Jack Thompson Threatens Gabe Newell Over School Shooter Mod

Jack Thompson Still At It

Threatens Gabe Newell Over School Shooter Mod

by exterminat

©2011 Nicholas Laborde

I’ll cut to the chase: we all collectively dislike Jack Thompson.

No matter what walk of life you come from, no matter how you were raised, no matter how little of a gamer you are, we as the gaming public have grown to completely disdain this man.

But don’t worry, guys and gals, he’s still around.

You may recall my article reporting on the development of a school shooting mod for Half-Life 2, School Shooter: North American Tour 2012.

Well, Mr. Thompson, disbarred for life, has taken it upon himself to correct this mistake, by all means available to him, going so far as to threaten Gabe Newell.

Here is his letter in full.

“Dear Mr. Newell:

You either know or should know that the more moral midgets who run Checkerboarded Studios have created a mod for your company’s Half-Life which they call School Shooter: North American Tour 2012. This mod is a full-blown Columbine massacre simulator which cannot function without your company’s assistance and acquiescence.

Attached herewith is a letter from FHE-ASAP that expresses their, my, and others’ concerns about this Columbine massacre mod. As you either know or should know, your Half-Life murder simulator was obsessively played, and thus became a training aid, for a) teenaged Robert Steinhauser, who authored at Erfurt, Germany, the worst school shooting massacre in European history, and b) Seung-Hi Cho, who authored at Virginia Tech University the worst school shooting massacre in world history. As to the latter, the sources of this information are the Washington Post and the New York Times. Now some sociopaths have made reprises of Erfurt and Virginia Tech far more likely.

Given the fact that your company has the technological ability to stop the operation of School Shooter, you must undertake steps immediately to do so.

Speaking for myself alone (for now), you have until five o’clock pm Eastern standard time this Friday, March 18, 2011, to shut down this public safety hazard I predicted years ago this school massacre game would arrive. I hate being right all the time.


Regards, Jack Thompson”

Now… really?


He just did that.

This is also the man who tried to link the Virginia Tech shooting to video games, and it was found that it had zero connection to them.

Ol’ Jack also claims that copies of this “letter” were sent to the mod developer, Checkerboarded Studios, along with copies for the FHE-ASAP [the Florida Higher Education Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention], the United States Secretary of Education and many “significant others.”

We, the gamers, made sure this man would go away and never do this nonsense again.

But here he is, acting like he is making any sort of difference.

The only thing he’ll get out of this situation at most is a complimentary hat from Valve.

What do you think?

©2011 Nicholas Laborde

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4 thoughts on “Jack Thompson Threatens Gabe Newell Over School Shooter Mod”

  1. gabe just needs to send ol’ jack five words.

    “correlation does not imply causation.”

    and a coupon for a free download of portal 2.


    1. “Dirk, on 17 March, 2011 at 1:15 pm said:

      I think Jack needs a serious mental health evaluation or maybe he just an idiot.”

      Yeah, we tried that. Apparently he’s just a sane prick.

      E-mail JCarter_FHEASAP@yahoo.com if you want to voice your opposition. Please remain tactful, or you might make Jack’s claims sound reasonable…


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