OXCGN’s Saints Row: The Third Review

OXCGN’s Saints Row: The Third Review

Most insane game of the year?

by: GrathiusXR

©2011 Arthur Kotsopoulos

Volition have always stressed that whilst Saints Row is a sandbox title it differs from the GTA series in every way shape and form.

With the release of Saints Row: The Third (SR:3) these differences couldn’t be more obvious.

From escorting tigers in low riders, collecting blow up dolls, going Top Gun in VTOL’s and blazing through Tron-like tunnels, Saints Row: The Third is a game which exemplifies fun from start to finish.

To ensure that Saints Row always stays fresh and continues to shock and awe, Volition use the story as a catalyst to introduce new characters, weapons and crazy scenarios.

If you think the opening mission which involves robbing a bank dressed as a fellow Saint (Johnny Gat) complete with massive head masks and ripping out the vault via a helicopter was crazy wait until you get further into the game.

The story is as simple as ABC; it’s all about getting revenge on 3 rival gangs in the city of Steelport and having the Saints leave a mark.

It’s not a modern day gaming masterpiece, but for what it’s worth it works and as I said before keeps the game fresh.

The Third St. Saints are a household names in the game and bigger than anything in the world thus being at super star status. The NPC’s want to pose and take photos with you, your group has energy drink commercials and massive billboards promoting the infamous purple colour.

It feels good…

This game has rewarded all your hard work from the first 2 games and it feels good.

Volition has done an amazing job with this franchise and has separated it far away from the GTA series to evolve and improve it in every way.

My main gripe with SR2 was that whilst it was a fun game, graphically it was stressful on the eye.

The Third does feature an updated graphics engine which impresses in some areas but still falters in others. You will have the occasional glitch where bodies go through walls; fall in the ground, and there are some really weird ragdoll effects. Many main characters look rather dull and during some missions cars will randomly disappear.

Having said that, explosions pack a punch, sex appeal looks very appealing and city landscapes at night look amazing whilst parachuting off your stronghold.

It may not be Crysis 2 or Uncharted 3, but for a game that’s as crazy as this where gameplay comes first I can easily understand where Volition is coming from.

Whatever GTA can do….

Many would argue that if GTA IV can do it then SR3 can too, but when it comes down to it, gameplay is what we all really want right?

GTAIV to do everything took me 31 hours but half way through I got bored of its realism and forced myself to finish it.

15+ hours into SR3 and I’m still laughing and enjoying myself.

The only downside is that for a game of this nature it’s a shame some of the better activities from SR2 were left out.

You still have nude streaking, Mayhem and Insurance Fraud but Septic Avenger would have been a perfect activity in Saints Row the Third.

Nothing like shooting manure on top helpless pedestrians whilst shouting profanities.  [Ed. Really??? I worry about you Arthur!]

Speaking of profanities, SR features a lot of them.  Probably not to the extent of House of the Dead: Overkill on the Wii but if you’re sensitive about swearing this isn’t the game for you.

Like most movies/games it uses profanity for context but doesn’t go overboard.  It’s good to see they stay within boundaries because excessive swearing does take the fun out of it.

Whored Mode

If SR3 wasn’t already offering you value for your money in comes Whored Mode to make it awesome value. Not quite Horde Mode from Gears of War and not quite Firefight from the Halo franchise, Whored mode will throw the player into wave after wave of random scenarios.

From throwing explosive mouse traps on miniature female street workers, unleashing a mini-gun on giant mascots in bottle costumes and chopping down people in bear/rabbits suits with a katana, the sheer crazy nature of this mode will continue to offer a challenge.

It may get stale after a while but with SR3 featuring many characters and weapons you will never play 2 scenarios the same within a short amount of time from each other.

Complete package?

All in all Volition offer the complete package for sandbox fans and of course those hanging for GTA V.

You’ve got smooth gameplay regardless of the glitches, almost endless character customization and over the top missions which continue to impress.

If you’re an extreme movie buff fan like myself, almost every mission, whether it’s in the style, name or dialogue, will have you always finding a reference to a popular film.

All the more reason to buy this game now isn’t it?


©2011 Arthur Kotsopoulos

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