Deus Ex: Human Revolution: A Title You Shouldn’t Miss

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

A Title You Shouldn’t Miss

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by exterminat

©2011 Nicholas Laborde

Summer is a time where we all delve into a little bit of desperation, and even madness.

Not because of the state of the world, or the economy.

Not because of war, conspiracy or brooding conflict.

We as gamers learn the definition of insanity when we go through 25% of the year with [typically] no major releases, a period of what can feel like everlasting drought.

Every now and again, one title releases near the end of summer that ushers in the clustered holiday season of big-name releases.

This year, that title is Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and I’m here to convince you why it’s a title you shouldn’t miss.

Detroit, 2027

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a title you may have heard about, but haven’t looked in to. Fear not, fellow reader, for this article will tell you everything you need to know about Human Revolution and all topics related.

To start off, Human Revolution is a prequel to the first title, Deus Ex (released in 2000); you won’t have any problem jumping in boots-first to the conspiracy-filled world of Detroit, Michigan circa 2027, but you may have many questions.

For newcomers to the franchise, Deus Ex is a first-person role-playing game renown for versatile gameplay, multiple approaches to situations, strong writing and engaging narrative. The story of Deus Ex: Human Revolution centers on a world where ‘augmentations’ are the global interest, and the source of massive controversy.

Augmentations are, as the name implies, physical additions to the human body; they’re new, somewhat primitive (in terms of story), state-of-the-art products of the Sarif Industries corporation, an American company (in Human Revolution, augmentations are physical, versus nanotech from the previous two titles). They can help the crippled walk, the blind see, and things of that nature. For those who need them, they are physical miracles.

But for the rest of the world… it’s a source of controversy. These corporations are more powerful than the government. Riots and protests are breaking out against these augmentations, and a “war” between Sarif Industries and Asian corporation Tai Yong Medical is ensuing.

The first trailer we have for you to view is called “Purity First”, which is a chilling example of anti-augmentation propaganda from organization Purity First, viewed as if in the world of Human Revolution.

Purity First Trailer

Players don Adam Jensen, a security officer at Sarif whose wife was closely associated with augmentation research.

After enduring a brutal attack and the death of his wife, Adam becomes augmented in order to save his life. And this, my friends, is where “the conspiracy begins.”

Below is, as per Deus Ex style, an epic trailer showcasing the story of the title centered on Adam.

They Can’t Stop The Future Trailer

What Deus Ex has and always will execute perfectly is narrative; make no mistake, this is NOT a science fiction story set in a distinctive, remote future. The worlds of Deus Ex are a post-modern, somewhat contemporary place where concepts circulating in our real world become hard reality. It’s an objective look into what humanity might become, based on the big things of the time.

Adam initially goes to work for Sarif Industries, but as time progresses he has no idea what side he is on, who he is fighting for or if he will even survive.

The story will be an absolute wild ride, and fans of the original title will certainly be in for a treat, as there will be more than a few links and conspiracies that tie into Deus Ex.

The Pillars of Gameplay

Deus Ex focuses on five different “pillars of gameplay”. Combat, Stealth, Hacking, Exploration and Social.

Combat, which is all-out war and direct conflict; Stealth, entailing creeping through environments to accomplish your goals as quietly as possible; Hacking, allowing the player to discover additional data and information, while also turning things such as turrets and alarms to the player’s favor; Exploration, the most important pillar (to me, at least), leaning the player towards finding alternate routes, additional items, et cetera; and finally, Social, which is your interaction with other characters and the conversations that ensue.

Building upon these, you have your augmentations which go from everything from hacking to sniper rifle aiming.

On top of that, you have three different central ways to play the game: Combat, Stealth or Adaptive.

Combat being direct assault, stealth being as quiet as possible to get through the game, or adaptive, being the method that mixes the aforementioned two.

Freedom of Choice Trailer

Human Revolution caters to how the player wants to play the game, and it respects that. Not only do you have all these different ways to ascertain your goals, but the environment is your friend just as much as your instincts are.

There are over 1500 interactive objects in Human Revolution, and the ways you can use them to your advantage are unlimited. From throwing something at an enemy to using a box to reach a previously unreachable area or alternate route, Human Revolution is a title that will contain nothing but versatility; the question is, how will you use it?

We definitely asked for this!

If all of the above has you craving for more (which it definitely should be), you’re in luck: Deus Ex: Human Revolution has a collector’s edition, under the title of Augmented Edition.

I’ll let the trailer explain it all.

Collector’s Edition Trailer

Contents of Augmented Edition:

  • 40 page artbook
  • Bonus DVD which includes lengthy making-of, special trailers, animated storyboard of the CGI trailer, and a soundtrack
  • Motion graphic novel (on DVD)
  • Special packaging

I do want to note the discrepancy between the video and the contents listed right above; as usual in the strange world of marketing, United States audiences get the Augmented Edition solely. UK and other worldwide territories get this and another option, the Collector’s Edition, which includes the Adam Jensen figurine shown in the video.

I still fail to understand why more and more publishers are beginning to give the US less, but that’s beyond my control, and I most certainly can’t complain when the price is just right like it is here.

For US audiences, the Augmented edition will run you only $10 more than the version you are purchasing. Quantities are limited, so act fast!

Conspiracy begins

My sole purpose in this article is to get you hyped for the conspiracy-filled world of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and I hope I’ve been successful.

Adam Jensen’s story will be a tale you shan’t soon forget; the gameplay will keep you coming back; the Augmented Edition (and if you’re non-American, you lucky Collector’s Edition bastards) will look amazing on your shelf.

It’s all combined into one fantastic package, and is a short month away.

North American players can enlist on August 23rd, while the rest of the world joins the fight on August 26th.

Are you ready to uncover the conspiracies?

Journey to the world of Adam Jensen one last time below.

©2011 Nicholas Laborde

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