Splinter Cell 6 Image Leaked

Splinter Cell 6

First Image Leaked; Confirmation of Sam Returning?

by exterminat

©2011 Nicholas Laborde

This week has started off with a bang.

An image put up by audio product manufacturer Blue Sky revealed off-screen images of Splinter Cell 6.

The good news?

Sam Fisher is featured in them, with his trusty pair of iconic night vision goggles.

[Ed note: – Out of respect to NDA’s OXCGN has with Ubisoft we will NOT publish the in-house screen shot. We value our integrity and word much more than simply getting views on our pages – as soon as we get official word’ from Ubisoft, we’ll certainly make images available to you all and keep you informed as to what’s happening in the world of Splinter Cell]


The image has appeared on many other sites and we do have it, but out of integrity and honoring what Ubisoft said to other sites who put it up, we will not make it available for the public.

Apart from the obvious, the words “Broken Arrow” and “SC6” can be seen.

Wasn’t BA one of the PMC’s featured in Conviction? Or was that Black Arrow…

Ubisoft said somewhere along the line when Conviction, the fifth and most recent title in the series, was released that it would be the end of Sam Fisher’s story. If you’re curious as to what OXCGN thought about Conviction, you can find our review here.

The end most certainly gives that away.

I have to admit that I’m a tad disappointed to see Sam returning, but the inclusion of him with his trademark night vision goggles means that the series may be going back to its stealth roots.

The shot came from the newly formed studio Ubisoft Toronto, which is headed by Assassin’s Creed producer Jade Raymond. OXCGN has known for some time that Jade’s new studio was handling Splinter Cell, and has a high likelihood of bringing the next Rainbow Six series to our shelves, as well as a NEW IP.

Splinter Cell 6 was announced in May of 2010, where it was officially stated that it would be made by Raymond and the new crew at Toronto.

Other than that, it’s been completely dark.

This makes me anxious for E3, as the next Splinter Cell title was on my list of anticipated announcements.

Only time [and E3] will tell…

©2011 Nicholas Laborde

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