to create and produce. That’s on par with today’s games, but with 99’s money and sales figures.


  28. I for one would buy one if for no other reason than nostalgia. My favorite system growing up was the Genesis.


  29. This has to be the most retarded article to ever grace the internet. When you say “Sony have made their platform so damn easy to pirate for” are you even serious. It took at least 3 years to break the system code. And there isnt even anything meaningful running on it yet. The xbox 360 was hacked several years earlier and has the highest game connect ratio of all three systems.I think it stands at like 7 to 1 system owned. So how did these so called hackers ruin anything. Maybe if sega would produce something new instead of rehashes it be able to sell systems.


  30. Sega’s Valkyria Chronicles is one of the best games this generation

    and if the PS3 been hacked 4 years after it was released is going to make Sony to dropped from the console wars, how come the Wii and 360 are doing just fine when both are completely hacked and no technical knowledge is required to run pirated games on them (unlike the PS3)?

    your embarrassing yourself with your ignorance


  31. you really have no idea what you’re talking about, don’t you?

    the PS3 hack ruining the PS3? what the hell is that? the 360 and the PS2 were 100% hacked weeks after they were released and it didn’t affect them at all, all the contrary it made the consoles even more succesful

    and how is Sega going to release a new console? which third party will support it?

    yu should try learning a thing or two about gaming before writing this nonsense

    sega has not released quality games since the dreamcast? ever heard about virtua tennis and valkyria chronicles trilogy?


  32. Well, it’s an interesting alternate-universe scenario, but it’s a bit of a lol rather than anything to take seriously. I mean, the radical approach of adding motion controls to a standard controller – Sixaxis anyone? And Sega would need far, far more than the games listed above for a successful launch – they’d need something to capture the attention of gamers who weren’t even gaming at the time of the Dreamcast, not to mention those that were around then but chose to run with the Nintendo or Sony option at the time.

    There’s no harm in holding out hope – my first console was a Mega Drive, and I loved it – but a more realistic scenario for Sega to return would be for Microsoft to let go of the problematic Xbox division (over its history, it’s struggled to match up to the profits in its core OS and office productivity businesses – from a shareholders perspective (and they’re the ones that control the board), it’s of questionable value – and Sega picking it up. Don’t forget Microsoft and Sega have strong links from the transition between the Dreamcast and the Xbox, and while the 360 made great headway with the casual crowd over Christmas, its (in my view understandably – MS need to spend less money on marketing and more money on making games, they have far too short-term a vision when it comes to most things, including the 360) losing traction with the hardcore crowd everywhere except the US. MS have also farmed out most of their core development studios, which is concerning from any gamers’ perspective.

    Sega would pick up the Xbox, release an upgraded console that would one-up the PS3 but not hugely (as that’d cost a bomb) based on an incremental upgrade that included backwards compatibility, and let rip.

    Of course, I think this is very, very unlikely, but far more likely than Sony pulling out of the console business in the next 10 months, when they’re on track to be the HD console with the largest install base of gamers (as opposed to casuals) worldwide by the end of 2011.


  33. It is a new era, so Sega would not succeed with this approach. Those games never sold well, either. They need entirely new IPs. Old IPs could be sold on Sega Net as DLC.

    I would love to see a new console from Sega, though.


  34. You need to calm the [no swearing on thiis site – no exceptions – one warning only] down.
    For your own sake.
    Sega only disappoints these days. No exceptions.

    They are finished as a first party. I’m sorry.


  35. Sony “dropping out” of the console race?
    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, especially considering all the exclusives and sales it’s been drumming up for 2011.

    P.S. There already was a Power Stone 2.


    1. Well something is bubbling inside SEGA atm, there’s something afoot within SEGA, as many of the PR contacts are rather ‘mum’ about letting any news out re future plans right now. Normally they are quite adimant they are staying as they are, but no, there’s lots of ‘no comments’ coming from various quarters.


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