L.A. Noire Countdown: Investigating The Road To L.A. Noire: Week 2

L.A. Noire Countdown

Investigating the road to L. A. Noire: Week #2

by exterminat

©2011 Nicholas Laborde

L.A. Noir Screenshots oxcgn#2The revolutionary detective title L.A. Noire by Rockstar Games and Australia’s own Team Bondi is now only eight weeks away.

With expectations running high and hype slowly escalating, you’re going to find yourself more and more interested in the fascinating world of crime drama.

Last week, I presented to you The Untouchables, which was very in-keeping with the time frame. While post-World War I (and II) America is a cultural explosion and the setting for much classic crime drama, this week we’re stepping out of the time machine and visiting modern day.

This time, we’re presenting a television series that many have come to love.

Crime Scene Investigation, or otherwise known as, CSI.

CSI -Crime Scene Investigations

Crime scene investigation oxcgn #11For the ill-informed, CSI stands for crime scene investigation. There are three main series: CSI Miami (launched 2002)  CSI: New York (launched 2004) and CSI Las Vegas (with Las Vegas being the original pilot show launched in 2000), each with their very own respective cast of characters.

Each show has it’s own underlying team scenario going on week by week, which plays out under each weeks main adventure into the world of the criminal mind, and crime scene investigation.

There have been several games based around the CSI: NY series, which do quite well in their own genre, so it will be interesting to see if fans of those games steer themselves towards L.A. Noire with just the same amount of enthusiasm; only time will tell.

The essential plot of the series is relatively simple: investigating particularly odd or nasty crimes and eventually solving them, all with the advances of modern technology (which, upon further recollection, we’ll most likely feel a longing for in L.A. Noire).

[CSI] Miami (my personal favorite of the two) stars undoubtedly one of the greatest heroes of modern pop culture, Lieutenant Horacio Caine, portrayed by David Caruso.

He’s the leader of the Miami Dade Police Department, and is the type of cop every respective law enforcer wishes to be.

And not only is he good at what he does, he’s good with the ladies as well.

You’ll quickly find yourself loving Lt. Caine all the more while falling in love with the rest of the cast and the series as a whole.

CSI Miami is currently in its ninth season, Vegas is on its eleventh and New York coming in at around its twentieth season.

Most of the seasons can be found for under USD$20 a piece, and are completely worth it.

Of course, a Netflix subscription would probably be more economical.

CSI: Miami stands distinctly different from its sister shows, by using vivid color shading, drastic use of color in its settings and scenes throughout each episode and in their headquarters/station.

In very similar ways, you will need to use your wits and evidence at hand in order to bring down the bad guys in when you’re in L.A. Noire when it’s released later in May.

As in CSI, gunfights are not the main focus. Rather, investigation and detective work is the order of the day.

And, as the shows display from time to time, the use of a gun can have detrimental consequences for the officer/agent involved. Guns do not always bring law and order.

Of course, one must realize, that true CSI is far from the depictions given to film and TV series such as these.

So much so, that there is now a genuine syndrome known as the CSI Effect, which has many of the public believing that actual crime scene investigation is easy and clear cut as that shown on the series.

Which of course is farther from the truth than many believe.

While this week’s was far more generalized than last week’s, at least you have been introduced into a wealth of ‘modern’ crime scene investigation.

While it is not the exact type of investigation you will undertake in L.A. Noire, it will give you an idea that guns do not always solve a case.

Although L.A. Noire’s won’t be the same, the sense of crime drama is still the same no matter the setting.

[ED: It’s my own personal view, that David Caruso. is perhaps one of the worlds worst actors on the small, or large screen. Devoid of any sort of expression, and has but a few basic body postures he uses, no matter what the movie or screenplay he is in.

Even his co-workers find him cold and stiff to work with. He might well be a nice guy, but as an actor – well . . enough said (as they say these days]

More L.A. Noire game teasers: Wk 2

As we mentioned last week, L.A. Noire is NOT your ‘average’ FPS, or brutal GTA-esque style game.

What itr is however, is a brilliantly laid out game set in the 30-40’s that has you playing the role of an up-and-coming young police officer, working his way up from the ‘beat’ on the streets of L.A, to become a formidable detective in the respected L.A. Police Department.

Through helping apprehend the criminals at the beginning of the game, you gain an understanding of how crimes are carried out, which helps you move up the ranks towards greater things within the force.

• L.A. Noire: The Case That Makes You

Sure, you use your gun more in the first part of the game and a street cop, but the majority of the game is played  out as the detective, having you rely on the little pieces of evidence at the scene of a crime, or in how you extract information from suspects and witnesses.

All of whom can be deceptive, or simply ill-informed and not really clear with their recollection of the events. Your job is to uncover who is telling the truth, who is avoiding it, and ideally, finding the ‘right’ criminal in the case at hand.

• L.A. Noire screenshots slideshow

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The advancements of game engines these days is staggering, with the likes of Frostbite 2’s great showings in Battlefield 3, or Crytek Engine 2 with Crysis 2, the realm of the ‘uncanny valley’ has yet to be fully realised in gaming.

But I would have to say, even all those other engines, while extremely powerful at what they do, still lack the finer details of what Team Bondi has created in L.A. Noire’s proprietary engine for facial recognition, animation and body language playback.

All of which adds such a sense of realism, that you’ll find yourself questioning at times: is this really a game, or a CGI movie?

Sure, no game engine is perfect, but with games like this, and the brains behind them working more and more towards closing that gap in the ‘Uncanny Valley’, we will be getting closer to having games really unfold before our eyes, in a manner we never thought possible in gaming.

©2011 Nicholas Laborde

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©2011 Nicholas Laborde

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