Star Wars Limited Edition Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Details For Australia

kinect star wars

Star Wars Limited Edition Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Details For Australia

Is the Force strong with this one?

by: dkpatriarch

©2011 David Hilton
Use the Force (Cash Preferred)

Microsoft has just announced at Comic Con in San Diego that there will be a Limited Edition Xbox 360 Kinect bundle that takes its inspiration from Star Wars.

And yes it is coming to Australia.

The bundle includes:

  • The new 360 console design with a Limited Edition R2-D2 look and R2-D2 custom sounds
  • A massive 320 gig Hard Drive
  • A shiny golden Limited Edition C-3PO wireless controller
  • The Kinect sensor in pure white
  • The Star Wars Kinect game
  •  The Kinect Adventures game
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Headset
  • Exclusive DLC (downloadable content)

Australian Details

While this package will put you back US$449 in the U.S., and even though our dollar is higher than the greenback, here in Australia the price looks to be AU$599.

The console is due to release before the end of the year both here and abroad.

The Kinect Star Wars game uses the Kinect controller-free system: the player performs body movements to control vehicles like the X-Wing and Pod Racer, use hands to use the Force to lift or throw on-screen objects, swing arms for lightsaber actions, use voice commands and jump to perform on-screen leaps.

For more about the game, click HERE.

Video reveal

So what do you think?  Will you be pre-ordering it? Comment below.

©2011 David Hilton




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3 thoughts on “Star Wars Limited Edition Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Details For Australia”

  1. Personally i think this is by far the best value-for-money buy for the xbox platform. Not only do you get a new special casing iconised with the Star Wars franchise, but you get a Kinect unit, game, special controller for a little more than the 250 gig Kinect Bundle.

    For anyone wanting to get into the platform, or those who are just hell-bent on having any type of Collectors/Limited Edition piece of kit, this one would have to be The One to get.

    I’ll seriously be looking at nabbing one of these, but it’ll have to be pre-ordered asap, as I do believe that they will be limited quantity of these compared to other units on the shelf (to a certain number of course)

    We have the Gears 3 Unit on sale around the same time as well, and I believe there’s the possibility of another high profile franchise doing a special console edition. – But nothings concrete on that game yet – yet!


  2. Does the pope wear robes (edited), i can’t resist a special edition console especially one as cool as this so yes i will be buying it


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