Slavery: The Game: Is This Going A Bit Too Far?

Slavery: The Game

Is this going just a bit too far?

by exterminat

©2011 Nicholas Laborde

Every now and again, games are made not because they are making a bold statement about society, or because they provide some manner of artistic value, but simply for the sake of controversy.

A new game that appears to be trying to ride the notoriety train to success is Slavery: The Game.

Yes, you read that correctly. Slavery: The Game.

Currently in development by Javelin Reds Gaming, Slavery is an RTS centered on, as the name implies, slavery.

Now, really: is this necessary? And is this going too far?

When Europe ruled the world

Slavery: The Game – Trailer

… well then.

So many things scream out at me from this. My initial reaction was “No, this can’t be real.” Upon further investigation, the game does in fact appear to be a legitimate title in development.

The biggest warning sign was the very first thing you saw, the AO rating; Adults Only. For our European and other friends across the pond(s), AO is an infamous rating in America. If a title receives this rating, no console manufacturer will allow the game to be put on their respective device, and no retail chain will carry it.

That leaves the only avenue left: the PC, via digital distribution or direct purchase from the developer. It’s basically equivalent to selling marijuana.

What stands out at least to me in this trailer is how the announcer sounds extremely hateful when he reads the text on screen at points, such as “Buy slaves. Discipline them. Exploit them” all while showcasing the different methods you can use to ‘discipline’ them.

No actual gameplay regarding the slaves is shown, most likely for obvious reasons.

It’s as if this title is being marketed directly toward a racist and hateful audience; what will Slavery feature that’s new and different, besides being “HEY GUYS WE HAVE SLAVES AND YOU CAN BE MEAN TO THEM!”? The entire premise of the game is focusing on the slavery direction, not the strategy aspect.

One last thing that really stands out is the focus on the European side of the slave spectrum; when slavery is mentioned, at least in America, you don’t think of European slave usage, rather, instantly thinking about the Southern United States.

I come from Louisiana, an historically ‘rich’ place in slavery; the house I grew up in was a plantation house. To say that slavery has been forgotten would be a very ignorant statement.

It’s as if they’re trying to divert the thoughts of America’s slavery days toward Europe in some sort of attempt to demoralize the ‘propagators’ of modern slavery.

Regardless, this will undoubtedly be another game that tries to make a name for itself superficially.


Controversy is much like awkwardness, in that it only is if you make it.

Sometimes, controversy can be an excellent thing; take Super Meat Boy, for example. By PETA calling them out in public, they reached an audience they never dreamed of achieving. But in this case, I doubt that desired effect will be achieved.

I anticipate a Fox News report on this very soon, and will anticipate it with bated breath.

Slavery: The Game is slated for a 2012 release… if you’re really in to that kind of stuff.

UPDATE 1: Upon searching the ESRB website, no rating exists for the game, and I noticed that at the end of the trailer, Xbox Live is listed; whereas, an actual website does exist for the game. Fake, or not?

UPDATE 2: …aaaand, no website for the developer exists. Could this just be an extremely sick joke?

©2011 Nicholas Laborde

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I'm an American from steamy Louisiana, one of the most electronically deprived areas of the United States. I've gamed since I was four years old as a result, and plan to do it onto my deathbed. I discovered I could write in June of 2010 when I started a little site called Fans of The Genre with a few friends, and that eventually collapsed three months after due to social lives kicking in. No less than two weeks after that I discovered OXCGN via the community gamer gab competition, and become a staff member shortly after. In February of 2011 I was welcomed to the Editorial staff, then in March of 2012 I was promoted to co-owner... and here I am!

22 thoughts on “Slavery: The Game: Is This Going A Bit Too Far?”

  1. I think we have a problem with too many people feeling justified to do whatever they want to do as if that is the mark of freedom. That is more the mark of childhood. We as adults do not do everything we want to do, because we have a duty to our fellow man/woman. To say do not watch, don’t buy or ignore is not being responsible. Stand up for something more than your instant gratification.


  2. If this is a viral marketing campaign….the only thing this is going to accomplish is its going to bring a lot of heat down on the gaming community. Can’t wait until Jack Thompson gets a hold of this.


