Nintendo is Asking Sony to Win: 3DS vs. NGP

Nintendo is Asking Sony to Win

The 3DS Launch Lineup is Terrible

by exterminat

©2011 Nicholas Laborde
PSP2/ NGP - 'The Bomb', or will just bomb...

Throughout history, Nintendo has christened each new console they release with at least one impressive title available on day one. The NES had Super Mario Bros, SNES had Super Mario World, N64 had Super Mario 64… the list goes on.

In the past week, Sony unveiled the NGP (Next Generation Portable), the successor to the PSP. It’s pretty much a handheld PS3, and Nintendo has no way to compete with it.

Not only is the NGP already a victor in terms of technological power, but the launch lineup is looking to be groundbreaking. With day-one entries from Resistance, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted and Killzone (and many more to be announced), we now turn to compare how the 3DS will fare on March 27th [in the US].

… and it’s absolutely abysmal. There are no games.

Sure, the average eight-year-old will be entertained by the likes of Nintendogs (NOW WITH CATS!), yet another rehash of Madden, and, dare I say… RIIIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RAAAACEERRRR!

But what about me, the “normal” gamer? The only thing at launch that will be worthwhile to me will be Resident Evil: The Mercenaries (RETM) (if not already delayed); then, the real games will start to roll in around June. Something that peaks my interest is the Splinter Cell title that will make it’s 3D appearance.

No, I do not care for Ocarina of Time in 3D. No, I do not care for Metal Gear Solid 3: 3D. I want to play new games, not experience old ones with a guaranteed chance of a headache.

Other than RETM, I’ll be playing Pokemon Black or White, and finally finishing up Heart Gold. Titles that aren’t even 3D.


3DS: Give us or Nintendo a headache?

At this exact second, most of you are eagerly pounding away on your keyboard, preparing to unleash an onslaught of hate and disagreement to my words that would rival literary works such as War and Peace.  So let me explain first…

A new console must be able to stand on its launch titles. It’s like buying a game that is terrible at the start, but gets better ten hours in. I can’t be expected to wait ten hours for my investment to get good. If it simply sucks and has a little bit of non-suck, then oh well. It’s not that much of a success to me.

Look at the Xbox 360. The ONLY good title available at launch was Call of Duty 2, and that was not even exclusive. (Editor’s note: due to the delayed release of 360 in Australia we got Oblivion at launch too, which certainly was high quality).  So Call of Duty 2 was what kept people playing for the first year of barren releases.

Launch titles set the tone for what the audience can expect. For example, Kinect’s launch has proven that nothing of interest to me will ever come out on the system.

The NGP release-date games so far are setting a tone for the hardcore and dedicated gamers. The 3DS is aimed at kiddies and Nintendo loyalists.

Before you set off yet again on your rampage of malevolence, Nintendo hasn’t released a quality first party title in years. Every franchise they have is overused, and they rely too much on the same old characters from decades ago. If companies did that, then Halo wouldn’t have taken the world by storm. (Editor’s note: though it can be said that too many Halo games could do the same to the franchise:  “It’s-a meeee, Master Chief!”).

The only advantage the 3DS will have, though, is that since it appeals to more casual users and will have an early start, it will most likely sell much better than the NGP.

3D and a touch screen are simple enough to comprehend. But multimedia functionality, rear touchpads, dual analog sticks and a deep online marketplace? These things are overwhelming to the casual or typical handheld user, and will deter many purchases.

Lastly, price point is also a major determining factor. $USD 250 is near-absurd to charge for a handheld, and there’s no telling how much the NGP will cost. I predict no more than $USD 300, because that’s how much a PS3 currently costs, and it would be stupid to sell your portable for more than your home system.

In The End

NGP: The Gamer's Portable?

From a gamer’s perspective, the NGP is already the winner. The 3DS will prove to turn out like the Wii did: the “innovative” titles will be near launch, and then it’ll turn into a library full of generic shovelware that would give you a headache even without the 3D visuals.


As time closes in on release date, Reggie Fils-Aime will be watching, waiting… possibly suffering a nervous breakdown from the fact that the PSP2 is already winning.

No amount of preparation will help this time… unless he decides to let us know that the launch lineup is a joke, and that the good games are actually going to come out.

What do you guys think? Will the 3DS be just another example of “wait a few years and it’ll get good”, or will it simply be dead on arrival?

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©2011 Nicholas Laborde

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17 thoughts on “Nintendo is Asking Sony to Win: 3DS vs. NGP”

  1. It’s funy because if you wrote this article back when the 3DS’s launch line up was speculation like the NGP’s is now, you would’ve had an abundance of titles to choose from. How about we wait until a launch line up, date and price are confirmed, eh?

    Also it’s interesting to note, the PS3 and the 360 both did not have strong launch line ups and they’re doing fine when it comes to quality games at the moment.

    I wouldn’t mind waiting a bit for a first party Nintendo title to hit the system. Apparently Revelations is launch window and that looks awesome so that can tide me over for a bit along with some other things.


  2. The author knows nothing about gaming and the actual gaming industry. The PSP 2 is not on the same level as the PS3, for one. The cost of the PSP 2 and the games has not been announced, if they are high cost then the PSP 2 could fail.

