Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is ‘Metal Gear Ninja’

preview_metal gear rising revengeance

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is ‘Metal Gear Ninja’

Hack ‘n Invigoration

by Arthur Kotsopoulos

©2013 Arthur Kotsopoulos

metal gear rising revengeance screenshots oxcgn #10It’s just over a month to go until Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is released in Australia under an MA15+ rating (amazingly it passed and not even at the new R18+ rating, because this game features decapitations, enemies sliced in half and into over 9000 more pieces).

I was recently given the chance to play a near final build of Revengeance on the PS3. We’ve covered the game quite a few times over the past few months from the EB Expo code to the demo which was available with the release of Zone of Enders.

I managed to get through a decent amount of content in my 3 hour hands on with the game and overall my experience was invigorating.

Metal Gear Action

metal-gear-rising-revengeance-oxcgn-1Revengeance is set 4 years after Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots but it is by no means a sequel of any sort. The game is a spin-off and not part of the Metal Gear Solid series, so if you’re looking for a game with heavy use of stealth stick to the Solid series.

What Revengeance does provide, however, is massive amounts of slaughterous swordplay with witty dialogue.

If there was an award for the “craziest and bad-ass opening level/sequence” then Revengeance would win that award hands down.

The game’s first level is a prologue level, detailing the events which led to Jack/Raiden/Mr. Lightning Bolt (seriously how many names does this guy have?) losing his arm and left eye.

metal gear rising revengeance screenshots oxcgn #8Raiden is on routine detail when the ‘Winds of Destruction’ from a rival PMC known as Desperado Enforcement LLC, decide to crash what should have been an easy walk in the park.

For me the story took a back seat and all I could honestly think of was how amazing it was battling a giant Metal Gear, hacking away at its legs and slicing off its outer-armour, revealing its weak spots.

After a few minutes of vigorous combat, I had dealt with the Metal Gear, sliced off one if its arms and ventured off to continue chasing who I assume to be the games main antagonist, Sundowner.

This guy is massive, has a really kick-ass looking cyborg suit and a mean pair of swords which do damage. I can only assume since he was calling the shots he could also be the leader of Desperado Enforcement LLC.

Whilst hot on their trail it seems the Metal Gear in the previous battle was back for more of an ass whopping.

metal gear rising revengeance screenshots oxcgn #6This time rather than relying on moving along the battlefield and attacking the Metal Gears‘ legs, you will need to rely on manoeuvering in a small area trying not to get hit by rockets and entering blade mode to slice away a different type of rocket the Metal Gears shoots.

After attacking it enough times the Metal Gear jumps back and again shoots god knows how many rockets at you- the only way to get close to it and finish it off is to hold down R1 and Ninja Run across the debris of a nearby clock tower.

Raiden Metal Rising

metal gear rising revengeance screenshots oxcgn #5When Raiden gets as close as possible the Metal Gear propels Raiden into the clock tower, where the final sequence has you running down the structure dodging rockets, a massive laser and huge craters, before ultimately sticking Raiden’s High Frequency Blade into the Metal Gear and slicing it in half.

What made this whole boss battle even more amazing was the inclusion of some amazing metal music. From wicked riffs to face-melting solos, I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. Every encounter with enemies, mini-bosses and end of level bosses is accompanied by a random metal track.

metal gear rising revengeance screenshots oxcgn #4Revengeance flows as continuous as the gallons of blood present in the prologue alone. I couldn’t find a fault with this near final build and to think it’s still a whole month away is frustrating.  I want more!

It reminded me heavily of Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden 2 which is a very good thing, as I adored both of those titles. Completing them both on the hardest difficulty back in my younger days was a rewarding experience.

Just a flick to the left, and a jump to the right

metal gear rising revengeance screenshots oxcgn #3Revengeance being much like Ninja Gaiden means it is definitely NOT a walk in the park. Whilst Normal does provide some form of challenge playing it on Hard will test your skills and reactions accordingly. If you’ve played the demo you’ll be familiar with parrying, flicking the left thumbstick in the direction of the attack and pressing the square button.

It won’t be until a few levels in that you fully master this technique so don’t fret if at first it isn’t working; you may not be timing the combination of thumbstick and button early enough before an enemy strikes you.

BP – your petrol for upgrades

metal gear rising revengeance screenshots oxcgn #1After completing certain battles you will earn scores and a rank which affects your overall ranking for the level. This also affects how many BP (Battle points) you receive which allows you to tinker with the more RPG-like elements that the game features.

BP is obtained through various aspects of a battle.  From completion time, combos, damage taken and any Zan-Datsu kills. The faster you complete a section and the more Zan-Datsu kills you achieve will grant you an S ranking and maximum BP.

At any point in the game you can enter customization mode, where you’ll be able to upgrade certain attributes such a weapons strength, obtain more moves for both the HFB (High frequency blade) and unlocked weapons obtained from boss battles as well as Raiden himself.

I wish I could talk about the weapons you can unlock in this game, but as I’m legally obliged to not discuss them I will assure you that they are awesome and add a metric-ton of extra variety to combat.

Why so not-so-serious?

metal gear rising revengeance screenshots oxcgn #2As you progress through each chapter, the level of awesome in each encounter is amplified. New enemies are introduced with attacks that require you to change-up tactics and the new weapons do wonders.

The environment features crates with items inside or enemies hidden in random boxes (a nod back to the MGS series); there are even a few jokes throughout the game which is good to see.

Revengeance never actually takes itself seriously; the amount of theatrics involved and slow motion cut-scenes when various enemies are introduced or certain actions are undertaken, it couldn’t be.

More please….

metal gear rising revengeance screenshots oxcgn #7I honestly fell in love with this game even more after this hands on as it gave me a better glimpse of what to expect and how much fun I will be having.

I could have stayed and played beyond Chapter 4 but I didn’t want to spoil any more of the game for myself because knowing it isn’t due out until February 21st here in Australia and having to wait would be excruciating.

I cannot wait to complete it, as I definitely see it as the better of the hack ‘n’ slash titles available this year.

DmC seems to have been getting great scores across the board (our review is out soon) but I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve played the final game myself.

From fast paced combat, stunning gameplay, beautiful cut-scenes that I honestly don’t mind watching and some light RPG elements that will require me to work harder to complete difficult scenarios, Revengeance is on my must buy list.

©2013 Arthur Kotsopoulos

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