  3. SO has anyone realized yet this is a viral marketing campaign aimed at bring attention to the history of slavery? IT IS NOT A REAL GAME but is intended to bring awareness to the historical nature of it and the brutality present in that history


  4. If Slavery the Game was real. Do you know how wrong and just plain sick this is? WHAT THE F**K WERE THEY THINKING???!!!??


  5. Last time I checked there have been numerous games where it’s okay to murder countless white people as both a black, and italian man.

    We turn it around and now everyone cries foul? I agree the Slavery thing is a bit much, but had San Andreas has a white cast murdering black people on the streets of L.A. everonye would still be crying like you are now.


    1. In GTA 3 you werea white male surrounded by black and white people you could murder countless masses of. Also the premise of San Andreas was not to murder white people, it was a game about being a criminal and you murder black people in the process too. Just becuase the option exists to murder white people, this doesn’t make the game racist.


  6. For all you people who are trying to justify the game because of how you played other games in the past with questionable moral views cant really think that this game is alright. Whats next Holocaust the video game Sims Nazi edition just the fact all that work went into making the trailer says something about you and the people you supports moral compass. Yeah you might see this as a cool game but could you imagine a little kid getting hold of this game and thinking that oh ok i can go get me a slave too. I hope one day you have young daughters and they get victimized because of what this game represents for your ignorance. Were getting back to this point where racial indifference is cool now i can say what i want cause who’s gonna stop me. By agreeing with this game just shows how much of a racist you really are Dan


    1. Not racist at all really. I just wouldn’t care what people want to make as a video game, if a game or ANYTHING in general offends me, I wouldn’t associate with it, so therefore its not a problem.

      And those of you saying if they made a holocaust game, I think unless you can come up with a method of it being an actual game, I don’t think its possible. Cause keep in mind the “slavery” aspect of this game is definitely a valid possibility for an RTS, because it involves many aspects like merchanting and “techniques”, yeah go ahead freak out, but its pretty much like playing one of the tycoon games, its just more focused on an adult audience.

      Keep in mind this game may not even be real so stop crying until it actually comes out. ALSO, are you implying that EVERY child who has ever played a Call of Duty game, or any other VIOLENT video game now understands that it is his absolute moral duty to go around killing anyone not from his country/race? I don’t think that has happened to our society yet, so calm the heck down.

      Just cause I am open, and yes I do have a slightly dark sense of humor, I can still justify right from wrong, but keep in mind, its a game, its not a freaking petition to bring back slavery.

      If you all acted this way to every game that had some sort of moral issue, we’d have almost no games, novels, or movies. Also you are implying you want my children to get raped or something? You sure you aren’t the person who needs to check their moral compass?



    ED: Please do not use Caps to YELL and please keep the language clean. I’ve already had to delete racist comments, so let’s keep this civil.


  8. I don’t think this is going too far at all. People play war games and I’ve played stronghold crusader, games based on an actual historical period and people don’t get offended. I think it’s so far in the past (not forgotten) but distant that there is no reason to be offended. Like if someone got mad at it, don’t play it, same with those who get offended by Harry potter, don’t watch it don’t try to ban it. Those who wish to play it will. Yes the guy sounded like most of it focuses on the tortue and stuff but really it’s not a big deal. Let them get their month of controversial fame, it may be a valid RTS. Of course we’d have to wait and see how they do this as if it’s a “tasteless” subject for a game and also a dud that’s pretty bad.


    1. This game is about mocking black people as a whole and black people as a whole will block this game trust.


    2. Really??The effects of slavery can be felt in every institution in the US(education, the prison system, employment, etc), so although it may have ended many years ago, there’s no need to refresh such an awful idea. It’s amazing how some people think the effects of slavery don’t exist when they see a few successful Blacks on TV. If this were a Holocaust-based game they’d be shut down in a week.


  9. seriously though the game is you are captured by some white guys and you break free and you start killin every cracker you see


  10. “I anticipate a Fox News report on this very soon, and will anticipate it with bated breath.”
    Yes, the outrage by angry soccer moms and offended blacks will be tremendous.
    That being said, I’m totally going to play it.


    1. You can play it love it ,kiss it ,even be taking by it but blacks wont’ go into slavery again and I ‘ll put your soul it.


    2. I agree with Bob im black and ide play it just to see how ***** up it is. I agree its too far but i mean Im rich and im free slavery is over never to be forgotten but this game will be purchased and played lol.


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