EB Expo 2012: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Hands-on Preview

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Hands-on Preview

EB Expo 2012

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

I didn’t get the chance to check out Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance at E3 earlier this year, and I’ve been too busy to try it out at the Mindscape offices.

Come EB Expo, I knew that I just had to set a time dedicated to heading over to the booth to get my hands on time with Raiden and his sword.

Sitting down on the showroom floor for the better part of fifteen minutes I had plenty of time with Raiden, and I can’t praise the game enough with how smoothly it runs.

I didn’t witness any graphical clipping, frame rate problems, glitches or bugs.

The real Fruit Ninja

I did, however, run in to a watermelon on a table that I decided needed to be taught a lesson.

Slicing and dicing enemies into dozens of pieces is surprisingly fun (in the virtual world, of course).

The game plays simple enough to where if you’ve played Ninja Gaiden, then there will be minimal learning curve and you can dive right in.

If you haven’t played those titles, then the game does provide a tutorial mission that takes you through the basic features of movement, parrying, and combat.

It’s not overly difficult like the infamous Dark Souls or Demon’s Souls.

Revenge for vengeance

Revengeance is not only fun, but brutal… very, very brutal.

Slicing enemies isn’t a sight you would want your kids to see. When pressing the left trigger, time slows down and the camera zooms in closer to Raiden’s back and you’re then allowed to press the ‘X’ or ‘Y’ button to slice upwards or downwards into your enemy.

You’ll see his body slowly start to disperse from each laceration you’ve made, and Raiden’s sword cuts through them like a hot knife through butter. Once you let go of the left trigger, time returns to normal and all the pieces will fall into place as you move on to your next enemy.

The gruesome nature of the combat doesn’t end there. To my surprise, I managed to slice an enemy’s hip off, and then saw him stumble backwards grabbing his stomach whilst his intestines fell out.

Another move shows Raiden pulling out the spine of his enemy and crushing it in the palms of his hands.

This “execution” system works simply. After you’ve damaged them enough, an icon on the screen will pop up informing you that now is the best time to press the ‘B’ button to perform the action.

This game is gruesome, and I absolutely love it.

… or is it vengeance for revenge?

The combat in this game can only be accurately described as elegant.

If you time your moves right, Raiden can go from enemy to enemy slicing and kicking away, ripping out spines and parrying attacks left, right and center; movement is equally as smooth, and you won’t have any problems between your slicing and dicing.

A sequence in the tutorial had Raiden being chased by helicopters on a bridge, where we were instructed to press the right trigger to activate ‘Ninja Mode’. This allows Raiden to jump over cars and evade obstacles that may have been in his way.

After escaping the helicopter’s rockets, we were cornered in an open area where we practiced our locking-on skills with a rocket launcher.

Equipping weapons is as simple as running over the outline of the weapon, which causes Raiden to automatically pick it up.

From there, you press the left bumper and you can aim the rocket launcher, right trigger shoots, and you know how the rest goes.

Okay, enough title jokes

I’m disappointed that it took me this long to finally get hands on with Revengeance, but as they say, better late than never.

This isn’t Metal Gear Solid in any traditional sense, and it isn’t trying to be. You don’t sneak around, you go head first in to the action, and your sword does all the talking.

You’ll find yourself slicing up tanks, helicopters, walkers, soldiers and who knows what else.

You’ll enjoy the audio effects when it comes to explosions and combat. You’ll appreciate the graphics because it does look extremely pleasing to the eye, and with the fluidity of the combat, it’s a match made in heaven.

Be sure to look in to Revengeance, because whether you’re a fan of games such as Ninja Gaiden or Metal Gear, you won’t be disappointed.

©2012 Arthur Kotsopoulos

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