Injustice: It’s not another MK v DC Universe

Injustice: It’s not another MK v DC Universe 

For one thing, it has Batman!

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

Upon arriving at Warner Bros booth to check out Injustice: Gods Among Us which is being developed by Netherrealm Studios, my expectations had not been set.

I had a completely open mind, ready for whatever they had to throw at me.

I spent the next 20-30 minute sitting with no prior knowledge about this game apart from the fact that it’s set in the DC Universe and it’s the second DC fighting game developed by Netherrealm Studios.

In good hands

Rest assured folks Injustice is NOT another Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.

It’s a proper DC fighting game where each character is crafted with their own unique traits and whilst it may not be as gory as Mortal Kombat, it is definitely a brutal fighting game with a lot of content.

From the beginning it was stated that Injustice is Netherrealms take on the much beloved DC characters, so each character has their own unique style and look.   Counting the 6 playable character that had already been revealed that left another 18 slots that were greyed out.

From Clark Kent’s iconic glasses and shirt rip to reveal the Superman logo, it was clear to see that Netherrealm have had a lot of time to make sure this isn’t just another cash cow game.

Each character’s outfit has been modified and the attention to detail is amazing, from the armour on Batman or The Flash‘s suit, to the decay of Solomon Grundy‘s decomposed body.

Unconventional fighting

With Netherrealms at the helm of Injustice you’d expect that the game would feature the conventional fighting methods of an announcer proclaiming the start and end of a fight, as well as a number of rounds needed to progress further.

In order to provide a fighting experience in a more cinematic larger scale they have dropped these two staple features from games such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat and have gone the route of having just one round.

Each character has more than the usual one bar of health so even though fights will consist of one round they won’t end within a few minutes of starting.

It enhances the battle in that you’ll need to play it a little more cleverly because if you lose you lose that’s it.

You don’t have another round to make a comeback and eventually win.

Netherrealms wanted to showcase that these guys mean business when fighting.

Superman vs The Flash

Up first, two huge heavy hitters in Superman and The Flash, showcasing the graphical capabilities of the engine, gameplay and depth that each level has.

Trying to settle their differences in the Batcave, each character can interact with the environment in multiple ways.

This definitely works at an advantage for both characters, with Superman’s great strength allowing him to grab large barrels and hurling them at The Flash.

The Flash, on the other hand, since he isn’t exactly the strongest, is still able to grab the barrels but instead of throwing them he’ll have the ability to thrust them on the ground towards Superman.

We witnessed multiple interactions with the environment in the Batcave from barrels, Bat grenades, rockets from the Batmobile, boxes, machinery and more.

Upper-cutting The Flash across the level we were shown a cut-scene depicting the transition from one area to the next. The Flash is seen crashing into multiple pipes bouncing off them hitting various parts of his body until he comes crashing down to the ground where Superman is already waiting for him.

It suits these juggernauts’ style perfectly and there will be plenty of these moments within every level.

Whilst the game won’t feature the likes of Fatalities, each character has their own super ability which acts ans their big move to deal massive amounts of damage. These are done in spectacular and over-the-top fashion that only Netherrealm could do so gracefully.

Superman upper-cutted The Flash into outer space, literally proceeded to fly up towards him, and then punch him back towards the earth.

The Flash on the other hand, with less strength, bolted towards Superman causing him to spin and become confused, then ran around the world a few times until he gained enough momentum to strike Superman down with one mean right hook.

Finally though, Superman finished off The Flash and after hearing the cries of a woman in danger he swooped away and thus the match came to an end.

Solomon Grundy vs Batman

There was no way Netherrealm wouldn’t show gameplay of Batman since he’s all the rage right now especially with Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises looking to break every box office record set by The Avengers a few months prior.

This battle was set in Future City and again showcased the depth of the combat, multiple areas, and a surprisingly interactive environment.

This fight demonstration focused more on the technical side of the game in terms of combos, so don’t think this game will be a button masher of just 2 to 3 hits.

There are definitely multiple avenues to approach every fight, and though each will only consist of 1 round, you will need to make sure you know every nook and cranny of this DC roster.

Injustice is definitely a fighting game looking to do away with the conventional methods of starting and ending bouts, and though this  may upset the purists, this game plays great.

Cyborg and Nightwing were just recently unveiled at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego and with another 16 slots yet to be filled I’m sure this roster of DC fighters will definitely not disappoint.

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

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