    People need to remember this; just because a system is more powerful does not mean it’s better or won’t sell better. Stop comparing it to iPhones and other stuff. But hey, wanna play that game? Does your iPhone have 3D and let you play games, watch movies and take pictures in full 3D? No.

    Old technology? How is portable 3D old technology? How can you define sub par graphics? Go have a first hand look at some 3DS game play and if you think the graphics are crap then you’re just a little Sony fanboy.

    3DS won’t be for hardcore gamers? I’m a hardcore gamer and I’m choosing it over the PSP 2, because I actually know more about gaming then you Sony fanboys who just started playing games this generation.

    Nintendo wins wars with prices and gameplay. It started off with Super Mario Bros, continued with the SNES era, got stronger with the gameboy era(beat out the lynx and gamegear easily DESPITE GRAPHICS) and peaked with the Wii, which is outselling every console WORLDWIDE.

    I’m willing to bet, that the PSP 2 will be more expensive, far too expensive for the average gamer or even hardcore gamer and won’t get enough sales. Sony fails in catering only to hardcore gamers, where Nintendo caters to everyone.

    The only defence people can manage against the Wii is the graphics, which are not that bad and more then makes up for it with gameplay, difficulty, variety and affordablity.

    The only negative thing about the 3DS so far is the launch titles, that I’ll admit to.


  3. Is this article a joke? I have a distinct feeling I’ve been pranked into thinking PSP 2 is approaching my wallet in some new and different way than the first PSP did…

    Sub-PS3 level graphics and the same games I can get on my PS3, in my pocket!!! Yayyyy…. now if only I could fit it in my pocket. I think I just went back in time to 2005… Its like, PSP is just coming out again, and its something we’ve never seen before… lol.

    Price is almost too high on 3DS, gamers handheld or not, console pricing on handheld games and systems is not something I care to support.. And you can count on $49 PSP 2 games.


  4. You said you didn’t want rehashed games when all the games you listed for the NGP aren’t new at all…

    “I want to play new games, not experience old ones with a guaranteed chance of a headache.”

    “…groundbreaking. With day-one entries from Resistance, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted and Killzone…”


  5. To tell the truth he is right the ngp is better for hardcore gamers it has more of what we want.

    The number one thing we want is power and to be able to pick up a portable system that has graphics a little sub par to a home system and all the launch titles that ps3 fans look forward to each year is grea.

    I have two concerns with the ngp – I pray that because it’s so powerful that everything is not just a port from the ps3. I mean its a cool idea to be able to start a game at home and take it with you, but I really want some exclusives that I cant get on ps3 because if I have to choose I going to pick my home console.

    Second the 3ds has a gimmick 3d and one thing that Nintendo is good at selling is a gimmick something that sets them apart form everyone else i don’t think the ngp will out sell the 3ds or anything but i know that they have one future customer waiting


  6. instant fail article!

    what does an xbot know about ngp and 3ds?

    Rideg Racer is now aimed at 8yrs old? How lame can you be seriously?

    Another rehash of madden? seriouly?
    NGP has strong line ups? let me guess, LBP, Uncharted, MGS4 and ports. Sure it does!

    NGP is already winning?!

    no price, no confirmed launch titles.

    gtfo fanboy! fail article! no resources or what so ever, just typing crap out of your ass.


    1. First, he owns many consoles so is not an ‘xbot’. This site may have the 360 as the focal console, but we comment on ALL of them.

      Second, he is discussing the portables from a gamers’ perspective and arguing the 3DS launch line-up isn’t great and this is giving Sony’s portable a boost. His sources are the launch line-up lists.

      I have a family member who is getting the 3DS but personally I’m waiting to see which I decide to get. Prices at launch tend to be too high anyway imo.


    2. Man you are so mad because you know he is right buddy. Sony has the winner this time around deal with it, dont cry about it.


  7. It’s all about the gimmicks…
    Wii, DS and Kinnect… All of them have something new that most “HARDCORE GAMERS” will not care about, but most people will at least give it a try, and prob will have fun with it. 3DS has the same potential.
    Unless Microsoft steps in, both of them will be sucessfull, just like ds vs psp.


    1. And the companies are NOT after hardcore gamers money, which nlyequates to less than 50% of game returns,but they are aiming directly for the family gamers, the instant-fix pick-up-put down gamers, and the on-the-move gamers simply wanting a few minutes of fun, not the hard slog of several hours of gameplay to get through some levels.

      Kinect, Move, etc are NOT aimed directly at those who think it’s aimed at.


  8. Well I for one salute you for coming out with an honest opinion. I feel the exact same way about the 3DS, I just don’t feel Nintendo gave it their best shot, if anything the 3DS feels like Nintendo’s attempt at a PSP level system, not a full next gen upgrade. Though as is usually the case Nintendo fanboys don’t see it that way.


  9. Do you really think those 4 will be available at launch?? really?
    even if they were ready at launch, do you think sony would release them at the same time?


  10. 3D and the Nintendo first-party legacy is all the 3DS has going for it. Oh, and the ignorance of all the casual gamers who will buy it since they already own a DS.

    But I think Nintendo is taking their “accessible hardware” stance too far this time with processing that is underpowered compared to the iPhone 3G and the first Android phones that released about 2 years ago.

    Sony is doing the right thing by upping the ante hardware-wise, and if they learned from their PS3 pricing AND made it simpler to program for they will have a winner in real gamer’s eyes.


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