OXCGN’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter Preview: Hot Pursuit

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Preview: ‘Hot Pursuit’

Battlefield buster?

by : Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

With Battlefield 4 most likely dropping at the end of next year, EA may have stolen the limelight away from their own other First Person Shooter Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, but  gamers who miss this one are missing a game with the heavy artillery to compete with the rest of the holiday season’s blockbusters.

OXCGN were invited to test out 2 new single player missions that we found more exhilarating than the whole campaign of Battlefield 3.

Shore Leave

‘Shore Leave’ is your typical infantry mission with a few intense action-packed moments set in Somalia that make wonderful use of the Frostbite 2.0 engine.

Starting off on a beach Normandy-style you’ll battle through a dozen or so enemies whilst slowly advancing and taking cover behind various objects.

After a few fierce gun fights we ended up at a door where we were reintroduced to the good old ‘Breach & Clear’. Upon walking up to the door an inventory wheel pops up and you have to choose ‘Breach’.

Either you or your teammate will proceed to kick the door, throw a flashbang and you’ll enter a short segment of slow motion movement with just enough time to clear the room of baddies.

One ‘Breach & Clear’ had a modern pirate who dropped from the hole in the wall and met my trusty friend ‘Mr Tomahawk’ close on- it was a gruesome end for him.

Once I had cleared the room I took out my LKM (I believe that’s what they are called) and called in a heavy artillery strike that leveled the building and the guy with the rocket launcher across the road.

From then on I needed to eliminate any hostiles in that building’s ruins with the use of a ‘bot’ that is obviously the safer option over crawling through a hole yourself without knowing what’s on the other side.  The bot was equipped with a light machine gun and grenade launcher, making it pretty effective.

Its handling was a bit weird but it got the job done and provided cover fire for fellow team mates across the way…until it was taken out and smashed by a few enemy curb stomps.

Here’s where the intensity picked up: after having the bot smashed I was let loose into the streets of Somalia.

There were hostiles in buildings and jeeps driving up and down with heavy machine gunners pinning most of us down.

I sprinted across the road weaving to and fro from various broken walls and cars, taking out enemies and hiding behind cover until I had a clear shot to take out the gunners.

Once I had cleared this section it was time to climb up a tower and set up shop with my trusty sniper, taking out rocket launcher-equipped enemies.

Bullet drop has been incorporated much like the Battlefield franchise of late, so you need to plan your shot, but at the same time make haste because you’ve got to take them out quickly.

To close off this level, air support in the shape of an Apache helicopter and another lesser known helicopter came in and went to town on a building, levelling it and a communications tower with it.

The Frostbite 2.0 engine again was just spectacular at processing all this on-screen action.

In Hot Pursuit of the Most Wanted

Next stop was the city of Karachi in Pakistan where ‘MAKO’ has tracked the Petn Trail to a deserted shipping port.

Not all goes to plan however when this figure is mysteriously shot by a sniper moments later.

As we shuffle to figure out what just happened, air support points our attention to a runner getting into an old 4WD that we need to follow. Cue the soundtrack of “The Bourne” movies and we’ve got ourselves a good 10-15 minute car chase.

The entire car chase will have you driving on roads avoiding oncoming traffic, through alleyways, food stands, and you’ll have various objects flying across your windshield such as chairs, broken bikes and dirt.

Whilst ‘Shore Leave” showed us the battle scope of the Frostbite 2 engine, ‘Hot Pursuit’ showcases just how detailed and gritty the engine can really get.

From dirt splashing on the car’s windscreen to debris from food stands flying everywhere in extravagant fashion, the Frostbite 2.0  looks stunning.

The graphics are amazing,  but gameplay and an engaging experience is what sells a game for me. If it’s fun then I’m going to purchase it; if it isn’t then I don’t want to spend my money knowing there’s something better out there for me.

Over-all the car chase was predictable, in that the sniper you were chasing would always follow the same path regardless of how many times you crashed and had to restart.

The car itself also felt as if it were being guided on a string, but this isn’t a racing game so I can understand it’s not going to handle like the new Most Wanted or any Forza title.

It was, however, still unpredictable in that you could crash into oncoming traffic and if you weren’t careful enough you’d crash into walls and street lights.

I would perhaps have liked to see a few varied routes that you could go through because this city is huge and if you crash into a car and lose sight of the 4WD you’ll have to restart the same section again, and that could get a little boring.

As the chase draws nearer its climax, the music amplifies and creates a sense of tension and urgency. Whilst you know you’re going to get the bad guy in the end the mood is still entirely gripping.

Dangerclose teamed up with the team for Need for Speed to create this thrilling chase that would fit perfectly in the next Bourne sequel.

The two missions have convinced me that this isn’t just some tide-us-over game until the big Battlefield 4 comes along, but a great game on its own.  Stay tuned for our review soon.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

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